How to Position Yourself as an Expert Service Provider and Charge Accordingly with Amy Posner - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

There are many lessons learned as a freelancer, from setting boundaries with clients to knowing what rate you should charge. Hearing from those who have gone through these obstacles and come out the other side with increased confidence and expertise is reassuring for those of us who may be struggling to set boundaries with clients, establish the right rates, and navigate imposter syndrome.

Today, we’re talking with Amy Posner. Amy is an incredible copywriter, coach and mentor with 3 decades of business experience. She partners with Jo from Copyhackers 10x Freelancer and has her own mastermind, the Magnetic North, which helped so many digital creatives completely level up their businesses, earn their worth, become renowned experts in their niche, and turn their businesses into something that actually supports their dreams and life goals. She’s also super empathetic, a little bit almost closet woo, and Dawn’s business and copy coach.

Tune in and listen to episode 29 where we talk with Amy about serving ourselves while also serving our mission, how being in a niche will make your services more desirable, when to adjust your freelance rate as your expertise increases, and what she has learned about tackling imposter syndrome at every stage of growth in business.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Amy’s natural ability to implement and take action without resistance (8:05)
  • Why being in a niche will make your services more desirable (22:30)
  • That we can bring new ideas and developments to the “rules” of copywriting (40:00)
  • Our thoughts about failing to implement (59:20)
  • Amy’s thoughts about setting and adjusting your freelance rate (1:07:10)
  • That imposter syndrome will creep up at every stage of business (1:17:18)

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