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What currencies matter most in your online business? There are 2 things I think have never been more important. One is easy to measure, and one not so much…

You may know that I’m a little obsessed with food. In fact, I’m likely chowing down on a cone of my fave ice cream right now…(Avalon Organic Black Cherry, in case you’re like me and judge people based on their fave ice cream flava) ^ this shizz right here ???? One day when I was […]

In the last year, I built what is now Chanti Zak Marketing Inc. (I’M AN INC! Fancy, I know) from the ground up. From zero to banking over 6-figures… all thanks to my signature service: quiz funnels. Stripe tells me my net sales have increased by +1,304.8% which makes me want to blast Sia and […]

How does list building feel for you? A. Hard, uncomfortable, like a constant struggle. B. Total breeze, I <3 list building and everything I do works wonders. C. Meh, I don’t really pay much attention to it. D. Confusing, I think I’m doing the right thing and then it doesn’t really work as well as […]


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