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Chanti is a conversion copywriter and quiz funnel strategist for change makers and brands that give a damn. She’s a marketing unicorn that believes boring is the enemy, neutral is a death sentence and real talk is the way of the future. In her spare time, you can find her at the farmer’s market, wrangling her toddler, doing downward dog or binge-watching GoT.

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What Kind of Quiz Should You Start for Your Online Biz?

Take the 45-second quiz and get your custom quiz strategy setlist and a personalized backstage pass to more groupies (leads), ticket sales (conversions), and Rolling Stone covers (visibility). 

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The Brand Voice Quiz

It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

Discover the SOUL of your brand.

It’s all been done, but not by you. Be yourself, unapologetically. Find your brand voice and be unmistakeable. There’s only one you, it’s time to make sure the world knows that.

We’re bombarded with visions and examples of how we should be as online business owners.

As long as you’re trying to fit into a box, you’re holding yourself back from an ocean of opportunities.

Discover and create a consistent brand voice and you will:

    • Attract the types of people you actually want to work with.
    • Ditch the draining act of trying to be somebody you’re not.
    • Annihilate neutrality and kick boring to the curb. 

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