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I’m betting your audiences is faced with enough decisions on a daily basis. Make choosing a product from your store easy and fun for them using a quiz. 

1. Help your prospects find the perfect product

Like 10x faster than traditional lead magnets, without relying on discounts and the usual eComm strategies.

2. Build dat list

If your FB ads are a major traffic source for you then having a quiz can help you save BIG in ad spend.

3. Make Facebook Ads retargeting magic happen! 

Okay so first off, what the H is an eCommerce quiz? 

This type of quiz is designed to ultimately help you sell more products, grow your email list, and improve your user experience, and quash analysis paralysis. 

Your quiz can be used as a tool to help fight decision fatigue, build your brand, and offer value all at the same time. 

But here’s thing: most quizzes suck — they’re shallow and don’t have a purposeful strategy behind them. When done right, quizzes do far more than offer a fun experience. 

I’m going to show you my Above and Beyond Framework and what you need to do to create a signature quiz that… 

Gets shared like crazy - the average quiz gets shared 1900 times so imagine what’s possible when you use a proven framework for better conversions, segmentation, and engagement.

Inspires an emotional reaction - whether we want to admit it or not, emotion runs the show. Your audience won’t remember that you were featured on Forbes and have a masters, they’ll remember how you made them feel. 

Strategically boosts your bottom line - this is where most quizzes really miss the mark. I’ll help you understand why working backwards is key when it comes to creating a profit boosting quiz strategy. 

Thanks to human psychology, quizzes convert better than any other lead magnet (when done right) 

Question: what’s endlessly curious, ego-driven, self-obsessed, and has access to the internet? 

A. Cats
B. Humans ⇐ the correct answer. 

We humans love learning more about ourselves. We especially love being told what makes us uniquely awesome. More importantly, we love sharing that information with others. 

Unless you listen to Alan Watts on the daily and have attended silent Vipassana meditation retreats once a month for the last 12 years, you’re likely driven by ego more than you think. 


Interactive content is the way of the future

You’ve heard the statistics — that the average attention span is that of a goldfish. That you’ve got like 6 seconds to capture someone’s attention before they’re on to the next thing. 

Well, interactive content helps solve that problem. It generates 4-5x the pageviews of traditional content, 2x more conversions, and it’s 23% more effective at educating your customer than static content. 


Your Biz & Bottom Line Using an
E-commerce Quiz 

Your Quiz Creation to Launch Setlist 

How to grow

I’m straight up obsessed with quizzes. Can you tell? I’ve always been the girl who went straight to the quiz in every magazine. 

Nowadays I use quizzes to help online brands like Jenna Kutcher, Carrie Green, Rick Mulready, John Lee Dumas, Amy Porterfield and many more to generate brag worthy results. 

I’ve developed my own methodology to help business owners like yourself create a quiz for your biz that does way more heavy lifting than your average lead magnet. 

I love quizzes because they’re fun AND effective. They blend the best of both worlds while harnessing the relatively untapped power of interactive content. If you want to create an a business growth asset like none other, you’re in the right place.  

I’m so stoked you’re here and I can’t wait to help you slay any doubt dragons so you can forge ahead and create a quiz for your biz! 

Shine on, 

Otherwise known as the Quiz Funnel Queen First of Her Name, Mother of Quizzes, Breaker of Lames, Lady Regnant of the Funnel Kingdoms (please tell me you watch Game of Thrones?)

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