^3 things that directly influence your ability to create the freedom, clout, and community of superfans you crave as an online business owner

CURIOSITY is the critical component of connections, conversations, & conversions


Curious how we can help you?

Grow with Quizzes is the only course and coaching program that gives you start to finish support to launch your interactive, empathy driven quiz funnel for more leads and sales. 


The Step-by-Step Method to Create a Profitable & Purposeful Quiz Funnel

Expand your capacity for more of what you want. Adaptable, holistic, and intuitive to who YOU are while remaining strategic, tactical, and as effective as SunPro Potting Mix at helping you GROW. 


Holistic Business Coaching
& Consulting 

We’ve used quiz funnels to help online businesses in every industry build their email lists by hundreds of thousands and generate millions in sales. Are you next? 


Done for You Quiz Strategy, Quiz Funnels, & Paid Assessments

The GREENHouse shop is where we bring the heat to help your business grow FAST. Home to a plethora of resources to support you in successfully DIYing your quiz design and funnel copy. 


Proven to Perform Copy + Quiz Templates & Always Actionable Trainings 

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Build a business ecosystem based on empathy, regenerative marketing practices, & the principles that lead to Perennial Profit and sustainable success.

Care for a quick garden tour of what that looks like?  

✔ Smash your previous records while taking exquisite care of yourself (or at least giving burnout the left-hand)

✔ Supercharge your list with a steady stream of perfect-fit leads

✔ Expand your authority and get known (without question) for your signature framework 

Aka. The process behind our longstanding track record for client success"

Meet the Empathy Marketing Ecosystem Model"

In nature, the sun represents 80% of the energy within an ecosystem. As a team grows, that % might shift, but you hold the vision, you’re steering the ship, and more often than not, you’re the radiant personality that gets people through the door. 

We start by getting to know you. Your brand, your voice, your ideas, your goals, your unique perspective & thought leadership — we master it so that whatever we create and however we coach, reflects who you are and what you’ve worked so hard to build. 

Step 1: THE SUN – Our process starts with YOU. 

In the Empathy Marketing Ecosystem, your leads are your seeds. We make it our business to learn all there is to know about your audience. We make it our mission to know exactly who they are and what messaging microbes and nurture nutrients they need to sprout. 

From there, we can reverse engineer a truly thoughtful buyer’s journey that inspires growth and transformation. 

Step 2: THE SEEDS – Your leads are your seeds.

Your soil is the gold that takes your seeds (leads) from fully enclosed in their tight little shells to bursting forth and reaching their way toward the light. And we’re here to help you build the healthiest, most robust, and regenerative soil around. 

Your soil is your messaging – the copy and communication methods that bridge the gap between total stranger and raving fan. Our approach to proverbial soil building in your business is personalized. Marketing works best when you can get as specific as possible. Meet people where they’re at and give them what they need to get to where they want to go. Simple, but not easy 😉

Step 3: THE SOIL – The messaging that makes transformation possible.

When you work with the seasons in your business you can set yourself up for sustainable success that doesn’t rely on you being in perpetual harvest mode. Let’s face it: there are times when you’re a creative and productive powerhouse and times when you need to coast and replenish your reserves. 

We set you up to navigate ALL the seasons with grace. Whether it’s through built to last evergreen assets designed to grow with you or an empathic coaching approach that’ll have you thinking “she gets it”. 

Step 4: THE SEASONS – Sustainable success and passive profit strategies for all seasons

Change is the only constant. Whether it’s your life or business – one thing is certain: nothing stays the same for very long and that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. 

We aim to not just help you ride the waves of change but use them to your advantage. That’s why every done for you package includes conversion optimization and much of our coaching and consulting revolves around strategic pivot support and navigating shifts that often feel big and messy.    

Step 5: THE WATER – Conversion optimization, pivots, & moving through inevitable change with grace

 You’re in the right greenhouse. 

Painlessly and consistently convert a steady stream of subscribers into sales & forever fans.

Share your ideas so far and wide they take on a life of their own. 

Grow, segment, and nurture your email list like never before.

Expand your growth edge through consistent support, accountability, & community. 

Whether you're looking to:

Grow with Quizzes

✔️ Access to all 5 training phases
✔️ 12 Months of Coaching and Q&A Calls 

✔️ The Quiz Logistics Library

✔️ My Personal Quiz Swipe File 

✔️ Access to the Connections and Conversions Collective 

✔️ Bonus Trainings 

✔️ Proven to Convert Templates

From $197

The Step-by-Step Method to Create a Profitable & Purposeful Quiz Funnel

Grow with Quizzes is the only course and coaching program that gives you start to finish support to launch your interactive, empathy driven quiz funnel for more leads and sales.

Who it’s best for: 

What it is:

Forward thinking online business owners take their lead generation from neutral to next level — minus the 5-figure price tag of hiring us to do it for you. 

What’s included:


This isn’t your average online course (even though it’s priced like one). You’ll have my guidance and support throughout your entire quiz funnel creation journey.

This isn’t your average online course (even though it’s priced like one). You’ll have my guidance and support throughout your entire quiz funnel creation journey.

This is where the magic happens, where you’ll get my brain on your brilliance and where together we’ll make sure you stay steadily implementing what you’re learning, clear on what you’re building, and excited to unleash the full fury of your one of a kind irresistible quiz funnel. 


My 5-phase approach gives you the full quiz funnel strategy you need to strategize and execute the full funnel and build your dream audience. I won’t just show you how to write results that go viral and questions that delight and segment your audience.

I’ll also show you how to run your ads, write your post-quiz email sequences, get your quiz shared organically, AND get it all set-up without the tech headache.


This is your new peer group of badass entrepreneurs. Ask questions, make new friends, get feedback, share your wins, and feel at home in a group of like-minded go-getters. 

This group of amazing people will be there for you throughout your quiz creation journey. And I’ll keep showing up long after the course is over (I’m cool like that).

Let’s Grow

“If you're on the fence about getting Chanti's Grow with Quizzes program, definitely go for it — I'm so glad I did. It has everything you need to create incredible quizzes that not only build and engage your community, but also tell you so much about them. The support Chanti gives is incredible, no question goes unanswered.” 

Helen Munshi, Business Growth Strategist & Coach

Fertile Ground

✔️ An in-depth assessment that I’ll use to craft a custom plan for your business based on where you’re at and what you need most

✔️ Consistent bi-weekly coaching calls with hotseats, and support on ALL aspects of your ecosystem in an intimate setting 

 ✔️ Mentorship and coaching that takes who you are, what season you're in, what you deeply desire, current cultural trends, and where you're currently at into consideration 

✔️ Co-working and implementation sessions 

✔️ Access to a 24/7 community space on Slack to ask questions, receive feedback, share your wins, brainstorm, laugh, and get support between calls from yours truly and my stellar team of superstars 

✔️ Monthly themes, challenges, and resets 

✔️Weekly copy reviews and Grow Your Own Templates (we’ll help you customize whatever template you need from our extensive collection!) 

From $777

Holistic Business Coaching

An intimate 1:1 OR group coaching experience for service providers, course creators, and coaches to implement the 5-part process of building your Empathy Ecosystem 

Set yourself up for perennial profit. Build a foundation you can flourish from. Create a business ecosystem that grows stronger and more resilient with time. 

Who it’s best for: 

What it is:

Coaches, consultants, service providers, and digital product creators in all industries who are: 

🌿Successful but time starved.
🌿Looking to scale and build a team. 
🌿Ready to grow your audience and get paid to be you. 
🌿 Developing or launching a new offer. 
🌿 Looking for a way to keep that passion alive by building something sustainable that energizes, genuinely excites you, and gives you the space you need to recharge.

What’s included:

Personalized coaching, community, copy support, co-working, and more. This is a results-oriented container where I’ll personally support you in reaching your goals. 

Your ecosystem design will look completely different from the peer sitting beside you — and that is a beautiful thing. 

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“In our time together I went all in. We set some pretty big goals - multiple projects strung together - and with your help I stayed on track to the end! I'm famous for not finishing what I start or getting distracted by different ideas so this feels like a big win. You really helped me feel excited to do the work > even the stuff that wasn't fun. I came to many of our calls feeling defeated and you always had a reframe that not only got me back on task, but helped me fall more in love with what I do than I've ever been.” 

Carly Banks, Ayurveda Teacher and Founder of The Habit Ayurveda

Secret Garden Strategy & Consulting

✔️ 2 x 60-minute strategy sessions

 ✔️A crystal clear action plan for you to bring your quiz funnel to life with ZERO analysis paralysis 

✔️Curated templates to help you reach the finish line faster 

 ✔️90 days of email and Voxer support as you implement your action plan

 ✔️A full quiz funnel video review with final feedback and suggestions from yours truly

From $1997

Strategic Sales, Quiz, & Funnel Support

High level quiz funnel strategy or optimization support where you can literally, Reddit style, ask me anything. 

Who it’s best for: 

What it is:

Coaches, consultants, service providers, digital product creators, and eCommerce brands with: 

🌿Minimal time to delve into an entire course. You want the 20% of personalized insights that will get you 80% of the way to achieving your desired results. 

🌿A team or contractors who can support you in implementing the action steps. You need the high-level strategy plus some guidance and templates — your superstar crew will take it from there. 

🌿An existing quiz that isn’t performing as well as you’d hoped. You want expert feedback and insight on how to make it more effective. 

🌿A serious time-crunch — you need help FAST, and this is the speediest way to get on my schedule and get unstuck. 

What’s included:

We’ll review your goals, jam on big ideas, architect your segmentation strategy, map out your results, develop a traffic attraction play by play, and create your action plan to get it done — all in just 90-minutes or 2 x 45-minute sessions with Voxer (voice messaging app) support in between. 

When your quiz funnel is all finished, you’ll receive a thorough video review with final feedback from yours truly, all the high-fives, and me in your corner to support you with any hiccups that arise when you share your one of a kind quiz with the world. 

Let’s Grow

“It was above and beyond my expectations. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to convey my idea and you were immediately seeing the vision and had so many great ideas.” 

Vicki Hanson-Burkhart, Creative Coach

Perennial Profit Packages

Give your business the foundation it needs to flourish with your empathy-driven, evergreen quiz funnel 

Reap the benefits of Perennial Profit through the power of highly engaging, personalized, interactive marketing that really resonates with the people you need it to. 

✔️Custom quiz strategy & big idea development based on in-depth audience and brand voice research 

✔️Start to finish quiz copy creation and set up — your quiz questions, results, landing page, and follow up emails are all covered 

✔️Segmented and personalized welcome email sequence designed to boost loyalty, connection, and engagement

✔️Stunning result and landing page design so the quality of your aesthetic matches the quality of your words

From $9997

Done for You Quizzes, Quiz Funnels, & Paid Assessments

We’ve used quiz funnels to help hundreds of online businesses build their email lists, generate millions in sales, and set themselves up for long-term, sustainable success. And with our cocktail of expertise, passion, and strategy, those results are 100% possible for you, too. 

We say “kale no” to one-size-fits-all solutions — our mission isn’t just to get you instant, happy dance-inducing results, but to set you up for long-term success with a stronger, more resilient business, a steady stream of leads and sales, and more time to enjoy the fruits (and veg!) of your labor. 

Who it’s best for: 

What it is:

Coaches, consultants, service providers, digital product creators, and eCommerce brands who: 

🌿Long for a self-sustaining lead generation system, ROI, and an endless stream of loyal clients and customers to add more bounty to your business. 

🌿Know that purpose and profit complement each other like companion plants that make your business stronger, healthier, and more productive. 

🌿Want strategic, proven systems, so you can work less and harvest more. Where you surpass your goals with your head held high, heart full of satisfaction, and your feet firmly rooted on the ground.

🌿Are all about meeting people where they’re at, and creating more interactive, intimate experiences for your audience 

^^All of the above without wasting time, resources, or foolin' with marketers who don't get you or could never emulate your voice.

We only work with clients who we’re confident are well-poised for exceptional ROI and who’s offers on the backend are proven to convert.   

If this is you, our collaboration is destined to be more fruitful than an apricot tree planted beside a compost pile. 

What’s included:

Bespoke strategy and done for you quiz funnel creation, design, and set up to take you all the way from “this quiz thing sounds like a fun idea” to “I wish we did this sooner!”

Our deliverables and package options are fully customizable based on your needs and budget. We tend to book 2 months out so if you’re curious about working together, pop your details into the application form below and let’s grow!

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“Chanti is like one of those amazing gifts that you don’t know if you want to share with people…

She totally over delivers every time, bringing her heart and experience in an amazing fusion to communicate exactly what you want to whom you need in a way that you didn’t even know was possible! Not only is she amazing at content, her poise, strategy, and intuition create the perfect package.”


What kind of "experience" are we talking?...

  • Hold space for your biggest vision
  • Help you share your genius with the world from proven strategies to mindset support to killer conversion copy
  • Get inside your ideal customer's head and speak to their deepest desires
  • Coach you through the process of launching something absolutely HUGE and expansive into the world
  • Help you dodge shiny object bullets and get clear on your marketing goals
  • Bring out your message to a way larger audience who desperately needs what you have to share

When you work with us, you'll be riding tandem with a cutting-edge, experienced marketing dream-team who can:

Kayse Morris

"She’s helped us generate tens of thousands of leads."

see the case study

Anthony O'Neil

"Working with Chanti and her team was super dope, super easy, and super comfortable. We got the quiz and it was so good we decided to upsell the full version of the results for like five bucks. And man those result upsells alone generated close to about $20,000. The ad spend on it was so cheap, $1.25 or less per lead and I’m so grateful. The people who bought their $5 upsell, 30% of those people bought the course. It’s been great, I’m like wow, now I need another quiz."

Shereen Sun

"I just wanted to let you know... the quiz has now been expanded into a whole ass book that was just published by Hay House! Converting at $.64 CPL. Woohoo!"

“Thanks to Chanti’s wise and magical help with our quiz, we had our highest converting promo yet, and by far the most effective lead magnet we’ve ever had. 

And would you believe we barely even made it happen? At the last minute, we decided to do a quiz, worked with Chanti to help develop something that felt true to our brand, designed the results at 1 am and had it launched the next day. 2,000+ new subscribers later, we're pretty glad we went for it! 
Since we learned in our last big launch that 80% of our buyers were already on our email list, we know a healthy email list is truly our greatest asset. Chanti’s quiz has been one of the best tools in our arsenal!"

Jen Olmstead, Co-founder of Tonic Site Shop 

Jen Olmstead of Tonic Site Shop added over 2,000 new subscribers within two months of launching her quiz, and generated over $20,000 in sales (without paying for ads!)


Check out These Perennial Profit Quiz Masterpieces

"You're incredibly calm, grounded - you make me feel calm. And so - just talking through things, it feels like there's room for brewing ideas and things like that. So super-easy to work with, talk with, brainstorm with, and give feedback to. The back and forth feels really good and I think you're incredibly organized. I never feel like one minute of a call with you is wasted. I just feel like you're in it and so that's incredible when it comes to the speed in which we move and how many meetings we have. You're just awesome."

Chloe Rathje, Former CMO at Amy Porterfield

We love working with you. We think you're so easy to work with. You make us feel heard and understood. You ask really smart questions. 

Get your hands on high-performance templates & trainings to DIY like you’re the Joanna Gaines of your industry 

Last but not least… 


The GREENhouse Shop

Proven to Perform Copy + Quiz Templates & Always Actionable Trainings 

Where we bring the heat to help your business grow. 

Home to a plethora of resources to support you in successfully DIYing your quiz design and funnel copy. 

The go-to hot spot for your template needs, with a side of instant access trainings so you can swap confusion for clarity and confidence. 


Christina Scalera, Founder of The Contract Shop

“I wouldn't have a quiz at all right now if it weren't for Chanti-- so that's thousands of dollars back on my plate since the quiz nurtures new leads every day. I'm a good writer but I lack the ability to strategize and connect the dots in a way that's productive to map out a quiz.

 As a client who was half closing my eyes as I hit the "submit" button on payment, I can tell you she produces a phenomenal result that's well worth the money. There is no one that understands the psychology of quizzes like she does.”

Babe Hoffarber Garcia, Affiliate Manager at Sounds True

“Chanti created powerful promotional campaigns that increased revenue and helped build complex and high-converting email follow-up sequences to allow for automated income generation.

Her quizzes made a huge difference in our lead generation endeavors. We got huge results—better conversions, tons of new leads, and funnels that actually made sense. If you get the chance to work with her, DO IT. She's THAT good!”

Questions? Those happen to be our specialty. 

Let’s chat! 

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