Ready to shine a little sunlight on the aspects of YOUR nature that make a thriving online marketing ecosystem possible? 

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When it comes to your marketing, who you are deserves a seat at the table. 

This assessment will reveal your innate strengths & the growth strategies that fit you best. 

Whether you’re still in the seedling stage or you’ve already built an empire – your results will help you root your business into deeper levels of alignment, perennial profit, and sustainable success WHILE… 

… using your inherent strengths as fertilizer for your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem! 


The Online Business 
GrowthType Assessment

Increase your revenue and reach while staying true to who you are with:

  • How embracing and understanding your GrowthType can help you thrive as a business owner. Based on aspects of the Enneagram, DiSC, and the Big 5 Personality Typing systems combined with my years of experience supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs from beginner to 8-figures and everything in between. 

  • Your GrowthType’s online marketing edge, mindset motto, world changers who share your type, and the plant varietal most like you 🌿

  • Your seeds (innate gifts) and weeds (perceived challenges) and how to work with both to get better results in your biz. 

  • Answers to some of your burning marketing questions (including, why does this feel so freakin' hard?) 

  • How to stop swimming upstream and trying to build a marketing machine when you can attune to your strengths, find your flow, and create an Empathy Marketing Ecosystem instead. 

  • Your personalized GrowthType Almanac that covers both the inner invisible mindset monsteras you might be grappling with AND the outer practices that will make reaching your goals feel oh-so do-able (no matter what level you’re currently at).


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Whether your online business is a seedling, a sapling, or a majestic old growth cedar, knowing your GrowthType will only serve to enrich the soil you’ve worked so hard to build. 

There are 16 total result possibilities and each takes into account BOTH where you’re at in your business & your dominant personality traits. 

This is the only personality & growth assessment built for online business owners and it is intentionally designed to support you no matter your stage of business, industry, or experience. 

will this really help me?”

“But I’m a

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6,7,8-figure+ biz owner

service provider


baby business owner

side hustler

Meet the Guide to Your GrowthType 

Hey there, I’m Chanti – Sustainable Growth Coach, Quiz Expert, Creator of The Empathy Marketing Ecosystem model, & Agency Founder.

Fancy titles aside, I’m a mama of 3 that’s obsessed with psychology, personal growth, and learning how to homestead (I live on a 7 acre piece of gorgeous land in the mountains and have a massive garden, chickens, rabbits, and soon, a cow!) 

In short, I love growing myself, my babies, plants, and businesses.

I’ve helped business owners who are just getting started land their first client and I’ve orchestrated the strategy and execution of 8-figure launches. 

It’s a pinch me moment to say this but to date I’ve helped thousands of business owners grow their communities by hundreds of thousands and convert more strangers into clients and customers. 

I believe the solutions to most of the world’s biggest problems already exist – and they’re inside of YOU. 

I’m here to help business owners who hold a piece of the puzzle but don’t know where it fits or how to gain momentum. 

If that’s you and you’re looking around asking yourself where you fit in, how you stand out, and how to build a thriving business that gives you energy and leaves the world better than you found it, this is for you.  
Chanti xx 

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