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A LIVE Interactive Learning Experience That Will Show You How to Grow Your Email List Like Never Before with a Quiz [+ Go from Subscribers to Sales]

Calling all online business owners seeking serious list growth, increased conversions, and recession resilient strategies 

Learn the Same Step-by-Step Quiz Journey Process I’ve Used to Help Countless Savvy Business Owners In ALL Industries Add Hundreds of Thousands to their Email Lists and their Bottom Lines

Why most traditional funnels flop — and why you should create a JOURNEY that revolves around curiosity to absolutely flip the script on everything you know about funnels.

How thousands of business owners and marketers have used quizzes to build flourishing email lists FULL of dream clients and customers — and how to design your ecosystem to effectively go from subscriber to sale on near autopilot. 

What’s possible with a quiz when it comes to everything from personalization, segmentation, 1st party data, and so much more. 

How to use CURIOSITY to increase CONVERSIONS all while coming across as supportive instead of spammy.

The keys to audience <> offer alignment and how to engineer an experience that inspires TRUST. 

A step-by-step process to build an asset that can grow with you and prove useful for YEARS (+ save you from algorithm anxiety, subpar conversions, and the pain of impersonal marketing.)

+ so much more… 

During our time together you’ll crack the code on… 


Chanti is getting me 5000 new leads every single month. I came up with a really good idea and then Chanti really took it and really developed it even more because I’m just too busy focusing on selling! 

So she ran with it and I absolutely love it - and most importantly my ideal clients love it."

Ingrid arna

Chanti is the quiz whisperer. She has an uncanny ability to create quizzes that not only perfectly exemplify the brands they represent, but also convert like crazy. She’s personally responsible for the massive growth of a bunch of companies who implemented quizzes she’s created that have become the entire basis of those brands’ marketing strategy."


My email list went from 700 to over 2700 in two weeks. 

But the REAL change for me is that Chanti’s teachings, approach and coaching have helped me find MY VOICE. And now, I people literally thank me for letting them be on my email list. No kidding."

Corey Williams

Quiz Quest is the adventure for you if


Your MAIN revenue sources are:

✔️ Services
✔️ Courses, memberships, or info products  
✔️ Coaching (group or 1:1)
✔️ Physical products  

You have ANY of the following goals: 

✔️ Build an engaged email list composed of not just *anybody* but of the humans who’ll happily hand over their CC deets to pick up what you’re puttin’ down. 

✔️ Create an audience growth and conversion asset once that you can use successfully for YEARS.

✔️ Learn more about your audience, implement savvy segmentation strategies to better serve them, and increase your sales success because of it. 

You’ve tried ANY of the following without
much success: 

✔️ Giving it your all on social media without generating truly meaningful or measurable results. 

✔️ Incessantly churning out shiny new lead magnets, ever increasing discount codes, or outlandishly lavish giveaways to grow your list.

✔️ Relying on referrals and word of mouth to deliver new clients and customers to your virtual doors. 

Meet your quizquest guide

Audience building and brand loyalty is more about emotion and intimacy than any marketer wants to admit. 

Quizzes are the only scalable tools that help you leverage BOTH. 

I run a boutique agency with my incredibly talented team helping world-renowned thought leaders build and connect with their audience using custom-built quizzes and assessments. 

I’ve helped business owners who are just getting started land their first client and I’ve orchestrated the strategy and execution of 8-figure launches.

It’s a pinch me moment to say this, but I’ve helped thousands of business owners to grow their communities and convert more strangers into clients and customers. 

Is it your turn? 

Save your spot for QuizQuest and find out for yourself!

Hey! I’m Chanti Zak, and I like to say I help people remember who they are. 

Chanti xx 

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Got questions?

Is this really live? 

It sure is! You can choose from 3 live sessions on different days and at different times. Each session will have ample time for Q&A and you better believe the live chat will be off the hook. 


What if I can’t make it live? 

No worries if you can’t swing any of the timing options, as long as you register we’ll still send you a limited-time replay to watch on your own.

That said, if you CAN find a way to show up real time, there’s nothing like being present in a virtual room with other business owners to be able to fully absorb and implement what you learn. 

I’m a total beginner, will this help me? 

It might but we’ll definitely be going beyond the basics. I recommend having at least a strong understanding of WHO you want to work with and at least one offer created or in the works to make the most of what you’ll learn. 

I’m quite experienced in the world of online business, will I really learn anything new here?

I’d like to think so! I work with plenty of established online entrepreneurs whose minds are regularly blown when they see what quizzes are really capable of when it comes to growing their audience and bottom line. 

How long is this training? 

90-minutes with Q&A but you *might* want to give yourself a bit of buffer time at the end so you have space to fully integrate. 

Will I be able to ask questions? 

Heck ya! That’s the best part. You can ask questions throughout and there will be dedicated time for Q&A near the end of our time together. 


If you’ve been wondering where to put your energy and attention in order to set yourself and your business up to weather the economic storm that’s already underway, keep reading… 

Real talk: It’s easy to feel directionless right now. 

We were born for these times. Do you believe that? I do.

But it’s not easy to know HOW to rise to the occasion. How to cut through the noise, and not just find the people who need what you have to offer but CONNECT with them. 

A quiz is a powerful starting point because for one, it allows you to tap into curiosity — a highly underrated emotion. I’ll share far more reasons why quizzes work during Quiz Quest. 

And why email? Well, it takes you out of the chaos and pay to play nature of your other main communication option: social media. 

If those seem like reasons enough to get curious and attend Quiz Quest, I would LOVE for you to be there. My intention: to share whatever I can to help you remain resilient amidst unceasing change.

You in?

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Chanti xx 

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