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The Quiz Funnel Freedom Formula:
Attract Leads Who'll Love You, Learn What Makes Them Tick, Build Trust, and Sell with Soul Using My Proven 4-Step System 

⇒ Focus on what will effectively grow your business while coming to terms with these crazy times?

Truly connect with the real human beings who need your solutions for their problems?

Increase your revenue and become less reliant on platforms that you can’t control (and that arbitrarily switch up algorithms over night)?

Consistently attract and convert qualified leads for your courses, coaching, or services? 

Create a lead magnet that cuts through the noise and speaks to your ideal clients and customers problems and desires with specificity? 

Understand the mechanics and strategies behind high converting sales funnels? (from the top to the bottom — we’re talkin’ full funnel, yo)

Establish yourself as an expert in your industry and share your unique approach far and wide?

If the answer to any of the above is a hearty ‘heck yes’, this is the training for you… 

Are you struggling to…



Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn:

🌰 Step 1 
Get totally clear on your end goals, who you serve, what you want to be known for, and what makes you stand out

🌱 Step 2
Craft a lead magnet that combines human psychology with interactive content to make your audience feel seen, heard, and understood. (And generates 1000s of new leads per month while segmenting and collecting valuable info about your audience from the very top of your funnel)

🌿 Step 3
Build an empathy based belief bridge that transforms your prospects’ limiting beliefs into liberating truths while increasing true connection and generating epic conversions 

🌳 Step 4
Scale, optimize, and evolve your quiz funnel into a full fledged Interactive Empathy Marketing Ecosystem that evolves with you and continues to generate and regenerate sales for years to come

If you’ve got any questions at the end → Hit me up in my *free* Facebook group The Audience Accelerator and I promise to give you all the A’s to any of your Q’s.

Because there’s nothing I want more than to help you transcend your lead gen struggles and accelerate your audience building efforts.

So instead of casting your eyes (and the future of your business) out into an uncertain economy, you can look to your email list as your guiding light in these times of craziness. 


Creator of Interactive Empathy Marketing™️, Quiz Funnel Queen, and Conversion Copywriter for the Best Online Experts in the Biz. 

My quizzes have attracted hundreds of thousands of qualified leads and millions in sales for my clients and students. My mission: to help YOU do the same. 

This training is more fluff-free than cotton candy that just got doused in Sauvignon Blanc. I pinky promise you’ll walk away with new ideas, inspired to build your own empathy driven marketing system that brings ALL your dream clients and customers to the yard (*cough* to your email list). 

S'up, I'm Chanti!

The strategies I’ll be sharing go WAY beyond Buzzfeed or traditional funnels...…

“But wait... Who are you?!”


… and are exactly what you need to free yourself from the control of the always changing algorithm by growing an engaged and excited email audience!

Mindful Eating Expert Brooke Nicole Smith had this to say last year about this masterclass… 

Yesterday’s training was one of the best (if not THE best) training I’ve ever seen.

… then she went on to build her own high converting quiz funnel (with my help)!