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Tarzan Kay is a modern copywriting and launch strategy legend. She’s known for her uncanny ability to write emails that *POOF* magically turn into money. But if you ask me, what she’s really great at is making people feel heard.

I haven’t met many people with this gift, but when I do I’m always reminded of how powerful it is to truly listen and respond without pretense. Pretty sure Tarzan comes by it honestly, but I think developing our ability to listen and reflect back what we hear is something we can all get better at.

And what better tool to help you listen to your audience than an interactive quiz strategically set-up to continuously fill your business owner bucket with relevant audience insights?

As much as it might sound like it, this isn’t a blog post called Let Me Count the Ways I Love Tarzan. It’s a case study on how she launched a quiz funnel that from lead to sale is converting at 9.94%.

Take a peek at the piece de resistance:

Why this rockstar in her own right reached out to me for help with her quiz…

Sometimes even copywriters need help from other copywriters, especially when it comes to things not traditionally in our wheelhouse.

… Enter Chanti with her bottomless jar of kombucha and endless quiz enthusiasm.

Tarzan knew that she wanted a quiz as the core lead magnet for her new website (which is seriously amazing, go check it out!). Being a smart little fox, T also knew she didn’t wanna spend the time figuring out how to create a high-performing quiz herself. (PSA: If it ain’t your zone of genius, DELEGATE 💪 — easier said than done, I know)

The challenge for Tarzan was coming up with a strategy that served her diverse audience.

Quizzes are the cats pajamas for segmenting your new leads right from the get go, but you need to balance the arguably selfish desire to segment with the desires of your audience.

For Tarzan, that meant creating something that both freelance service providers AND online course creators (all at different stages in their business journeys) would find irresistible.

… while also segmenting those people.

The sweet spot that applied to BOTH audience just happened to be one of T’s fave topics and something she has relevant offers for — p-p-pricing.

Come on, what money lovin’ entrepreneur doesn’t learn how to fine tune their pricing?!

Layer on top of that the magnetic promise of persona insights with a dash of 80’s flair and you’ve got yourself a quiz strategy that’s destined for success.  

How to make your quiz results work harder for you

For Tarzan’s results, I recommended customizing the final section to offer her quiz takers a relevant next step depending on their result.

Sneak a peek at one of her beautifully designed results here.

Example: for anyone struggling with money mindset issues, her webinar How to Sell Like A 6-Figure Freelancer is a no-brainer next step.

Her other offer on charging day rates is a great fit for the other results. Everything intentionally fits together so that every level of lead feels like they get what they need.

After writing the quiz to match Tarzan’s voice — which meant adding as much personality as possible and as many Sandra references as I could fit in — the ball was in her court.

Of course, she ran with it and put together an epic quiz follow-up sequence designed to love up her new leads and give them the resources they need based on where they’re at.

^^Hot tip: your follow up emails are just as important as the quiz itself!

From there, Tarzan can do what she does best —  build relationships and give her audience the tools they need to succeed.

Cut to the happy ending…

Quiz takers who were a fit for Tarzan’s Money Vault funnel and registered for her webinar converted at 14.03% to her paid training.

People who complete the quiz, regardless if they enter their email or not (T has the skip opt-in option enabled), are converting at 9.94%.

If you’re like, percentages schmentages, just tell me if that’s good or not!

The answer is an enthusiastic heck yes.

Wouldn’t you like to have a completely automated way of converting 10% of your new subscribers into paying customers?

These conversion rates are well above industry standard. Not that I can take all the credit, Tarzan’s kickass emails make all the difference.

That said, she now has a lead generation asset that gives people real value and creates a stellar first impression.

Even if Tarzan’s conversion rate gets cut in half when she starts running ads to cold traffic, she’ll still be adding a whole lotta moolala to her bottom line without having to do anything aside from being her awesome self.

Want my help creating your own ballin’ quiz? Head over here to see how we can work together.

Welcome to my corner of the internet where you’ll find no shortage of real talk and proven growth strategies for solopreneurs, professional creators, coaches, and service providers. Grow forth and make it rain in your business, I’ve got your back every step of the way.

Hey superstar! I’m Chanti. 

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