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We’ve got you. 

Joke of the day: what do gardeners and good copywriters have in common?

Our green thumbs. 

Different kinds of green, yes, tomato-tomahto, right? You already know good copy makes you money. It also COSTS big money. 

With the templates inside the GREENHouse, you can have your green and eat it too. 

When ChatGPT is churning out hot compost, the blank page has got you down, and the copy STILL needs to get written 

Professional conversion-copy focused templates to help you crush your quiz funnel, crank up the sales, and get replies like this: 

Affordable. Effective. Proven to Perform. 

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“It’s like you read my mind.” 
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Quiz Templates

Over 100 customizable questions you can easily tweak to match your voice and vibe. 

These Qs are designed to help you learn more about your quiz takers while still bringing the fun and engagement. No “agree or disagree” in sight!

Quiz Questions Template


  • Quiz Results Copy Template
  • Quiz Questions Template
  • Quiz Landing Page Copy Template
  • Quiz Promo Copy Template
  • Post-Quiz Email Template

*Quiz Result Design Template is not part of this bundle

Quiz Funnel
Template Collection

After someone takes your quiz and becomes a subscriber, you want to have a solid welcome email waiting for them in their inbox. 

This email often has the highest open rate of any you’ll ever write, so make it a meaningful one with this template. 

post quiz email template

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Buy Now for $47

Your quiz results are so often the very first impression you make on someone who’s new to your world. Make ‘em count! 

This template was developed through creating countless high-performing quizzes for clients and teaching thousands of students. 

Quiz Result 
Copy Template

The design for your results pages is part of what makes them memorable AND effective. 

These design templates are completely customizable to your brand. Made by a professional designer and complete with a video tutorial on how to use them.

Quiz Results 
Design Template
(Showit, Kajabi, or PDF) 

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If you want to run paid ads or promote your quiz on social — turn to these templates! 

You’ll get a variety of angles, examples, and plug and play fully customizable templates that’ll make promoting your quiz easier than sprouting a sunflower seed. 

Quiz promo copy template

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How do you turn a stranger into a subscriber?

It starts by having a dang good landing page to compel them to say yes to taking your quiz.  

Quiz landing
page template

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Every template you need to create your quiz. From crafting results that make your quiz takers feel like you’re reading their minds to questions that help you learn about them AND entertain — you’re covered with this collection.

Email Templates 

Make your new subscribers feel like joining your email list was their best decision since bangs. 

Establish connection, trust, and rapport from the get go and reap the benefits for a long time coming.

Future Bestie Welcome Email Sequence Template

If you’re ready to make it rain but the thought of writing a stellar sales sequence feels like rain on your parade — this template is for you.  

Conversion focused and perfect if you’re selling a course, membership, coaching program, or info product. 

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Buy Now for $77


  • Future Bestie Welcome Sequence Template
  • Sizzlin’ Sales Sequence Template
  • Pre-launch Positioning Planner & Templates
  • Conversion Event Invite Templates for Social and Email 
  • Ad Copy Templates for All Phases of Your Launch 
  • Upsell and Downsell Positioning Planner 
  • Downsell Sequence Template


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Top performing templates for your webinar emails, ads, pre-launch emails, sales emails, and downsell that you can use to crush your next launch.

Page Templates

What is the sales page sweet spot exactly? It’s when you can write a sales page that sounds like you, shifts beliefs, inspires your readers into action, overcomes objections, and doesn’t feel spammy. 

This template will guide you through how to do just that and never look back.

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The Sales Page Sweet Spot Template & Training

The final step! Before someone hits that buy button, they land here.

Let’s give them every reason to keep going and buy from you, ya? 

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Checkout Page Copy Template


Everything you need to create a quiz that makes your dream customers feel like you’re reading their mind — in less than 2 weeks. 

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Quiz Class

A step-by-step process for exactly how to research, write, and promote your quiz using generative AI.

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Get Quiz Class & quAIz together and save $297

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Generative AI is powerful, but it’s not yet good enough to get your quiz 100% of the way there. More like 60-70% (anyone who tells you otherwise might own OpenAI shares 😉) which is still pretty incredible — but for the finer details that will help you create a quiz with serious staying power, Quiz Class will fill the gaps. 

Want to get your hands on a step-by-step process and in-action examples of how to create a quiz using generative AI… even if you’re starting from scratch? 

Together, these two courses will give you the rock solid foundation you need to create a quiz that attracts your ideal clients and customers. 

Quiz Training Bundle