48-Hours to Lead Gen Freedom

The Done with You Quiz Funnel Intensive for that oh so magical mix of DIY and expert help

Hey there you savvy business owner, 

I had a call yesterday with a potential client, his reason for reaching out? 

“I smell money in quizzes.” 

That man’s olfactory bulb speaks truth. 

That’s why you’re here, right? 

10 times more leads than the average lead magnet — and wayyyy more cost-effective Facebook ads (average .25-.75 per lead)

Interactive content converts better and is way more fun than the static variety, hop aboard the marketing method of the future

Segmentation is a powerful way to boost your conversions but it’s underutilized because people don’t get it, with quizzes segmentation is easy peasy 

DATA is not a dirty word, it’s essential to your ability to survive and thrive as an online business owner, quizzes get you the stats you need to make better decisions 

The psychology behind quizzes is fascinating, they feed our human urge to know more about ourselves and our world, making a well-constructed quiz irresistibly fun and interesting for your audience  






A quiz will take your brand to the next level in not just 1, but 5 BIG ways: 

That’s where this little lady comes in… 

I’ll help you painlessly create a high-converting quiz in 2 days flat AND I’ll give you everything you need to launch with success and convert your new leads into new clients and customers. 


… Okay so maybe you already know all that. But when you sit down, open up a fresh Google doc, and starting working on your quiz, you FREEZE. 

You’ve written your own copy before, you’re no noob — but quizzes… this a whole new level of complicated and you’re tired of wasting time trying to figure it out. 

Instead of waiting at least a month to get started on a custom project, and then waiting another month until it’s all done and dusted, I’ll sneak you into my calendar through a top secret tunnel. 

A brand voice questionnaire to ensure I get your voice and vision. 

1-hour strategy session to cover everything from big picture goals, to segmentation strategies, what you’re dying to know about your audience, and how you want your brand to come across.

A custom quiz funnel map to keep track of all the moving pieces in a way that feels delightfully doable. 

Copy for your quiz including questions, outcomes, and 3-5 quiz title and description options for you to choose from.

Here’s what’s included with your 48-hour quiz funnel package: 

Plus all the trainings and templates you need to bring your quiz funnel to life… 

Training on how to set up your quiz and connect it to your email marketing software.

How to set up FB ads for your quiz and best practices — training recording with rockstar ad strategist Sara Liz. 

Post-quiz email templates based on high-performing past campaigns — from your welcome sequence to sales emails, these templates will make writing your post-quiz emails easy peasy.

Facebook ad copy templates 

Landing page template

Unlimited email support from my team and I for 2 weeks just in case you get stuck. 

Your Investment:



Hold up sista, what happens after I apply?

Fear not! My team will reach out with payment details, availability and everything else we need to get started. 


“Oooooohhh...I’m over the moon happy your work is soooo divine. I felt super weird hiring a copywriter—like, shouldn’t I be able to do this myself? Nah-uh. So glad I didn’t. Your quiz was SO spot on, total viral-sharing, Buzzfeed-worthy material, and the copy sounded even more like me than me! How do you do it? Thank you one million times one million, Chanti!” - Tarzan Kay, Copywriter to the stars

“Before Chanti, we felt stuck when it came to quizzes. We had a great in-depth consultation before getting started on the project. Chanti created a surprisingly good and engaging quiz, which has helped us in our outreach and growth. She has a very conversational engaging tone and exceeded our expectations”. - Andrew Keaveney, Art of Living Retreat Center