The Quick ‘n Dirty Quiz System

Discover how to build your list using a delight inducing "this person totally gets me" style quiz.

Let's do this!

+$500 worth of exclusive bonuses
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So you go all in.

“The money’s in the list”

Compelling landing page - CHECK ✔ 
Lead magnet - CHECK ✔
Email marketing system - CHECK ✔

Now you wait. 

… and wait. 

… and wait some more. For the leads, the inquiries, the sales, and the heartfelt “this is exactly what I needed!” email replies to roll in.

- Said every internet guru that ever existed. 

If building an email list full of ideal clients and customers is proving to be a long and painful process…

I’m here to let you off the hook. 

Because after all, it’s the 2020s and capturing people's attention is at an all time high on the *THIS IS HARD* scale. 

It wouldn’t hurt quite so bad if…  

… you didn’t NEED a sustainably growing and engaged email list in order to grow your online business. 

… every time you had an idea for a new offer you didn’t derail your sweet self by throwing down the “I don’t have a big enough audience yet” excuse (however valid it might be). 

… this wasn’t the #1 most important performance indicator for online businesses of every variety (I don’t need to tell you email has 40X the ROI than Facebook and Instagram combined, right? 😉) 

Let me introduce you to

“The Audience Attraction Equation”

As a business owner, this is the only formula that really matters. 

A quiz and an email list are just vehicles for getting there, but this equation is the gas (or better yet, the fully charged Tesla battery *vroom vroom*).

If your list isn’t growing like you know it should, it’s time to take a look at your process for creating attraction + connection from the perspective of your audience.

The answer to “WIIFM” aka. “What’s in it for me?” is clear

I know that line sounds like it should be uttered by Eeyore, but here’s the good news…

Audience ATTRACTION happens when:

The benefit outweighs the effort

You create a pattern interrupt that grabs attention and sparks curiosity

Feels specific to their situation

CONNECTION happens when what you share:

… only then can a conversion happen.

Makes your leads feel good about themselves, inspired, and supported

Comes from a place of generosity 

You can have the best offers on the planet but if you don’t have a captive audience, your best work will never see the light of day.

You can engineer attraction and connection from the very top of your funnel

Here’s How

My hero Mr. Rogers once said…  

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”

Your lead magnet = your prospect’s first impression of the inside of your business 

(and we all know, it’s what on the inside that counts) 

I’ve tried a lot of lead magnets over the years, and the one that hands down attracts the most attention and creates the most connection is the often underrated and misunderstood QUIZ.

Why do quizzes work so well to generate leads and create lasting connection? 




Psychology Driven & Curiosity Quenching

Taking a quiz feels a bit like chatting with your bestie. Y’know, someone who actually listens when they ask you questions? 

And a good quiz gives people deep insights into everyone’s favorite topic: themselves.

The stats don’t lie:

Interactive content is up to 80% more effective at holding people’s attention than static.

And there’s nothing more interactive or engaging than getting people to answer questions about themselves.

A well-crafted quiz can unearth where your leads are in their customer journey (or health journey, or spiritual journey, etc.), what they need help with, all their goals (business, life, wellness, fashion) Heck! You can even ask them how they like their eggs… 

Then you can take all that info and use it to always send them relevant, personal, and valuable content and offers  curated for their own specific situation.

Splendidly Specific

Interactive & Engaging

What other lead magnet do you know that can do all of this? 👇

Make your peeps feel seen, heard, and understood.

Give them deep insights into their unique personality or situation.

Give you deep insights into their struggles, wants, goals, needs, and dreams.

Help you to serve them up valuable content and curate relevant offers that they actually want.

Meaningfully segment your email list from the get-go.

Build your authority, position you as an expert, and spread your signature methodology and unique approach far and wide 

Save you major moolah on ads.

Go viral. Organically.

“Started ads 7 days ago getting COLD leads for $1.25 (during Thanksgiving week) and  added a new member to my membership it’s $797 and I’ve only spent $70. And everyone is raving about the quiz.”

- Brandi Watts, Facebook ads strategist and founder of Brandi & Co. 

📈 Imagine logging into your email marketing system and seeing leads flooding in like a waterfall during the spring melt.

Pulled by the gravitational force of your awesomeness directly onto your email list – and bringing their friends with them (via viral sharing, nbd).

They aren’t begrudgingly handing over their email addresses, either. Nope! They’re warm, ready, and actually excited to hear from you.

Because you’ve already taught them something meaningful about themselves. They already feel like you get them. And because of that, they’ve already started to know, like, and trust you.

The best part is, a well-constructed quiz ensures you’ll know exactly who’s ready and willing to eat up your offers. 

Who still needs to be warmed up a little with some relevant, informative, no-pitch emails. 

And how to position your messages so that they feel like you’ve created it alllll just for them (instant segmentation FTW!)

And the best part? It only took you a couple of weeks to get it all up and running… 

Introducing the minimalist solution to learning how to create a quiz your future fans will *squee* with delight over…

The Quick ‘n Dirty
Quiz System

I'm In!

+ Get $500 worth of exclusive bonuses

Discover how to generate 10 times more qualified leads using a delight inducing “this person totally gets me” style quiz

“The Quick N Dirty Quiz system was incredibly helpful in writing my very first quiz, in that it gave me the tools to understand the purpose of my quiz, who I am trying to attract with the leads it will generate, and how to use it to segment my audience. 
The steps were easy to understand and it helped me get clear on my business goals throughout the process.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to generate quality leads that will transform and catapult your business to success in a short amount of time.”

- Renée Leighann, Art Business Course Creator 

In the quick 'n dirty quiz system, you’ll learn:

The fast-track method to get your minimum viable quiz created and launched in just 2-weeks

How to come up with a compelling and viral-worthy quiz idea

The Signature Framework Formula to use your quiz as a way to build authority and clout sans the heavy lifting

How to connect your quiz to your big picture business plan to sell more and make scaling a whole lot easier

The 3 R’s that’ll make creating content for your quiz as easy as digging through your Google Drive and hitting copy/paste 

The Fill-In-The-Blanks guide to writing quiz results that BEG to be shared

How to come up with a segmentation strategy that makes sense for your audience and your business 

The 3 keys to kickass questions that delight and demand to be answered 

What needs to happen AFTER someone takes your quiz so you can build trust on autopilot and turn your new subscriber into a fan fo’ life 

You’ll also get these sweet take-home bonuses:

The Quick + Dirty Visual Timeline and Action Steps PDF
This is your step-by-step quick quiz creation bible. Use it to keep yourself on track and get that quiz made fast. 

The Quick + Dirty Quiz Set-Up Tech Tutorial (For my fave quiz platform, Interact) 
This’ll be like having the magical tech queen, the one and only Sandra (she’s so famous she only needs a first name) hold your hand through the whole process of setting up your quiz. 

Tech frustrations and aeons spent searching through help articles or playing back-and-forth games with your quiz host’s tech support team will be a thing of the past. 

My Guide to Repurposing Content for Your Quiz Funnel 
That’s right. You can repurpose all of the awesome content you’ve already created for your brand and use it in your quiz. Sound like a Google Drive nightmare? I gotchu. This guide will walk you through a simple repurposing process for every element of your quiz results. 

What else is inside the quick 'n dirty quiz system?

“I now see that list building isn’t just another chore- it can be a lot of FUN! As new business owners specializing in email marketing, we understand the importance of growing our email list.  

Chanti’s helped us gain 75% list growth in just one week after we launched it. 

We loved her in-depth knowledge, step by step approach, tips, and tricks to make quizzes fun and impactful for our audience. What’s so exciting to us, though, is that we now see list building as creative and fun!”  

- Linda Sidhu, Email Marketing Strategist with The Email Collection 

👋 Yo! I’m Chanti – The Quiz Queen. Nbd. 

When I’m not chasing after my slingshot yielding six year old, Mavarek (yes, I called in his, um, energetic personality by literally naming him after rebellion), loving up my sweet baby girl Juno, or marveling with my husband Colin at all the space in the raised garden beds of our new little farm, I’m crafting quiz hits for rockstar business owners like Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Melyssa Griffin, Rick Mulready, AND teaching people like you to do the same for your business.

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m straight up *obsessed* with quizzes, funnels, digital marketing, psychology and the power that ambitious individuals have to build businesses doing what they love. I’ve been obsessed with learning more about myself and the world around me (seriously, you should see my bookshelf) for forever. 

I stumbled upon the lead generation power of quizzes while working full-time for a spiritual development company. None of the lead magnets we used moved the dial (and we tried everything) — until I tried my hand at creating a quiz. In just one month we generated 10,000 new leads with a $500 ad spend and from there on out, I was hooked

Nowadays I create connection and conversion driven quiz funnels to help online brands get brag worthy results. 

Getting feedback like this lights me up: 

The quiz is amazing!! We've added almost 800 people into the list in just about a week, at about $0.60 a lead! YOU are a Quiz creating Goddess! Could not be happier... and I am getting a great response and high open rates. Everything is even better than I could have imagined.
- Trish Taylor, Personal Stylist + Course Creator 

Only problem?

To get results like mine you need a framework designed for online businesses NOT buzzfeed. 
You need more than clever, fun questions (although they do help!), you need questions that get your leads stoked and ready to work with you. 

While serving double duty as unobtrusive segmentation triggers. And you need to curate the kind of results that get your leads hitting the share button on whichever social media platform they happen to scrollin’.

Don’t worry, boo. I gotchu...

After this course you’ll have everything that you need to create your very own lead generating machine in less time than it takes a non-Prime member to receive a package from Amazon. One that blows every Buzzfeed quiz you’ve ever taken right outta the water…

… which means you’ll finally be building the engaged audience of warm leads that you’ve been dreaming of. 

🎵 Here are a few more beats a lead generation quiz can help you hit: 

Avoid getting beaten down by another algorithm change… What’s that, Zuck? You’ve stopped showing my posts to half of my followers? No problemo, buddy. I’ll just shoot ‘em an email… I’ve got rockstar open rates cuz my list loves me so much… 

Generate enough sales from your thriving email list to take your online biz from floundering to freakin’ crushing it — which could mean finally turning your side hustle into your main thing, retiring your partner, hiring a new team member, or just chillaxing with the security of some extra funds in your business bank account. 

Having the confidence to finally launch that course or membership you’ve got bubblin’ away on the back burner. You know, that scaleable offer that’ll help you stop trading your precious time for cash money – seriously, sitting at that desk all day’s messin’ with our spines, am I right?

Create the kind of impact that actually changes the world for the better. Because instead of wasting your time struggling to grow your audience, you can focus on the real work. Like creating transformational change with your clients and students. 

Here’s my promise to you:

YES! Let’s do this

Ready to get on the fast-track to making quiz magic?

Note: All sales final. And worthwhile. Pinky promise.

get in on it

You know I love questions!

Here are some common ones for the Quick ‘n Dirty Quiz System:

Q: Why is this workshop so cheap, ehrm, inexpensive, Chanti?

So glad you asked, friend!

I created this short and sweet to help you get your minimum viable quiz launched in as little time as possible, as affordably as possible.

Because not everyone is ready to work with me one-on-one. And lots of you don’t have the time for Grow with Quizzes.

But just cuz it’s not time for you to go all in on all things quizzes, doesn’t mean you can’t see huge benefits from making yourself an engaging and interactive quiz lead gen magnet.

Psst… There's a reason my custom quizzes start at $7k and it rhymes with pie. If my private clients can get crazy ROI after dropping 4 or 5 figures, just imagine how much your small investment in this workshop will pay off. 

Q: I have so many unfinished courses on the go, is it really time for me to start another one?

Oh, man. I don’t just see you. I am you. And let me tell you, me, I mean, YOU: this is one course that you’ll actually be able to complete. 

Because I created this course with you (us?!) in mind. When it’s over, you’ll have everything that you need to quickly create an effective lead magnet by repurposing content you’ve already got.

Don’t forget, done is better than perfect. Once you’ve got your quiz up and running, you can always go back in and tweak it to perfection.

Q: I’m already big on Insta, Facebook, and Twitter. Do I really need to start building my email list?

Go you! 

If you’re already a social media influencer then it’s definitely the right time to start building your email list.

Because not only is your email list the only audience you actually own (ok, well, not exactly own, per se, but: own access to), but email’s about a gazillion times better for conversions than social media. 

Seriously, the average ROI on email marketing is $44 for every $1 spent, or 4400% (<== basically a gazillion, right?). Whereas the average ROI on social media ad spend is, well, a whole heck-of-a-lot less than that. 

Or, as Optinmonster puts it 👇

Q: How is this different from your Grow with Quizzes course?

Grow with Quizzes is hella in-depth and teaches you how to create an entire quiz funnel from top to bottom — I’m talkin’ quiz, welcome sequence, sales emails, Facebook and IG ads, and more. It’s an incredibly worthwhile, but time-intensive process that not everyone is ready for. 

This course mainly focuses on one part of a quiz funnel — arguably the most important part, the actual quiz! 

My goal is to give you just enough information to arm you with what you need to create your first quiz in a relatively short period of time.

Q: Ok, but can’t I just do this all on my own?

Can you ever! But you haven’t yet, have you? 

Because it takes time. A whole lotta precious time 🎶…  

And even more effort to figure out how to do it right, right? 

Lucky for you, I’ve put in the time and effort it takes to get quizzes right.

Over the last 4 years I’ve developed a proven system for building quizzes that create the kind of empathy and connection it takes to convert leads into customers. 

So you can learn from my mistakes, save your precious time and invest only a bit of your precious money to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it right, child 🎶… 

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself… )

“Ok, Chanti, I can tell this workshop could be a revolution for my email list, but how do I know if it’s right for where I’m at in my biz?”

I’ma make it easy for you, friend — if you can check ✔ “Yes!” to 4 out of these next 8 questions, then this workshop’s your ticket to DIY quiz lead gen heaven… 

Read on and tally ‘em up:

✔ Your online biz is pretty new and you’re just getting started on all these lead generating, list building adventures. You know you need an audience. And you’re pretty sure there’s something to this whole segmentation thing you keep hearing about.

✔ You’ve been workin’ the online game for a while now. You’ve tried a couple of different lead gen techniques and you’ve worked hard to build a small audience. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. And really connect with the human beings out there that need what you have to offer.

✔ You’re a copywriter that wants the quick ‘n dirty version of how to create a quiz so you can offer them to clients. 

✔ You’re a life-long learner. You like learning new skills and have a bit of energy to invest in learning how to create and set up your quiz (with my help, of course! Don’t forget about that tech tutorial).

✔ You’re afraid that if you don’t do something to move the needle soon, you might never be able to build the audience you need to really make an actual impact in the world (and launch that incredible course or program you’ve been dreaming up).

✔ You’re excited about being able to connect with your leads in more meaningful ways. Annnd you like the idea of being able to get them segmented right from the get-go... 

✔ You want a lead magnet that’s so fun people actually want to give you their email address. And that provides so much value that they even share it themselves.

✔ You’ve got a couple of hours to spend learning how to create a quiz that converts. And you’re committed to getting your own quiz out there in the world: gettin’ leads and takin’ names.

How’d you do? If you could answer 4 outta 8 with a big nod “Mmmhm,” now’s the perfect time for you to seriously grow your audience with my Quick ‘n Dirty Quiz System for More Leads and Segmentation Magic…

“Just wanted to take the time to thank Chanti for helping me with my quiz. We’re getting 5000 new leads every single month.”  

- Ingrid Arna, Transformational teacher and coach 

Can I teach you a simple method to create a quiz that does just that?

The big difference between online business owners who are growing an engaged and excited audience with ease and confidence…  

… and those who’re struggling to get a few leads with yet another unopened e-book or boring checklist is the ability to create 

Ready to get on the fast-track to making quiz magic?

Note: All sales final. And worthwhile. Pinky promise.

heck yes, chanti!