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In the midnight hour, she cried, leads, leads, leads. 

You guessed it, she (or he) was an entrepreneur… and please don’t hate me for getting that song stuck in your head. 

If you run a business you’ve always got list building on the brain. 

You’ve heard it so many times now that it makes your eyes roll into the furthest recesses of your head, “the money’s in the list”. Yeah… we know. 

Promises of list building glory become your secret vice. You do all the things you’re supposed to— you’ve written a bazillion free guides, created videos that make you super uncomfortable, and you’ve got content upgrades coming out the wazoo, but STILL, you need to get more qualified leads into your funnel. 

List building is hard work, but quizzes make it a whole lot easier. 

Don’t underestimate the power of quizzes. I once wrote a quiz that go 10K targeted subscribers with just a $500 ad spend. I’ve created other quizzes for clients that have gotten thousands of opt-ins with no ad spend at all. Quizzes are the underdog of the lead gen world. 

Ready to write a quiz so viral worthy you’ll be rebel yelling and crying more, more, more? 


Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Lesson 1:
Why Quizzes Work for You In More Ways Than One 

Lesson 2:
 Research Your Audience and Find Key Pain Points 

Lesson 3:
How to Write Your Rockin’ Quiz 

Lesson 4:

A Powerful Quiz Headline How-to 

Lesson 5:
 Pick a Platform for Your Quiz 

Lesson 6:
Nurture Your New Leads

BONUS — How to Promote Your Quiz to Boost Your Results BIG TIME 

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