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Chanti is a conversion copywriter and quiz funnel strategist for change makers and brands that give a damn. She’s a marketing unicorn that believes boring is the enemy, neutral is a death sentence and real talk is the way of the future. In her spare time, you can find her at the farmer’s market, wrangling her toddler, doing downward dog or binge-watching GoT.

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Quiz Funnel System

Lead generation is literally the Tinder of online business

Unromantic, soulless, full of hope that all too often falls as flat as the cheap beer your horrible date just bought you.

All day people are swipin’ left or swipin’ right, and you just cross your fingers and hope you chose the right profile pic.

Getting qualified leads is a never ending task on your to-do list. Everybody knows that if your list grows, your business grows, it’s simple.

So why does it feel as painful as finding your soulmate when your entire inbox is filled with dick pics or messages from bot chicks?


It doesn’t. Lead generation, like Tinder, is all about capturing people’s attention. (Because capturing attention is what leads to qualified leads, true l-o-v-e, and maybe even a baby or two.)

What if you could…

  • Generate thousands of qualified leads every month without swiping a finger?
  • Create a lead magnet that gets spread like VD from the guy whose favorite pickup line is Girl I put the STD in stud, all I need is u.”
  • Make sure those leads stick around and genuinely start to know, like, and trust you (at least enough to go on a second date)?


Scratch list building off your to-do list.



The Make ‘Em Swoon Quiz Funnel System

My quiz funnel system will make you feel like dancin’ the Kizomba all the way to the bank.

Attract leads and create lovers (of your brand!) using quizzes.

Think of the Make ‘Em Swoon system this way:

  • Quiz = A lavish first date filled with laughs, expensive wine, a fantastic meal.
  • Welcome email sequence = Netflix and chill, spooning in the early morning, real connection and heartfelt excitement for what’s in store. 

I create custom designed quizzes and follow-up sequences that do the romancing (and the dancing) for you.

I’m Chanti—conversion copywriter and funnel strategist and developing quizzes is my jam.

I’ve gotten some great results using quizzes for my clients, including…

  • 10K new leads with just a $500 ad spend and organic traffic (in one month)
  • Thousands of social shares
  • Average conversion rates of over 50%
  • Average ad spend of under $.40 per conversion
  • Over 4,000 new leads with social traction alone and zero ad spend
  • Increased sales thanks to powerful email sequences that make sure your target audience knows all that you can offer them


“Chantelle created powerful promotional campaigns that increased revenue and helped build complex and high-converting email follow-up sequences to allow for automated income generation. Her quizzes made a huge difference in our lead generation endeavors. We got huge results—better conversions, tons of new leads, and funnels that actually made sense. If you get the chance to work with her,  DO IT. She’s THAT good!” -Babe Hoffarber, Former Director of Marketing and Expansion for Panache Desai, Founder at Profits and Partners

Quizzes convert better than even the best pick-up line

Me: “Titanic.”

Other person: “What?”

Me: “Sorry, not a good icebreaker.”


Simple. It’s human nature. We lurrrve quizzes because we’re self-obsessed, curious creatures with short attention spans.

Interactive content is the nectar of the conversion Gods. The average quiz gets shared 1900 times. Compare that to yet another free guide and we’re comparing berries to melons.

Converting traffic into subscribers is easy when you’ve got a quiz that speaks to your audience.

Finish this sentence….

Thousands of new qualified leads per month on autopilot would help me ________


  • Breathe for 5 minutes and actually enjoy my life
  • Level up my business like never before
  • Find time to create new offerings
  • Test my funnels and make sure my offerings actually convert
  • Make a bigger impact and help more people


The audience loved the quiz Chanti created for us. It was cool to see how many of them felt that we had nailed their personality. Chanti made it easy. The investment was totally worth it. She did all the work, we just had to show up and say, nice job. ” – Rob Marsh, www.brandstoryonline.com

I’m a copywriter with a watermelon-sized ego, so naturally I thought I could create a decent quiz on my own. Turns out, Chanti has mastered the art of quiz creation…Our audience LOVED it. I’d never be able to come close to creating what Chanti created. If you want a quiz funnel, you want to work with a strategic mind who knows how to write captivating copy that makes your audience feel seen, heard, and understood, and you want a refreshing way to build your list? Work with Chanti.” – Kira Hug, www.kirahug.com

What’s Included in the Make ‘Em Swoon Quiz Funnel System?

Oh, you’ve got options.


Ready to grow your list like never before?

The I’ll Take You There


  • A 30-minute strategy session
  • Detailed brand voice worksheet 
  • In-depth ideal client research 
  • One custom quiz
  • Landing page copy
  • Quiz setup and integration in Interact


The Rock Steady


  • A 45-minute strategy session
  • Detailed brand voice worksheet 
  • In-depth ideal client research 
  • One custom quiz
  • Landing page copy
  • Quiz setup and integration in Interact
  • A six email funnel sequence


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop


  • A 60-minute strategy session
  • Detailed brand voice worksheet 
  • In-depth ideal client research 
  • One custom quiz
  • Landing page copy
  • Quiz setup and integration in Interact
  • An 8 email funnel sequence
  • Three variations of Facebook ad copy for your quiz


Plus some extra lovin’

  • A custom-designed survey to send to your current audience that’ll provide valuable insight for ALL your copy needs.
  • A conversion rate optimization check-in one week after your quiz goes live with strategies to help you improve.

There’s only one of me. I can’t offer more than a few of these packages per month so get in on this goodness before I’m full and before the price goes up.

Investment starting at $4997



All the A’s to your Q’s 

1.Click that sweet little ‘Apply Now’ button

I’ll send you a link to schedule a free meet and greet so we can make sure this is a good fit for you.

2. Kick it off in style

Book your strategy session and get ready for a fun session that helps me understand more about you and your business goals. After our call I’ll send you your custom survey and some homework (the good kind).

3. Digging for treasure

I’ll research your target audience until my James Brown LP stops spinning. That means client interviews, market research, and basically stalking the people you want to attract.

4. I curate something special and completely unique to you and your business

This is the part where I write my heart out. Quiz, emails, and Facebook ads, woopity woop! I’ll send everything to you for approval and make any necessary revisions before moving on to the next step.

5. The boring stuff

Each package has different boring stuff. Quiz and Facebook ad set-up and integration, email integration, split testing, and all the other stuff you don’t want to do.

6. Testing and refinement

Each package comes with a gratis conversion rate check-in. For the ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ this phase is deeper and involves tweaking your ad campaigns and analyzing your email open rates.

Once I’ve got what I need from you everything will be ready to go in one month (often sooner).

Yes! The email sequence I create for you will be totally multi-purpose. 

Nope. Facebook ads are totally optional and you can get great results promoting your quiz organically. That said, using Facebook ads can speed up the process and the cost per lead is typically much lower than your average lead magnet.

Quizzes are more adaptable than you might think. They work especially well for health and wellness, personal and spiritual development, and e-commerce. They’re also a great list building tool for service providers like graphic designers, realtors, and VA’s.

I only work with people who I’m confident will get an ROI. Bottom line: I want you to win and before accepting you as a client I make damn sure you’ll get results.

You could spend weeks creating your own high-converting quiz and funnel.

You could take all the list building and copywriting courses and do this yourself.

Or you can keep doing what you do best and let me craft a compelling quiz and follow-up sequence for you.

Why I’m the quiz connoisseur pour toi…

Working with Chantelle was a dream. It is not too often that a copywriter gets your voice from the start and this was Chanti. She wrote copy for my sales pages, emails and funnels. She is TOP NOTCH. She will take you to the next level. I promise.

– Rachel A Feldman, rachelafeldman.com and www.yourhealthcoachbiz.com

Chanti took the time to get to know me, my personality and writing style. She ensured my message was delivered in a way that would motivate and empower my ideal client. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Chantelle and I can’t wait to work with her again!

You not only got into the head of my client, but into mine as well! The writing style you used is just like mine, but MUCH better lol Thank you!!!!

– Andra Popescu, Business Strategist at Free and Successful

Chanti’s process is super streamlined and she delivered a product that adds extreme value to my site. I would recommend her to any business looking to expand their growth

– Jeff McMahon, Personal Trainer at Total Body Construction

Very easy to work with you. Delightful, clever and fun come to mind…Over exceeded my expectations.”

Ellen Thomas, Life Coach

Do you have a raisin?


How about a date?

Here’s what I hate about lead generation.

I hate that it’s a numbers game, because the truth is, every lead is a living breathing person.

They have hopes and dreams and plenty of problems, some of which you might be able to solve.

Imagine thousands of people showing up on your doorstep. Like all of us, they’ve got issues they want solved.

Your email subscribers are all people knocking on your door, wondering if you can solve their dilemmas.

Get them in the door, give them some tea and pancakes and show these people you can help them. That’s what it’s all about. Quizzes are just one super effective way of doing it.


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