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Do you ever go to do something and suddenly you’re hit with what feels like a TSUNAMI sized wave of other people already doing the “same” thing?

Every week I workout with my local girlies at the community hall. We pull the projector down, pull up a workout on YouTube, and get our move on. 

& last week we did a proper 80s Jane Fonda class 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

& so illuminating when it comes to that feeling that “it’s all been done”. 

The Class, a modern movement practice I do regularly, uses many of the same movements that Jane Fonda did (no hip thrusts, unfortunately.) 

Aerobics is aerobics. The essential movements and the muscle groups we’re working DO NOT CHANGE. 

Yet every teacher will approach those same exercises and muscle groups differently. 

If Jane Fonda isn’t your fit. The Class or any number of the millions of YouTube fitness focused creators might be.

Now imagine if Taryn Tooney (the creator of The Class) or Richard Simmons or Billy Blanks decided not to bother teaching fitness because someone else was already doing it? 

How boring would YouTube be?! We would have been robbed of the unique experience each of these icons brings to the table. 

Cue sigh of relief AND your sign to go for it…even if it’s been “done” before.

What you’ll learn in this article:

🍵💲 “It’s all been done but not by YOU” — assumptions and how to coach yourself through them 

🍵💲5 things I learned the hard way about building offers people want

🍵💲A quick assessment to help you identify where you need to focus so you can make your offers easy to sell and easy to buy 

The tea: 3 assumptions I made last week & How I coached myself through the mind fuckery

Ugh, this feels weird but I’m going to show you my Slack conversation with MYSELF 😅

Prompted by these insidious assumptions playing in my head on repeat as I build out my upcoming template & training collection on creating an EASY YES offer (waitlist here!): 

“So and so is already teaching this so I should probs just NOT BOTHER” 
“Everyone already knows this stuff” 
“It’s too much work, I can’t do it”

Okay so that’s part 1, sometimes self-love = tough-love. Getting my excuses and patterns on “paper” is mucho helpful. 

From there, I explored all the ways how my approach to the topic of “offers” is different from other peeps teaching the same thing. 

This whole process took like, 10-minutes, and saved hours of inefficient mental chatter that, if I let it, would undoubtedly stop me from doing my best work. 

You can’t let your mind and limited assumptions stop you from exploring what’s possible.

Here’s an outline for the first ever offer I wanted to create:

This is from back in my paleo food blogging days. So cute, right? 

I had no real authority, was nowhere niched enough, was not even an expert in most of the things on this list, and yet… 

I truly believed I would crush it and make a killing with my $77 course. I had no email list at this point btw. I was just at the tippy top of the Dunning Kruger curve.

As clueless as I may have been, I was also on the right track. 

The notebooks and journals to follow this one were filled with far better ideas, more detailed plans, realistic goals, and action steps that eventually led me to create multiple successful offers that people actually want.

5 things I learned mostly the hard way about offer creation:

  1. How to know what ideas are worth running with (because ideas are cheap but action has a cost) 
  • That it’s okay if you don’t know and if you launch something and it doesn’t play out as expected. 

    No shame in this idea game, just a process to have some semblance of certainty around which to take action on and which to table. 
  1. What it means to “validate” an offer and why it’s so damn important even though it ain’t sexy
  • Validation is a form of proof that yes, people aren’t just being nice when they say “great idea!” they are actually serious enough to put their moolah where their maws are. 
  1. The stuff that successful offers are made of (hint: it’s more than just a vague list of ‘what’s included’)
  • There are a lot of invisible forces at play here. A tug of war between what your audience *thinks* they need and your experience around what you *know* they need. 
  1. The foundation required for any offer to actually take off 
  • The right audience, the right message, the right time, the right offer ⇐ a simple matrix that in practice would confuse even Neo. 
  1. What it looks like to take a good offer and optimize it to greatness 
  • Sometimes a few small tweaks is all it takes to improve your results. You don’t need to constantly reinvent the wheel, you just need to know how to repair it.

If you’re struggling with nailing down your offer, are ready to optimize, or have something new in the works (or sitting on your brain’s back burner), I have something for you.

QUIZ TIME ⇒ What’s Standing Between You and More Sales?

If you have a hunch it’s your offer… you’re probably right. 

Take 2-minutes to pinpoint where you’re at on the path to a profitable EASY YES offer 📌  

✅ Which part of the profitable offer building process you’re currently at. 

✅ Where to go from there and how to avoid the mistakes entrepreneurs pay me thousands to help ‘em fix! 

✅ How to get to where you want to go and create an offer that feels like an easy yes to sell and to buy. 

Your results cover what needs to happen during each phase of building a money making, life changing, happy dance inducing offer from ideation to validation, creation, and optimization. 

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Sip on this…  

🧋 In case you need a reminder why you decided to BYOB (be your own boss)

Note to self: make time for quiet nourishment this week 😆

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