Chanti is a conversion copywriter and quiz funnel strategist for change makers and brands that give a damn. She’s a marketing unicorn that believes boring is the enemy, neutral is a death sentence and real talk is the way of the future. In her spare time, you can find her at the farmer’s market, wrangling her toddler, doing downward dog or binge-watching GoT.

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Conversion copywriter and funnel strategist for change makers, online teachers, community leaders and brands that give a damn.  

Do you know without a doubt how powerful and important a sharp message is in order to truly shine in the ever-flooded inbox?

Are you a soulful rebel that does things differently (like launching your new program, service, or product by your own rules)?

Do you love the idea of a business that’s designed to do the hard stuff for you? Like funnels that are created, optimized and implemented without you having to lift a finger?

If the answer is a resounding HELL YES—you’re in the right auditorium.  

There’s nothing quite like knowing exactly what you want to say, and then not being able to. Performance anxiety at it’s finest. When you’ve poured your soul into creating something and then, crunch time *you actually have to put your blood, sweat and gypsy tears into words so that your lovechild actually sells*. I feel your frustration. Words in all of their subtle eccentricities are the pinnacle of the paradox of choice.

The last thing you want is to sound like a broken record.

Cause sure, there are other people who do what you do— BUT THEY AREN’T YOU. I get that. Which is why I’m here. To create copy as unique as you are and systems that do the selling for you.

Believe it or not, you can grow your business without struggling so much.

Imagine having high converting funnels and automations in place that make you money and build your brand without you having to lift a finger. Sounds pretty good right?

Now imagine having your own personal copy maven and rock star funnel strategist at your fingertips?

SHAZAM! Chanti is in da house.

Here’s my modus operandi in a nutshell (my favorite nuts are cashews, in case you were wondering):

Have integrity, make your dad proud.


Be like Hemingway— don’t say anything without a reason.

Be real. The humans you’re meant to connect with like real.  


Stories and inspiration are everywhere, pay attention.

Ditch neutrality. Who likes plain crackers? NOBODY, that’s who.


Words are meaningless if they don’t inspire action.

Who the heck am I?


A big picture strategist obsessed with funnels

Basically, I like stuff other people find boring. I’m all about finding the most effective, streamlined way to do things. Creating a map and strategy that make sense for your unique business is my jam.

I help you establish and test systems that do the heavy lifting for you because isn’t that level of freedom why we all got into this in the first place?

A charming, adaptable and (sometimes) funny writer

I loved playing dress up when I was a kid (okay, I still do). Adulting has forced me to take my dress up game elsewhere, so ghostwriting is a pretty natural substitute. It’s my job to grasp your tone, vibe and overall brand so that the overlap between my words and yours is seamless. From stoic to sassy, silly to serene, I am a messaging chameleon.

A rebel with a cause and a heckuva lot of conviction. 

I believe that the time has come for traditional online marketing to be shaken up.

You know what I mean, the generic blog posts written for spiders not people. The sales page that over promises and under delivers. The emails that focus on all the wrong things and make people want to unplug and move to the forest.

People are hungry for one thing–hint, it’s the whole reason the internet exists…CONNECTION. We want real. We want stories and personality and we want to follow and buy from people that aren’t afraid to do things differently.

Be at the forefront of a new generation of online marketing. One where relationships are forged not through manipulation but through integrity and real understanding. This new rebellion sets your brand apart in the most attractive and forward thinking way.

I’ve never lost at Cards Against Humanity (no, seriously).

Once upon a time, a girl started a blog. She had no idea what she was doing but through much trial, error, and obsession, she started seeing results.

Within 6 months of starting my own blog, I was getting featured everywhere from Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Greatist, Cosmopolitan and more. Damn that shit is contagious. After awhile I started reproducing my results with clients.

Eventually, I moved away from writing blog posts to get my clients featured on big publications and started focusing on sales and systems. I admit that I’m a bit of a control freak (don’t judge, I try and meditate it out) and because of that tendency, I love being part of the funnel creation process from start to finish.

My past clients include a multi-million dollar spiritual development company, nutritionists, health coaches, online business moguls, biohacking specialists, supplement companies, life coaches and more to create copy that converts and strategies that simplify your business and your life.

My work, both ghostwritten and credited, has been published on Mind Body Green, Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, Positively Positive, Thought Catalog, Collective Evolution, Green Med Info, The Mind Unleashed, Elephant Journal, Truth Theory, Real Farmacy, and more!

I’ve trained with A list copywriters and done my time working as an in-house senior copywriter and content marketing manager. Now I’m a free bird that does yoga and takes pictures of food in between writing and strategizing for clients that value the power of communication.


A dash of randomness

  • I have a three-year-old son and my family and I live on a small quiet island in BC, Canada.
  • My full name is Chantelle Zakariasen, but it’s really loooong and no one wants to type that.
  • I spent a half a year in India studying yoga and I love me a legit chai tea.
  • I give a damn about this planet and it’s inhabitants (so yeah I can talk about GMO’s and the state of our oceans for hours… )
  • When I’m not writing, I’m reading or thinking about how I can write about whatever it is that I’m doing #obsessed #50waystousecoconutoil


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