Amplify your experience in Digital Course Academy and learn how to attract + convert your dream students from Amy's long-term copy collaborator and go to source for quizdom, Chanti Zak

 let's do this

With additional bonuses and support from 

To the Aspiring Course Creator Hungry for Time, Freedom, Resilient Revenue Streams, More Lives Changed, and the Full Funnel Formula for Record Breaking Launches and Ongoing Lead Generation… 

You’re in the right place.

Digital Course Academy + My Bonus Package Is for You If You Want…

✔️ The behind-the-scenes sales and lead generation strategies and frameworks that Amy herself uses in her business (that’s right, I was AP'S copywriter for two years and I still help out with projects from time to time)

✔️ The most thorough step-by-step course there is on creating and launching a course and the secrets to building an engaged audience of future buyers

✔️ To not only have a course that converts but an effective, personalized, interactive, and empathy building quiz attracting the right people into your world who’ll be waiting in the wings ready to buy when you launch 

✔️ Launch and copy advice from a copywriter and strategist who 7-figure course creators like Amy, Jenna Kutcher, Melyssa Griffin, and more turn to for lead generation + launch support (without the 5-figure price tag)  

✔️ Access to a 3-month private Slack mastermind. Get Chanti's strategic eyes on your course, copy, and launch alongside a focused group of next-level world changers. Hosted by Chanti and her team of world-class empathy marketing strategists and experts


I’ll give my all to make sure you set yourself up for long-term success fueled by your future course
(even if you’re a busy service provider or someone with more going on than *just* your course) 

My promise to you: 

You could create the best course on the internet, but if you don’t have an engaged audience, smart positioning, and a proven path to go from stranger to sale — point A will never turn into point F (“F yes, I am killin’ it!”)

 let's do this

- Amy Porterfield

Chanti has created quizzes that have brought in tens of thousands of leads, helped us generate millions in revenue from our launches, and written hundreds of pieces of copy.

We don't want to recommend her to anybody else because we’d love to keep her to ourselves! But, in all seriousness, we’d recommend her 100%. 

Chanti is incredible. She’s such a gift to us.


This woman has helped me effortlessly grow my email list by more than 100,000 people in the last year alone.

- Emma Goldie, Meditation Teacher and Coach

Yes it's true she totally over delivers every time bringing her heart and experience in an amazing fusion to communicate exactly what you want to whom you need in a way that you didn’t even know was possible!! Not only is she amazing at content, her poise, strategy and intuition create the perfect package. 

Chanti is like one of those amazing gifts that you don’t know if you want to share with people… 

She is a best kept secret….

Digital Course Academy is so much more than a course. It’s a no stone left unturned step-by-step experience where you have access to everything you need to create and launch your course alongside Amy Porterfield (+ yours truly). 

Amy’s been in the online marketing world for over a decade and has a track record of helping thousands of entrepreneurs from all different industries with all levels of experience to change their lives and businesses with a scalable digital course. 

The level of support Amy and her whole team offer as part of the program is absolutely one of a kind. You’ll have access to over 40 live Q&A sessions with Amy, a group of kindred course creators to connect with and get feedback from, and live chat in your members area during business hours.

Plus, as part of Course Creators Connect: A Private DCA Slack Mastermind with Chanti Zak, you'll belong to a tight-knit community of incredibly talented and generous humans crushing their course goals and dreams right next to you.

This isn’t 

"just another course"


- Darcie Milfield, Financial Coach 

Thanks to following the exact steps Amy teaches, I exceeded my goals despite the pandemic. I made $44,097.59 from my course between January and March with an email list of fewer than 1,000 people!

- Danira Cancinos, Baker and Entrepreneur

My first course launch made $62,600 from a list size of 2,600. (And that’s from teaching how to make caramel apples!)

- Shannon Irvine, Business and Mindset High Performance Coach

My biggest fear was taking what’s working really with my 1:1 clients and not being able to replicate it with my course. DCA helped me develop a program that resonates and has multiple 6-figure launches. I now have a 7-figure business!

The 7 Key Decisions


Get on the fast-track to deciding your course topic, type, and even the name. 

You’ll get the inside scoop on how to price your course for maximum profit without turning off your core audience. 

Finally, you’ll map out and schedule your entire course creation and launch strategy.

Pre-Selling and Validating Your Course


This module will show you how to validate like a pro in a fraction of the time. 

Learn how to implement the Founding Members Pre-Sell Strategy to test out your audience’s response to your course vision and get a quick cash injection long before you launch. BOOM.

The Art of Outlining Your Course


Get access to the exact outlining process Amy’s used to create every single one of her programs without feeling overwhelmed or getting lost in the weeds.

The Digital Course Sales Page Blueprint


Develop an irresistible offer and sales page that serves as the backbone of your course marketing for months and years to come.

Even if you’ve never written a sales page in your life, this module will break it down into simple, easy-to-execute steps that will finally make you feel confident about selling to a large, global audience at scale!

The Profitable Webinar Framework


Learn how to leverage a perfect mix of promotional materials to GUARANTEE you present to a packed room full of perfect prospects every time. Even if you’ve never delivered a webinar, this module will break the whole process down into simple, easy-to-execute steps.

Crafting Your Email Sequences


Eliminate the guesswork and start enrolling students in record time.

Resources that include tried and tested webinar invites, show-up sequence templates that will ensure you get your registrants excited and ready to show up and learn from you. And sales email templates that’ll position your offer as a total no-brainer and sure to spur any fence sitters into action.

Recording Your Course Content


This Module will break down the recording and delivery phase into a simple, fun, and excuse-free process that guarantees you get your course expertly created.

7 In-depth modules to take you from idea to total clarity for creating and launching your digital course not just once but again and again for ongoing revenue in your business… 

Inside of Digital Course Academy you’ll get:


- Katrina Ubell, Physician and Weight Loss Coach

I barely knew what marketing was, AND look at me now! I’ve earned more than HALF A MILLION DOLLARS from running just 2 webinars!

- Anne LaFollette, Surface Pattern Designer and Coach

I thought my career was over when I was suddenly laid off from my corporate retail job at 55 years old. But in 2019, I generated $100,000 with my online business. And then in May of 2020 (during COVID), I made $113,446 in a SINGLE LAUNCH!!

-  Lauren Kilgore, Accountant and Owner of Beautiful Mesh Wreaths

My first launch using Amy’s program generated over $36,000! (All while working a full-time job with a husband, a toddler, and a teenager.) If I can do it, you can do it too!

And my bonuses? They’re designed to compliment everything you’re getting inside of DCA and give you the edge you need to succeed


($497 value)


Did you loooove these quizzes? 

Discover how to build YOUR list with dream students using a delight inducing “this person totally gets me” style quiz

My hero Mr. Rogers once said… “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”

Your lead magnet = your prospect’s first impression of the inside of your business (and we all know, it’s what on the inside that counts). 

I’ve tried a lot of lead magnets over the years, and the one that hands down attracts the most attention and creates the most connection is the often underrated and misunderstood QUIZ.

Why do quizzes work so well?

Psychology Driven & Curiosity Quenching

Interactive & Engaging

Splendidly Specific

Taking a quiz feels a bit like chatting with your bestie. Y’know, someone who actually listens when they ask you questions? 

And a good quiz gives people deep insights into everyone’s favorite topic: themselves.

The stats don’t lie: Interactive content is up to 80% more effective at holding people’s attention than static.

And there’s nothing more interactive or engaging than getting people to answer questions about themselves.

With a well-crafted quiz you can find out where your leads are in their journey, what they most need your help with, their business goals, life goals, wellness goals, fashion goals, heck! You can even ask them how they like their eggs… 

Then you can take all that info and make sure that you’re always sending them relevant, personal, and valuable content and offers.

 Curated for their own specific situation.

In the Quick ‘n Dirty Quiz System Course You’ll Learn:

✔️ The fast-track method to get your minimum viable quiz created and launched in just 2-weeks
✔️ How to come up with a compelling and viral-worthy quiz idea
✔️ The Signature Framework Formula to use your quiz as a way to build authority and clout sans the heavy lifting
✔️ How to connect your quiz to your big picture business plan to sell more and make scaling a whole lot easier
✔️ The 3 R’s that’ll make creating content for your quiz as easy as digging through your Google Drive and hitting copy/paste 
✔️ The Fill-In-The-Blanks guide to writing quiz results that BEG to be shared
✔️ How to come up with a segmentation strategy that makes sense for your audience and your business 



This is your step-by-step quick quiz creation bible. Use it to keep yourself on track and get that quiz made fast. 

✔️ The Quick + Dirty Visual Timeline and Action Steps PDF

This’ll be like having the magical tech queen, the one and only Sandra (she’s so famous she only needs a first name) hold your hand through the whole process of setting up your quiz. 
Tech frustrations and aeons spent searching through help articles or playing back-and-forth games with your quiz host’s tech support team will be a thing of the past. 

✔️ The Quick + Dirty Quiz Set-Up Tech Tutorial (For my fave quiz platform, Interact) 

That’s right. You can repurpose all of the awesome content you’ve already created for your brand and use it in your quiz. Sound like a Google Drive nightmare? I gotchu. This guide will walk you through a simple repurposing process for every element of your quiz results.

✔️ My Guide to Repurposing Content for Your Quiz Funnel 

-Tiffany Purdy, Human Design Expert

Hey! So I just wanted to share with you that I followed your quiz creation training – and in less than 12 hours Live, my quiz already has yielded over 150 new leads without any ad spend…YET!

- Brandi Watts, Facebook ads strategist and founder of Brandi & Co.

Started ads 7 days ago getting COLD leads for $1.25 (during Thanksgiving week) and added a new member to my membership it’s $797 and I’ve only spent $70. And everyone is raving about the quiz.

- Ingrid Arna, Transformational teacher and coach 

Just wanted to take the time to thank Chanti for helping me with my quiz. We’re getting 5000 new leads every single month.


($197 Value)


The Lazy Launch template package is designed to fill in the gaps between what you’ll need and what you get in DCA. 

Included here you’ll find: 

A welcome sequence template that’ll make your new leads feel like you’re a long lost friend, pre-qualify them for your course, and make sure your community is where they’re supposed to be (so they actually open your emails and engage with you instead of you being just another name in their inbox) 

Pre-launch positioning templates for social, ads, and email so you can effectively warm up and PUMP UP your audience for what’s to come (you’ll send these before you start promoting your webinar) 

A sizzlin’ sales sequence template that covers ALL your bases, answers your prospects questions before they have to ask, and harnesses the power of persuasion and psychology to overcome objections and get your future students excited and ready to enroll in your course. 

Downsell sequence template for all the folks who engaged with your launch but didn’t commit to your full course — my last downsell resulted in an addition $15k in revenue from my launch and required very little extra work. With these templates, making bank and getting more people the support they need with a downsell will be even easier. 

Because I've worked so closely with Amy and the team on Digital Course Academy over the years, I know *exactly* what templates are offered in the program (I may have even had a hand in creating them). 


($497 value)


It's no secret that creating and launching your course is no joke. That's why I created Course Creators Connect, a private Slack mastermind for you to stay the course (pardon the Dad-pun, but this group is also gonna be fun!) 

Inside, you'll get all the accountability, strategic support, and heart-centered community you need to bring your course to the finish line. This is all about having a more intimate experience of DCA as you get to know and love the course creators and innovators crushing it alongside you. 

You'll have a chance to build up your network of powerful earth-changing business owners. Plus, it's also an inside track way to get course + quiz coaching from me and my epic team. 

We'll champion each other, share wins, and even share each other's courses. You may very well find ideal students, clients, and collaborators in the group too, boo 💖 

In this Bonus Slack Mastermind


✔️ Weekly Office Hours with me. Get all your course questions answered from creation to launch
✔️ VIP Zoom calls with me + Guest Experts

✔️ Accountability to ideate and create your next course in the company of fellow, heart-centered world-changers and innovators

✔️ A dreamy, welcoming, super-fun space to share your wildest course creation dreams from manifestation to implementation

✔️ Channels dedicated to copy review, celebrating each other's success, and a book club!  

PLUS I'm rolling out the red carpet with strategy secrets, mindset hacks I've never shared before, and some pretty dope playlists. It's gonna be epic!  
My team and I have created an intimate in-virtual-real-life experience to support the heck out of you for 3 whole months. We're pumped as punch to help you rock your new course.
Because no, it ain't easy, but we're going to do everything in our power to make it easier for you. 


($197 Value)


These sessions will help you take action, stay accountable, and have some fun with your fellow course creators.

Discover a distraction-free zone to make progress in real time — meaning 3 days with 4 dedicated hours at a time to be present with your course creation.  

These implementation days are your no-excuses, no-holds bar space to "get-er-done." No matter where you're at in the process, there's no judgement — just a container to bring our courses out into the world, together.

Past students have said that giving themselves this dedicated time and space to work on their projects without distractions is rewarding and nourishing — so think of this as a "get-er-done" day plus a "treat yo'self" day all rolled into one! 

Get feedback, a pep talk, your questions answered or whatever else you need in our live implementation days!


Me + you + 25 other course creators blocking off a day (4 hours IS a day once your course is doing the heavy lifting in your business 😉) to focus on the strategies that will help you make mad sales — yup, it is as dreamy as it sounds. 

We’ll kick off with a bit of workshopping action to get you informed and inspired to bust out your Quick N Dirty Quiz System and your Lazy launch Templates and tackle the tasks that will make you moolah.. 

I’m talkin’ your sales page, sales emails, webinar pitch, and anything else that’s making you clam up because you *know* how important it is to ensuring the course you’ve worked so hard to build crushes all your goals. 

The best part of the live sales salon is I’ll be there with you the whole time — you’ll be able to ask me questions or get me to review your copy while we’re in implementation mode AND you’ll conquer procrastination because we’ll all be holding each other accountable to make some major progress. 

The sales salon will happen near the end of your DCA journey so don’t worry about getting overwhelmed while you’re in the middle of your creation phase. This will be the final push you need to rock your first launch! 

($147 Value)

Plus, join today for this time sensitive bonus

Inside of Digital Course Academy, you’ll not only find a proven step-by-step framework for creating and launching your course — you’ll also find an incredible community of fellow go-getters. You’ll learn things that don’t just apply to your course but to improving your overall business. You’ll find a mentor who truly cares (well, 2 actually if you enroll in my bonus package!) 

This isn’t the type of course that you’ll log into once and forget about. There are lessons in DCA that I’ve watched 3 or 4 times. You’ll have access to SO much support and absolutely everything else you could possibly need for this journey. If you’re like me and you’re strapped for time — I’ve created my bonus package to help you cross the finish line faster (while also increasing your sales and your understanding of what really drives people to trust and buy from you). 

Plus you'll get support, strategy ideas, and copy help from me and my team every week in office hours. This means you'll be able to skip the line in all things course creation, lead generation, and launch execution.

Let me be straight up real with you, friend: I’m the classic definition of a hot mess. I do NOT have it all figured out. I’m awkward AF on camera. I suck at delegation. I’m not the typical *6-figure course creator on track to a mil* online business owner. I have a TINY audience compared to most and quite honestly I often feel like I’m just guessing my way to success. 

How DCA and working with Amy took me from solely trading time for money to adding over 6-figures in revenue to my business every year

If I can do this, so can you...

The biggest shift in my mindset was going from unrealistic expectations to approaching everything as an informed experiment. Here’s how to do just that when you’re broaching the idea of creating a course…

- Amel Derragui, Business and Marketing Coach

My first proper launch ‘The Amy Way’ brought in $23,000 with only 700 people on my list! Thanks to Amy, I have a business that I can scale while living my global lifestyle!

- alisha grogan, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

I joined Digital Course Academy®️, and that next year, I generated 6-figures! The year after that, we grossed $250k!

If you said yes, then I’d greenlight this experiment and give yourself permission to go all in. You might be surprised by what happens when you bet on yourself and invest in playing the long game (even if it means taking a small leap of faith).

✅ Do you have an audience of at least a few hundred people? 

✅ Do you know things that others don’t? 

✅ Do you have the drive to do the work involved in creating a course and enough trust in the process to feel like it’ll be worthwhile? (Don’t let this question intimidate you because with DCA all you have to do is follow the step-by-step plan laid out before you.) 

I’m probably supposed to pretend like I’m the only DCA affiliate that matters — but the truth is there are lots of other amazing entrepreneurs promoting this program. (You’re a smart cookie so you probably already know that.)

What you might *not* know is how the affiliate game often works. Juicy gossip ahead! Kidding, but often affiliates just throw in whatever extra offers they have lying around in the old G Drive, slap ‘em on a sales page, send some swipe emails, and call it a day. 

DCA is one of very few programs I've ever been an affiliate for, and that’s because I don’t vibe with the whole “just throw in whatever takes the least time from you and make it rain bitches!” mentality. 

“Chanti, I’m a self-described bonus shopper — what makes yours the best of the bunch?” 

Excuse me while I break the rules...
(but hey, my Unfair Advantage is the Rule Breaker after all!) 

I take your trust seriously which is why I’ve carefully curated a bonus package of mostly all brand new digital course specific extras designed to enhance your experience and speed up the process of launching your course. 

I still reply to my own emails and inside our small, focused Slack Mastermind I will gladly answer your questions and support you.. If you want to support a small but mighty brand and access extra bonuses specific to helping you build a hella effective funnel for your future course, I’m your girl. 


In addition the bonuses listed above, you’ll also get access to all of Amy’s amazing extras

(I’ll let her take it from here…)

10 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions with Amy Inside the Private Digital Course Academy Facebook Group for Members Only

($1,297 value)


Get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your momentum right through till your course launch. 

The community you’ll find inside of Digital Course Academy is truly one of a kind. Whether you’re searching for feedback, accountability, people to bounce ideas off of, cheerleaders, or experts willing to lend a hand, you’ll find it here. I can’t overstate how powerful it is to have these kinds of connections at your fingertips, friend. 

Plus, as part of my Slack mastermind, you'll have a tight-knit group you can turn to — whether that's to share wins, seek support, get eyes on your copy, or have a mid-day dance party.

- April MacLean

This village has been irreplaceable. Thank you for being some of the best humans on the internet

 - Elayne Benys

Can I just say something? I love this group. You inspire me.


10 weeks of live Q&A sessions from Monday – Thursday (that’s over 40 Q&A sessions!) to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence.

An active and highly supportive Facebook community with fellow students, Alumni Ambassadors and Team Porterfield to make sure you get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.

A space to overcome isolation and constantly refill your motivation tank by connecting with other digital course owners who “get” the journey and are here to help you cross that finish line.

After the 10-weeks inside of the Digital Course Academy™️ Private Facebook Group, we won’t just be saying ‘see ya later’, nope, you’ll have options to continue learning from yours truly and to stay connected to your new biz besties. 

You’ll also have forever access to the recorded Q&As so you can go back to them again and again inside the Facebook group.

Exclusive 2-Day Virtual Event

($297 value)


The Entrepreneur Experience: The Course Creators Edition

When you enroll in Digital Course Academy, you’ll get a ticket to my virtual 2-day Live course creators event happening in December 2021.

This is the only virtual event dedicated to supporting digital course creators with the latest strategies, endless inspiration, powerhouse speakers, and access to an ambitious and supportive community of fellow go-getters. Don’t for a minute think that just because it’s virtual makes it less impactful. 

This is the place to be if you want to create crazy good results in your business, course sales, and community and a chance to form connections that last a lifetime. 

Instead of walking away from your laptop with a notebook full of random scribblings you’ll never turn back to, you’ll be buzzing about your new launch strategies, tricks to keep going and blow beyond your goals (even when it gets hard), and new ideas that fit your personal marketing style. 

To make this EXTRA SPECIAL, I'm inviting my favorite industry leaders and teachers.

Past speakers include: Michael Hyatt (my personal mentor and self-made millionare by the age of 25), Jasmine Star (the Queen of Instagram and branding herself), and Stu McLaren (membership and community building mastermind).

Joining these powerhouses on the stage will be more guest speakers — including past DCA students — who were exactly where you are now just a few months or years ago. 

Before the event, you’ll log into your members area to find your digital swag bag brimming with special surprises that’ll amplify your experience all the more.

Here’s how we GUARANTEE this event will catalyze game-changing growth in your business:

✔️ Building a business can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. At The Entrepreneur Experience: Course Creators Edition, you’ll step out of your day to day routine and into a community of like-minded, passionate go-getters that will help you see your blind spots, stay accountable, and get so freakin’ inspired to build your empire it’s not even funny.

✔️Extra surprises designed to not only delight you but to ensure this is one of the most impactful experiences you’ve ever been a part of. Don’t like surprises? We’ll release more details as the date draws closer, but I pinky promise you won’t be disappointed.

✔️You’ll learn directly from successful DCA alumni who’ve generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in their launches — they’ll share the behind the scenes details of how they did it and how you can too. The best part is they’re only a few steps ahead of you, friend. Prepare to walk away feeling incredibly inspired. 

How to Stay Alive When Going LIVE
with Jim Gamble

($297 value)


Effortless confidence in public speaking is one of the best skills you could possibly have as a course creator and entrepreneur. This life-changing training is going to demystify going LIVE, so that you can comfortably and confidently hold court for your course community. 

This DCA exclusive LIVE training is all about feeling more comfortable and confident when speaking live, inspiring the world with your ideas, and communicating more meaningfully with your audience. Overcome the mental and emotional blocks that keep online entrepreneurs frozen in a face off with the “Go Live” button.

PLUS, if you pay in full, you also get this exclusive bonus...

How to Use Facebook Ads to Fill Up Your Webinars

($997 value)

I’ve successfully used Facebook ads to attract hundreds of thousands of people to my webinars and I can’t wait to help you do the same.
This bonus will simplify Facebook ads so you feel confident experimenting with this powerful platform and knowing you’re following a proven path to ROI
I’ll show you how to leverage the exact, advertising strategy I’ve used to profitably fill up my webinar room with perfectly-targeted audiences.
You don’t *NEED* Facebook ads to be successful, but they are a powerful way to reach more of the people who need you. My motto is to create your course once and launch it over and over again. Facebook ads will help you do just that. 
Whether you’re ready to implement an ads strategy out of the gate, or waiting until you start generating revenue, this Facebook ads strategy won’t break the bank, and will scale with you as you grow your business.

Total value in Amy’s bonuses alone: $2,888

+ Mine valued at $1,979 

= $4,867 worth of revenue and success boosting bonuses

But for the last time in 2021, you can join today for just… 








Virtual CFO, Financial Literacy Coach

When COVID hit, the women entrepreneurs I serve needed financial advice more than ever before. In just 2 weeks, I created and launched a 3-module crash course AND generated $150,000!

Adamaris Mendoz-Carlyle
CEO & Licensed Psychotherapist 

Thanks to Amy and her courses, I built a 6-figure business. Now that my husband and I are both finally location-independent, we’re moving to Europe this year!

Mark Tew
CPA & Entrepreneur

I made over $100k with my first course! Thanks to Amy, I can breathe easier when I think about my financial future.

View more testimonials ⟶

“I have so many questions, haaaaaalp!” 

I got you.

Nope! This is for you if you have a 10% edge — meaning you know at least 10% more about the topic you want to teach than your future students. You don’t need a big audience, in fact if you’ve got a few hundred people in your circle who you think might be interested, that’s enough to get started. 

Keep in mind that your launches will get better with time as you continue to grow your audience. A big part of my bonus package is helping you effectively build an email list of buyers because it’s a HUGE piece of the success puzzle. 

Q: Who is this for? Do I have to be a total expert with a huge audience? 

You’ll get an email from Amy welcoming you and giving you your login details, access to the Facebook group, and any other important info to get you started. 

You'll also get an email from me with login info for the members area where your bonuses will live. The email will also get you all set up in our private Slack group.

The DCA modules are dripped out week by week and you’ll have 2 weeks to decide if the program is a fit for you. On Oct. 18th, you'll get access to the Quick n' Dirty Quiz System, the Lazy Launch Templates and you'll receive any additional bonuses that you qualified for, including the Scalable Service Provider, the Stranger to Student Framework, and the schedule for my live bonuses. 

Q: How does it work when I join dca?

I feel ya! Every live session on my side and on Amy’s is recorded and either added to your members area or for Amy’s Q&A’s kept in the DCA Facebook group. You’ll have forever access to Digital Course Academy (and any updates Amy makes) so if you fall behind, fear not. 

Q: I’m really busy, what if I have to miss a live session I fall behind? 

That’s like asking how a Grateful Dead cover band is different from the real deal. Kidding, but seriously! Amy is the OG and has been in the online business world for over a decade. She’s sold over 8-figures in digital courses and continually beats industry records with her launches. If you want to learn from the best, she’s it. 

Q: How is DCA different from other programs that teach how to create courses?

You sure can! There’s a 6-pay option this year to make this investment feel super doable but even if that makes you itch, I want to remind you that you’ll likely make at least 10x your investment in DCA back with your first course launch. I know investing in yourself at a time like this can feel freaky as hell, but as long as you do the work it’ll be SO worthwhile. 

Q: I’m a little short on cash, can I pay in installments? 

That’s coo’ — you’ve got 2 weeks to test out the first 2 modules to get a feel for whether this is for you or not. There’s zero risk and a whooole lotta reward. 

Q: What if I join and it’s not my jam? 

You sure will! I listed Amy’s bonuses above but that’s not even ALL of them. Head over here to find out which limited time bonuses are available right now

Q If I join through your link will I still get all of Amy’s bonuses? 

I mean… you know what I’m about to say, right? The world has been flip turned upside down (Big Willy Style). What was once “secure and responsible” is now the exact opposite.

Students are postponing their university enrollment like never before, lay offs are at record levels, kids are learning from home, parents are losing their minds and EVERYONE is searching for solutions and support. 

Let’s face it, the world is the world is so freaking unpredictable right now… is it really the time to invest in another course and then create your own? 

To your bright future, 
Chanti xx 

Modern education is an industry like any other, one that’s clearly failing. Go into debt for the rest of your life only to get a shitty 9-5 that you should “be grateful” for? Um, no thanks.

People are waking up. The industry is shifting. Learning online is infinitely more accessible and since the pandemic started eLearning in all industries is exploding in the best way possible. In fact, the elearning market is poised to exceed $375 billion USD in the next 5 years!

When you understand positioning and follow Amy’s course creation process, you’ll be primed to stand out online and create a course that helps people learn in a way that’s going to advance their lives without the hefty price tag modern institutions boast. 

Ride the wave and make your own business more resilient by adding a digital course to your revenue streams. DCA and my bonus package will show you how. 

Join DCA today!