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Have you ever been curious about how to get more deals in your business? Or perhaps you’ve been curious about growing your team? For most people, it’s a lot of trial and error. But if you listen to the advice of our guest today, you might just be able to skip past a lot of those trials.

Today, we’re welcoming Joel Klettke, founder of Case Study Buddy, a company that helps businesses create and scale case studies and video testimonies so they’re able to close more deals. Joel is known for being an OG in the copywriting field.

Tune in and listen to episode forty-one of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. Joel shares why he went full-time with Case Study Buddy, how to build a team of writers, and his thoughts about where copywriting AI will be in the next few years.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Joel tells us what Case Study Buddy is and does (9:11)
  • How to build a team of writers (13:05)
  • How having children changes your business (30:43)
  • Why Joel got into running (35:04)
  • Joel shares his thoughts on the use of AI in copywriting (46:02)

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