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We don't want to recommend her to anybody else because we’d love to keep her to ourselves! But, in all seriousness, we’d recommend her 100%.”


“Chanti has created quizzes that have brought in tens of thousands of leads, helped us generate millions in revenue from our launches.

Ready to… 

who we help

Gain invaluable insights into what your audience truly wants.

Turn curious solution seekers into customers and brand evangelists. 

Harness the conversion boosting power of personalized marketing journeys.

Free yourself from the shackles of marketing “shoulds”.

Fully own how you want to be known.

Grow your audience like a squash plant in a compost pile. 

We help forward thinking online business owners like you

“I love Chanti more than Mac ‘n Cheese! Haha, seriously this woman has helped me effortlessly grow my email list by more than 100,000 people in the last year alone. If what the gurus say is true and every lead should add $1 to your bottom line every month, well DANG — we just hit the jackpot. 

Chanti simplified the entire process, created a quiz that is “freakishly accurate” and puts it together like Hogwarts magic. I love sharing the quizzes because it allows me to serve and show up for my people in bigger, better ways while connecting them with the perfect offers they simply can’t deny! Seeing the feedback from my audience makes my heart so happy and I can’t wait to create more quizzes as my company expands!” 

Jenna Kutcher

“This woman has helped me effortlessly grow my email list by more than 100,000 people in the last year alone."

(*Sans* the oh so common one-size-fits-all formulas that diminish your brilliance and censor how sensational you are.)

Growing your email list and audience shouldn't be as hard as growing a bumper crop of perfect heirloom tomatoes.

Ready for the revolutionary marketing, messaging, audience growth strategies and done-for-you creations that will nurture you into your next level?

Our goal = to help you tap into more ease, more energy, and better results WITHOUT hustling harder. So you can find as much joy in the journey as in the destination. 


Meet the Empathy Marketing Ecosystem Model

Change is the only constant. When you understand how to go with the flow instead of against it, you’ll be far better positioned to make it rain with your marketing. 

Just like the sky gives you signs when it’s about to pour, your market is constantly communicating their needs — all you need to do is learn, and set up systems to listen.

How we do it

A 5-part cyclical marketing methodology based on a holistic framework unique to each individual business.

Aka. the dynamic ebb and flow of your market 


Society, social media, your students, subscribers, and perfect strangers might expect you to be ‘ON’ all the time, but it aint possible nor is it necessary when you create a marketing ecosystem that grows, nurtures, and sustains itself no matter your season of life or business. 

Aka. the rhythm of sustainable success

THE seeds

A seed holds within it a blueprint for potential, but the only way it can crack open, sprout, and grow into its fullest expression is with help from the rest of the ecosystem. 

Each seed, or in the case of your business, lead = a person rich with the potential to grow, change, and transform. 

Your job is to give them what they need, to recognize their potential and understand whåt’s required to coax it out and create lasting change and satisfaction. 

Aka. the people you help


Every truly successful business requires a visionary that’s clear on who they are — strengths, weaknesses, natural gifts, values, and marketing methods that align with those things. It’s only when those boxes are ticked off that the rest of the ecosystem can thrive. 

Aka. the visionary 


Soil itself is lifeless. What brings it to life and enables growth is the diverse microbial and mycelial lifeforce that calls it home. 

This might sound completely unrelated to your business but think of it this way — your emails, ads, social presence, website, landing pages, are lifeless too until you fill them with your messaging microbes AKA. the words, stories, and beliefs required for your seeds (audience) to sprout (buy from you). 

Aka. the terrain that makes sales & transformation possible  

Peep the Farm to Table Menu 


Aka. All the ways we can help you FLOURISH 

Your potential clients and customers are looking for answers. The only way you find them is through questions.

We’ve used quiz funnels to help hundreds of online businesses build their email lists by hundreds of thousands and generate millions in sales. Are you next?


Adaptable, holistic, and intuitive to who YOU are while remaining strategic, tactical, and as effective as SunPro Potting Mix…  

Expand your capacity for more of what you want without relying on marketing strategies that deplete your precious energy.


In my garden, a little twine, supportive fencing, and worm tea make ALL the difference. Our templates, courses, and resources aim to be the business equivalent. 

Do it yourself or do it with us, either way, we’ve got your back and offer an abundance of time saving proven templates, trainings, and more! 

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Most Online Business Coaches and Agencies

Our Coaching & Agency Philosophy

Toss bland messaging and one-size-fits-all solutions in the compost bin. It’s time to grow your business your way with innovative coaching, interactive lead generation funnels (anyone order a quiz?!), next-level on-site personalization, and zero party data collection.

Personalization and specificity will always outperform the cookie cutter approach.

Your business (+ marketing) is more ecosystem than machine. Interconnected at every level.

Your business supports you in living your dream life.

Subscribers, conversions, and revenue are all reflective of one thing: humans who chose to trust you. Let’s act accordingly.

“The customer isn’t a moron. She’s your wife.” - David Ogilvy

One size fits all strategies.

Machine mindset marketing.

Life and business are separate.

Numbers trump all.

People are dumb. Communicate at a 4th grade level.

Fancy titles aside, I’m a mama of 3 that’s obsessed with psychology, personal growth, and learning how to homestead (I live on a 7 acre piece of gorgeous land in the mountains and have a massive garden, chickens, rabbits, and a cow!) 

in tangible methods for your sustainable success

specialized in tangible methods for your sustainable success


*BIG WAVES* 👋 Hey, I’m Chanti – Sustainable Growth Coach, Quiz Expert, Creator of The Empathy Marketing Ecosystem model, & Agency Founder.

Chanti xx 

In short, I love growing myself, my babies, plants, and businesses.

I’ve helped business owners who are just getting started land their first client and I’ve orchestrated the strategy and execution of 8-figure launches. 

It’s a pinch me moment to say this but to date I’ve helped thousands of business owners grow their communities by hundreds of thousands and convert more strangers into clients and customers. 

I believe the solutions to most of the world’s biggest problems already exist – and they’re inside of YOU. 

I’m here to help business owners who hold a piece of the puzzle but don’t know where it fits or how to gain momentum. 

If that’s you and you’re looking around asking yourself where you fit in, how you stand out, and how to build a thriving business that gives you energy and leaves the world better than you found it, welcome home. 

Meet the


nature nerd

book hoarder




“You and your team completely over deliver. The freakish accuracy. That is how you describe it. The quiz is freakishly accurate. The intuition, the beauty, the insight, your talents as a writer, like I literally today got a screenshot from somebody saying, “Oh my God, this was so accurate”. 

I cannot recommend you, your company, and your services enough. It is a no brainer for any business owner who is committed to their impact, their legacy, and their revenue.”

Tracy Litt, Founder of The School of Becoming 

Ingrid Arna

"[Chanti] is getting me 5,000 new leads every single month.”

“So if you have the opportunity to work with Chanti, absolutely do it! She’s a gem, she’s a diva — she honors her words, she’s incredibly creative, she’s a fabulous writer and just an absolute dream to work with."

“Using her strategies has grown my business. My email list went from 700 to over 2700 in two weeks.”

“But the REAL change for me is that Chanti’s teachings, approach and coaching have helped me find MY VOICE. And now, people literally thank me for letting them be on my email list. No kidding. Through the process of the quiz, I’ve become the narrator of my own story and that has changed everything. Not only is my engagement way up (because hello!, authenticity), I AM MORE FULLY WHO I AM than ever before.”

Corey Williams

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The ad spend on it was so cheap, $1.25 or less per lead and I’m so grateful.

The people who bought their $5 upsell, 30% of those people bought the course. It’s been great, I’m like wow, now I need another quiz. 

Working with Chanti and her team was super dope, super easy, and super comfortable.

anthony o'neal, Host of The Table 

We got the quiz and it was so good we decided to upsell the full version of the results for like five bucks. And man those result upsells alone generated close to about $20,000.

Ready to shine a little sunlight on the aspects of YOUR nature that make a thriving online marketing ecosystem possible? 

When it comes to your marketing, who you are deserves a seat at the table. 

This assessment will reveal your innate strengths & the growth strategies that fit you best. 

Whether you’re still in the seedling stage or you’ve already built an empire – your results will help you root your business into deeper levels of alignment, perennial profit, and sustainable success WHILE… 

… using your inherent strengths as fertilizer for your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem! 

Holy nasturtiums, you made it all the way down here! 
What kind of host would I be if I let you leave without a garden party favor? 

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