There’s something you need to know about me… 

It’s part of the reason I’m able to build quizzes that make the result recipients cry tears of relief that someone *finally* gets them. 

It’s part of the reason I have a chameleon like ability to capture the voice of my clients. 

It’s part of the reason I’m able to help my students see the big picture and stop holding themselves back. 

I’m an observer. I watch people, I take it all in, I listen, and then I act. On the surface this looks a lot of introversion and quietude but the truth is I have a whole lot to sing about. This newsletter is where I write home about my findings through working with the best in the digital marketing world. 

It’s sole purpose is to help, inspire, and entertain YOU! 

The world changing, paradigm shifting, bold and big-hearted business owner with dreams that wouldn’t fit inside the Grand Canyon. This is for you. 

It’s not all business. It’s not boring (because I know your inbox doesn’t need another dull weekly email full-a-fluff). It’s not a way to sell you shit. 

If you can cheers to that, get in on the action below and let’s dance! 

A compilation of marketing, mindset, and online business melodies to brighten your week 

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