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To the (smart af) online business owner who wants to use the magic of quizzes to multiply their leads...

Build, segment, and learn about your audience.

Spread the word on what you want your brand to be known for.

Cater to dwindling attention spans with an interactive experience tailored to your audience’s fave topic — themselves. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside your quiz results

An in-depth overview of what kind of quiz is right for you and WHY — spoiler: a great quiz has everything to do with your goals and nothing to do with Buzzfeed. 

Examples of quizzes in the wild to turn to for inspiration and proof of what's possible. Just be warned, you might find yourself wanting to spend the day taking quizzes. Research, right? 

The 3 things all successful lead generation and paid quizzes and assessments have in common. Based on analysis of dozens of paid assessments and quizzes that have generated hundreds of thousands of leads. 

How to go from quiz to quiz funnel: the keys to connecting your quiz to your offers. Because a big email list isn’t the goal here. What matters is more lives changed and an actual difference in your Stripe account. 

7 steps to help you get started if by the end of your results you decide to move forward, create your own quiz, and connect with your dream customers or clients! 

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“But will a quiz really work for *my* business?”

The short answer: If your business relies on email to connect with your clients, customers, and audience — YES. 

The long answer: With the right strategy, a quiz can work for any online business. 

Shall we define “work”? It can help you build your email list (often substantially), segment your audience, learn more about your audience, create connection and likeability, increase your sales, spread the message you want to be known for, and so much more. 

Chanti is getting me 5000 new leads every single month. I came up with a really good idea and then Chanti really took it and really developed it even more because I’m just too busy focusing on selling! 

So she ran with it and I absolutely love it - and most importantly my ideal clients love it."

Ingrid arna

Chanti is the quiz whisperer. She has an uncanny ability to create quizzes that not only perfectly exemplify the brands they represent, but also convert like crazy. She’s personally responsible for the massive growth of a bunch of companies who implemented quizzes she’s created that have become the entire basis of those brands’ marketing strategy."


My email list went from 700 to over 2700 in two weeks. 

But the REAL change for me is that Chanti’s teachings, approach and coaching have helped me find MY VOICE. And now, I people literally thank me for letting them be on my email list. No kidding."

Corey Williams

“Who’s the whiz behind this quiz?” 

Audience building and brand loyalty is more about emotion and intimacy than any marketer wants to admit. 

Quizzes are the only scalable tools that help you leverage BOTH. 

I run a boutique agency with my incredibly talented team helping world-renowned thought leaders build and connect with their audience using custom-built quizzes and assessments. 

I’ve helped business owners who are just getting started land their first client and I’ve orchestrated the strategy and execution of 8-figure launches.

It’s a pinch me moment to say this, but I’ve helped thousands of business owners to grow their communities and convert more strangers into clients and customers. 

Is it your turn? 

Take my meta quiz and find out for yourself. I’ll see you on the other side! 

Hey! I’m Chanti Zak, and I like to say I help people remember who they are. 

Chanti xx 

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