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Have you ever wondered how the internet’s top creators got to where they are today? 

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“You ask really smart questions, Chanti. Questions that make me think in different ways and that thoughtfulness means the world." - Amy Porterfield 

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After years of supporting 7 and 8-figure personal brands in growing their audiences by hundreds of thousands and increasing their sales, it’s become a passion of mine to share some truths with anyone who’s ready to hear them… 

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Chanti xx 

Hey there, I’m Chanti – Sustainable Growth Coach, Quiz Expert, Creator of The Empathy Marketing Ecosystem model, & Agency Founder.

Fancy titles aside, I’m a mama of 3 that’s obsessed with psychology, personal growth, and learning how to homestead (I live on a 7 acre piece of gorgeous land in the mountains and have a massive garden, chickens, rabbits, and soon, a cow!) 

I’ve helped thousands of business owners grow their communities by hundreds of thousands and convert more strangers into clients and customers. 

I believe the solutions to most of the world’s biggest problems already exist – and they’re inside of YOU. 

If you’re looking around asking yourself where you fit in, how you stand out, and how to build a thriving business that gives you energy and leaves the world better than you found it, this is for you.  

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Join thousands of subscribers happily sipping Spill the Tea each week

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