(With profits ranging from more slow mornings to more money in your wallet) 

Build the Business & Life You Were *Actually* Born For


To the                                 who are unwilling to accept average in their business or their lives and are ready to reach and impact more of the people who need them.







Up for a heart to heart? (That’s what about pages are all… about, right? 👀) 

I don’t *actually* care about conversion rates and high-falutin funnels. 
I don’t care about email marketing or sexy, makes you want to move copywriting, OR __________ — insert one of the BAJILLION other online business things we’re told to care about here. 
Oh! And brace yourself for this one — I don’t even care about quizzes.

(Even though, yes, I love to nerd out on all of the above… ) 

What I really care about is: YOU. 

And what all of the above^^ can make possible for you — whether it’s: 

Doing whatever the f*ck you want on a random Monday morning (I got married on a Monday — the beach was deserted, just us, the sea breeze, and the sandpipers, it just doesn’t get any better).

Making so much money with so much ease that you don’t think twice about picking up the tab, investing in your personal and professional growth, or booking the 2-hour massage.

Finding freedom from the archaic paradigms of control and stifling bureaucracy currently choking our capacity for collective growth and evolution. 

This page is mostly about YOU btw… not me. Because from the moment you landed in my virtual home (tomato plants and wraparound porch,unfortunately, not included) you became… 

My favorite phrase:  let’s be real. 

 ✨The Main Character✨ [that's you] 

Hair flip & cue the Cher in Clueless vibes

Yes, you who likely also don’t give a shiitake about crafting the perfect headline and would MUCH rather focus on helping your people.  

Here’s the thing about main characters, though — they need allies. Frodo has Gandalf, Dorothy has The Good Witch, and you…if you’re up for it, have me in your corner. 

So let’s see if we’re a fit, shall we?! 

The Cornerstones We Do Business By:

We believe it’s ALL connected. 

From the big picture to the granular, we see connection where others see separation, from the parallels between your marketing and your mindset to the world shifting power your message can create — connection allows us to create distinction. 

We go beyond baseline. 

Exceeding expectations and leading with generosity in our client and student relationships, our projects, and our trainings sets us apart and encourages us to show up with heart. 

We welcome the weird and strive to create a culture of curiosity. 

Every human and every business is completely unique — it’s our job to listen, learn, and communicate that which the world has yet to accept as “the norm” ⇐ it’s overrated anyway, am I right? 

We believe no one is free until we’re all free. 

We strive to do work that liberates — whether financially, creatively, intellectually, spiritually, or otherwise — we believe in the sovereignty of each individual and aim to help people create freedom however they choose to define it. 

We prioritize quality over quantity. 

In a world where overconsumption and content overwhelm are listed in the dictionary, we strive to create thoughtful, insightful, original work that merits the spotlight and enhances the quality of the digital terrain. 

Chanti and her team have lent us support and guidance as we try to navigate the overwhelming world of funnels. After working with Chanti and receiving the new sales page copy and all the resources she has shared with us, we have gained great insight into what makes a thriving sales page and funnel and strong copy that truly connects with the audience through our brand personality.

Juliett Allen, Global Leading Sexologist

We have loved meeting and working with Chanti as she has taken the time to get personal and genuinely understands the brand in-depth, and make the process fun. 

a.   Delegating like you’re Beyoncé
b.   The ability to ask good questions at scale
c.   Writing Insta posts that garner thousands of likes 

1.                   is the most powerful skill you can have as a business owner.



a.   Neutrality 
b.   Nickelback 
c.   The bird section at the zoo 
d.   All of the above

2. There’s nothing worse than                  . 

a.   A one of a kind empathy marketing ecosystem
c.   Fancy pants branding and ALL the software your credit card balance can hold 
c.   The latest Tame Impala record on repeat and a fat stack of Gary V books 

3.                      is a surefire way to build a revolutionary brand. 

You’re still here, so I’m going to go out on a limb and assume we’re on the same page ;) 

If I were you, by now I’d be wondering:

“What’s her story?”

Okay, okay — I’ll break my own rule and talk about myself. The first thing you should know is I love to break arbitrary rules and question the status quo. 

And it’s THAT spirit that took me from breakfast chef and barista barely pulling in minimum wage to building a 7-figure online business. 


Hey there, I’m Chanti – Sustainable Growth Coach, Quiz Expert, Creator of The Empathy Marketing Ecosystem Model & Agency. 

I help forward thinking business owners like you stand out, find your people, and increase conversions through connection. 

Fancy titles aside, I’m a mama of 3 that’s obsessed with psychology, personal growth, and learning how to homestead (I live on a 7-acre piece of gorgeous land in the mountains and have a massive garden, chickens, rabbits, and soon, a cow!) 

Chanti xx 

In short, I love growing myself, my babies, plants, and businesses.

I’ve helped business owners who are just getting started land their first client and I’ve orchestrated the strategy and execution of 8-figure launches. 

It’s a pinch me moment to say this, but, to date, I’ve helped thousands of online business owners grow their communities by hundreds of thousands and convert more strangers into clients and customers. 

I believe the solutions to most of the world’s biggest problems already exist – and they’re inside of YOU. 

I’m here to help business owners who hold a piece of the puzzle but don’t know where it fits or how to gain momentum. 

If that’s you and you’re looking around asking yourself where you fit in, how you stand out, and how to build a thriving business that gives you energy and leaves the world better than you found it, you’re in the right place.   

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My quiz results

In case you’re as big of a personality nerd as I am

Beck Keen, Master Certified Coach

“My quiz just made me an 8k sale. Chanti is my secret weapon that has made me tens of thousands! " 

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Meet the Team

Dustin James

Executive Assistant, Project Manager, & Our Favorite Virgo   

  • Certified Notion Nerd
  • Nomad turned snowbird between BC summers and Nicaraguan winters
  • Yogi and freediver

sari dale

Copywriter & Poetic Relief 

  • Writes personality-packed copy that cuts through the noise
  • BA in English & currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at LSU (+ a PhD in Real Housewives )
  • ISO Louisiana's best beignets

Franzine Mackley

Graphic Designer & Branding Savant

  • Emotionally-driven aesthetics enthusiast
  • Striving wellness-girlie living by the beach
  • Marketing and psychology driven designer

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