How to Grow, Scale, and Choose Yourself Every Time with Ashleigh Chanel - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

So many of us grow up in environments that prioritize one standard idea of success, but if there’s anything we’ve learned—especially over the last few years—your success is exactly what you make it. Those old ideals of corporate achievement aren’t the only measure anymore.

Today, we’re joined by Ashleigh Chanel, your friendly virtual neighborhood marketing genie. Ashleigh is passionate about helping women business owners to market profitably through innovation, creativity, and action and implementing strategic digital media strategies that transform businesses.

Tune in and listen to episode 32 of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. Ashleigh talks to us about when she realized corporate America was not where she wanted to be and how she learned the art of funnel marketing. We also discuss the frustrations that can come from coaching that’s not tailored to your needs, how ads can help both grow and scale your business, and why running ads for your own business can get tricky.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How using the Enneagram showed Ashleigh where her strengths lie (08:37)
  • How Ashleigh’s mother’s successful career influenced her ambition (16:23)
  • About Ashleigh’s world travels (21:45)
  • How Ashleigh’s marketing degree helped her discern better coaching techniques (28:12)
  • Not all ROI is monetary! (47:09)
  • Exactly how Ashleigh’s agency works with clients (50:30)

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