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Disclaimer: On this episode, we’re talking about nootropics, herbal supplements, plant medicine — stuff that may affect you differently than it affects us. This is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult with your own self and your own team of experts that help you determine what is best for your body.

Life is always full of choices. If you’re preparing a recipe that calls for mushrooms, you have the choice to go to the grocery store and buy cultivated mushrooms for your dinner. They’re available and ready for your consumption. Your other choice is to go wild mushroom foraging and explore the undergrowth. You can stop and explore and then reap the rewards of your own hard work when you enjoy your delicious meal. The food will taste similar, of course, but by putting in that extra effort, by allowing yourself that adventure, you’ve chosen to elevate the experience.

Today, we’re talking to Matt Brown, a full stack conversion specialist who loves to help coaches, course creators, and mission driven entrepreneurs grow their businesses with powerful messaging and intelligent systems.

Tune in and listen to episode thirteen of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. Matt is telling us about his tea fixation, gives us some recommendations, and also shares his very special popcorn recipe. We also cover the reason why he doesn’t always consider himself an entrepreneur, how marketing can be a little like mushroom foraging, and why he credits intentional relaxation as a part of his success.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Matt relates to astrology and human design categorization (19:05)

How understanding his own strengths and weaknesses influence Matt’s business acumen (26:34)

Matt breaks down what “full stack” actually means and how it relates to his daily work (34:05)

Matt’s idea for a new and better way to launch (44:11)

How Matt limits himself to working with people and products that he believes in and aligns with to avoid the “evil” implications of marketing (1:01:57)

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