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Congratulations are in order 🙌 You’ve already come so far. You’ve created something that needs to be seen — a new course, membership, or service with the potential to change thousands of lives. That, my friend, takes dedication, imagination, and the knowledge that what you’re doing really matters.

Which means you’re a smart 🍪 (aka. a cookie who knows you can’t throw a launch party without a list of warm leads!)

Now it’s time to put yourself out there, spread the word, and attract a community of customers or clients who’ve been searching for the exact transformation you’re offering… with a launch quiz! A quiz that lights the way along your funnel while introducing your prospects to the processes and strategies that set your work apart.

not to point out the obvious, but:


Okay so first off, what the heck is a Launch quiz? 

A launch quiz is typically used at the top of your launch funnel. It’s a fun, low commitment, easy YES for potential customers at all stages of the buyer’s journey. 

It differs from other types of quizzes because the topic is directly related to the course, product, or service you’re ultimately going to promote. 

This type of quiz is based on your unique methodology in relation to your offer and is consciously designed to segment your audience into the different stages of awareness while offering a ton of value right off the bat. You know what they say about first impressions…

Your quiz results can also lead prospects to the next step in your launch funnel. Whether that’s a free challenge, a webinar, or something else, you have the opportunity to feed two birds with one scone. 

If that all sounds like a whole lotta awesome then stick around. 

I’m going to show you my Above & Beyond Framework

Gets shared like crazy - the average quiz gets shared 1900 times so imagine what’s possible when you use a proven framework for better conversions, segmentation, and engagement.

Inspires an emotional reaction - whether we want to admit it or not, emotion runs the show. Your audience won’t remember that you were featured on Forbes and have 6590 Insta followers, they’ll remember how you made them feel. 

Strategically boosts your bottom line - this is where most quizzes really miss the mark. I’ll help you understand why working backwards is key when it comes to creating a profit boosting quiz strategy. 


why create a launch quiz? 

Sound like a chart topper?  Let's bust out our instruments and start playing.

What if your lead magnet did 3 times the heavy lifting and attracted 10 times the leads?

Quizzes are the most underrated lead magnet there is. Most people think quizzes are just a fun way to pass the time and learn something you didn’t know about yourself or the world around you — but the truth is, they can do far more than that. 

Why are quizzes so effective? 

They allow you to easily and naturally segment your email list 

I mean, which sounds better…

Having a one-size-fits-all email marketing strategy where you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks… 
Refining your marketing messages based on the different types of ideal clients and customers on your list? 

Segmentation allows you to get specific, and specificity, sells. 

Here’s a glimpse at what’s possible when you approach your email marketing with a segmentation strategy… 

A. Cats
B. Humans ⇐ the correct answer. 

We humans love learning more about ourselves. We especially love being told what makes us uniquely awesome. More importantly, we love sharing that information with others. 

Unless you listen to Alan Watts on the daily and have attended silent Vipassana meditation retreats once a month for the last 12 years, you’re likely driven by ego more than you think. 

Question: what’s endlessly curious, ego-driven, self-obsessed, and has access to the internet? 

Thanks to human psychology, quizzes convert better than any other lead magnet (when done right) 


They’re one of the most cost-effective ways to generate qualified leads using Facebook ads 

The heydays of FB advertising are gone but that doesn’t mean you can’t still affordably use ads to build your platform. The majority of my 1:1 clients are getting .25-.75 leads even when targeting cold traffic. 

Compare that to between $3-$5 which is considered a great cost per lead in many industries and with quizzes, you’re laughing. 


Interactive content is the way of the future 

that the average attention span is that of a goldfish. That you’ve got like 6 seconds to capture someone’s attention before they’re on to the next thing. 

Well, interactive content helps solve that problem. It generates 4-5x the pageviews of traditional content, 2x more conversions, and it’s 23% more effective at educating your customer than static content. 

You’ve heard the statistics — 


If you want to cut the chit chat and start creating your quiz TODAY, I’m here to help. My Quiz Quest workshop series will walk you through the quiz creation process, from picking the perfect topic to converting like crazy with a compelling post-quiz email sequence. 

Plus, you’ll get access to a juicy bonus training: AI Tools & Strategies for Quiz Creation

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Your Biz & Bottom Line Using a launch Quiz 

Your Quiz Creation to Launch Setlist 

How to BOOST

Create a winning strategy 

Start with the end in mind

Coming up with quiz ideas is easy. But coming up with quiz ideas that boost your bottom line requires a game plan. Start by thinking about what you ultimately want your quiz takers to do. 

For e-Commerce the end goal is usually to buy your product. It might also be to boost awareness, create a relationship, and build your email list. 

Now ask yourself, what does my prospect need to know, feel, and believe in order to make the choice to buy from me? 

Use your quiz as a tool to help them start their buyer’s journey on the right foot. 

Take a peek at some brands that have successfully used launch quizzes 

Real life examples of money-making quizzes in the wild

This is by all means not an exhaustive list, but it should give you a glimpse into what’s possible with an launch quiz. These are all quizzes that have been taken and shared tens of thousands of times. 

Not going to lie, I’ve always been the girl who went straight to the quiz in every magazine. 

But these days I use them to help online businesses generate brag worthy results — from 8-figure launches to sold out programs and beyond. 

I’ve developed my own step-by-step process to help business owners (like yourself!) create a quiz for your biz that does way more heavy lifting than your average lead magnet. 

I love quizzes because they’re fun AND effective — they blend the best of both worlds while harnessing the untapped power of interactive content. Plus, they set the stage for customer or client relationships rooted in empathy, honesty, and trust…

… If you want to create a business growth asset like none other, you’re in the right place.  

I’m so excited and honored that you’re here, and I can’t wait to help you overcome any confusion or frustration that may be standing between you and a successful quiz.

Shine on, 

Hey, I’m Chanti 

— homesteader in the making, mama of 3, past life musician, present life boutique agency owner and course creator specializing in lead-generating quizzes and quiz funnels.

Chanti xx 

What Type of launch Quiz Should You Create? 

A breakdown of the most effective types of launch quizzes

Personality quizzes are arguably the most effective type of quiz there is. They convert better than assessments or score based quizzes likely because of what we talked about above — they tell you something you didn’t already know. They shed light on the unique personal aspects of the quiz taker and hold a promise to deliver insights they didn’t pick up on before. It’s for those reasons they’re so alluring. 

1. The Love Bomb

Personality Quiz

My 2 Fave Types of Personality Quizzes:

The name sums it up. This quiz is all about loving up your quiz takers, boosting their egos, telling them WHY they’re uniquely awesome in relation to what you do as a business. 

But in a perfect world, with love, comes honesty. In addition to layin’ down the love, you need to tell them where they’re missing the mark and how to fill the gap

And you need to do that in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they’ve failed. Quite the conquest, am I right? Don’t fret. It’s not as hard as it sounds and with this type of quiz you’re sure to win the hearts of your quiz takers

2. The Caterpillar

This type of personality quiz takes your audience on a journey. It effectively tells them where they’re at now, all the while promising and guiding them toward what they’ll inevitable become… 

With the caterpillar, you’re showing empathy for their current predicament and offering strategies and insight to help them transform. 

This quiz you’re taking right now is essentially an assessment type quiz. It’s designed to help you solve a specific problem relevant to what I teach. 

For some businesses, namely ones that solve a specific problem, assessment type quizzes make more sense from a strategic perspective. They offer a strategy, a solution, or a game plan to help quiz takers go from point A to point B.

1. The Brand Builder

Assessment Quiz

My 2 Fave Assessment Type Quizzes

This type of assessment solves a problem while also highlighting the expertise of the brand or person behind the quiz. The aim is to offer a ton of value while also highlighting and reinforcing your quiz takers with confidence that they were right to come to you for help. 

2. The Intelligentsia

These are the quizzes that give you a grade or score at the end. They’re intriguing because they test your knowledge on a specific topic and people 

HubSpot is well-known for having lots of these types of assessments. Quizzes like “How much do you really know about online marketing?” or “Test your knowledge of women’s hormone health” are 2 examples of Intelligentsia in action. 

Want more? Be sure to get your hands on… 

The Workshop Series

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Learn How to Craft a Freakishly Effective Quiz Funnel That Helps You Build Your List (& Bottom Line) Like Never Before


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👉 How to craft transformational quiz results (+ exactly WHAT to include and WHY)

👉 The Above-and-Beyond Principle AND how to use it unlock limitless ROI

👉 5 SWIPE-able questions to send your quiz’s conversion rate through the roof

👉 The BELIEF bridge that makes selling high-ticket offers easy

👉 How to write craveable post-quiz emails that start a connection (+ a conversation!) 

This Is the Banana to Your Almond Butter IF Your Goals Include:

Building an engaged email list of not just *anyone* but of human beings who will happily hand over their CC details to pick up what you’re puttin’ down. 

Creating an audience growth (+ conversion asset!) that you can use for YEARS 🥳 No more churning out lead magnets? Sign me up!

Learning more about your audience, using the latest segmentation strategies to better serve them, and boosting your bottom line because of it. 

Give Me The Details!

^PLUS, Pre-Recorded Q&A Sessions on ALL of the Above^

And now for the encore… 

Here are some resources to help you learn more and get started: 

P.S. This is just the beginning… 

I’m not just gonna tell you quizzes are awesome, give you a few tips, and peace out. I’m here to help you turn this idea into reality. 

Keep an eye on your inbox cause I’ll be coming at you with more of my best tips, tricks, and practices so that you can create a kick-ass launch quiz of your own and start attracting raving fans left, right, and center stage! 

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