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I know this sounds terrible, but when I think of the last few years in my business the first things that come to mind are my many “failures”.

^^Quotations because failure isn’t exactly the right word. Growing pains? Learning curves so steep I veered off-road for a moment? Something more like that. 

Despite lots of challenges, there are a few things I did right. 
Things that feel borderline braggadocious to talk about, but that you need to know because you can do them too.

Things that saved me when client work dried up for a brief moment that felt like *eternity*. When my ad costs went off the rails. When what used to work kinda just stopped working. 

The main thing that made all the difference? 

A measly lil $37 offer.

What you’ll learn in this article:

🍵💲The ONE thing that made all the difference in my business (even when it felt like everything else was falling apart) 

🍵💲7 ways my EASY YES offer supported my biz since it’s inception 

🍵💲A very special thing happening tomorrow that I don’t want you to miss!

How my $37 mini course (Quiz Quest) got me 800+ new subscribers for free and $36k in DIRECT revenue (+ 6-figures from people who came into my orbit through this offer and made a bigger purchase)

Sometimes you do one thing and it makes all the difference.

Creating my own EASY YES offer was one of those things. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the heavy lifting this one low-ticket, no-brainer offer has made possible: 

1. The reason I created it in the first place was for a live launch. My launch prior had the most pricey free webinar ads I’d ever experienced. 

I was working with Amy Porterfield when she first experimented with a low price point bootcamp as part of her Digital Course Academy launch.

It absolutely crushed. Maybe my favorite part of watching that first bootcamp go down was seeing those who couldn’t swing $2k for her full course still able to make some progress toward their goals. 

I ran with this idea and created and ran the live version of a program that’s now totally evergreen. 

From Quiz Quest alone during that launch, I’d successfully covered all my ad costs and was in the green before even opening the doors to my more in-depth (and $$$$) course.


2. After that, my mission was to evergreenify what worked so well live. I shared some of the results of my evergreen efforts back in February if you want to go deeper on that topic. 

Surprisingly, the ads I was running straight to my $37 Quiz Quest offer were performing BETTER than the ads I was running to my meta quiz

My average CPA (cost per acquisition) with Quiz Quest is $36 — sometimes less. 

The average CPL (cost per lead) with my quiz was all over the map. Some weeks $2. Some weeks $10. So I skipped the middle man 👋

3. Something totally unexpected that happened with Quiz Quest is that I started getting invited to participate in bundles where each contributor offers one of their products for free.

People sign up for the bundle and can pick and choose which products they want for free. If they choose yours, they join your email list. 

Prior to Quiz Quest I didn’t really have anything that made sense to contribute. 

From bundles alone in the last 6 months I’ve added around 800 new beautiful humans to my email list (hiii, if that’s you!) 

(Quite honestly, the whole bundle thing is a huge experiment in and of itself that I’ll likely devote a whole future Spill the Tea toward.)

4. Off the back end of Quiz Quest, a small but meaningful percentage of people want my hands-on help. 

That first live launch was one of my best ever (post the anomaly that was 2020). That plus the evergreen funnel I created led to over $150k in course sales from people who initially found and connected with me through Quiz Quest. 

5. In the same way that bundles were kinda new to me, so is making actual direct sales from social media content, lol 🙈

What can I say? I’m an email list girlie through and through. But I see the potential. I also know a stranger is highly unlikely to invest $2k into my signature program no matter how intrigued they are… But $37? To solve a specific problem? Doable. 

I’ve yet to fully crack this one, but I have promoted Quiz Quest on IG and seeing sales come through directly from those efforts makes social feel less like a lottery and more like a strategy. 

6. Okay this one is a little more nebulous and energetic but hear me out… 

I make multiple Quiz Quest sales pretty much every day. The impact of that isn’t just monetary. It’s a nice little high-five, keep going, you’ve got this VIBE in my day. 

Seeing something WORK. Getting consistent YESSES even if they’re for a product with a low price point, feels good. It boosts my confidence, and it is as close to “passive income” as I’ve ever come. 

7. Lastly, I like having more inclusive pricing. I was steeped in the “high-ticket or the highway” mindset for years. Every coach I worked with was all about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love value based pricing. But I don’t love having zero options for those who genuinely are NOT a good fit for a high-ticket/high-touch program or package. 

It feels more congruent for me to have something for everyone, regardless of their budget or stage of business. 

In short, this one offer is: 

✔️ Infinitely scalable 
✔️ Works with total strangers 
✔️ A consistent confidence & momentum boost 
✔️ Naturally ties into my other offers
✔️ Good for economic weird times and all budgets 
✔️ Covers my ad costs and then some 
✔️ Doesn’t feel ick to sell 
✔️ *Actually* sells passively

It’s easy to sell, and it’s easy for the right people to buy. 

If you don’t yet have that^^ goin’ down in your own business and creating it feels like a worthwhile project for you to double down on this summer…  

Get on the EASY YES waitlist right here! >> 

The doors open tomorrow and I cannot wait to share everything I know with you about creating an offer like this (including every template you’ll need and more!)

Sip on this…  

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