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In 2011, Julie Bass, from Michigan, was facing jail time. Her crime? 👉🏼 Removing her lawn and planting a garden in its place 🤯 . . . In the chronically thirsty state of California, spray painting your lawn to conserve water is the norm. Take it from LawnLift: ^ Purveyors of lawn paint are raking it […]

[The Sunday Setlist] The last hurrah

Let’s tackle the final 3 letters of The ABCs.

Meet the thing I’ve been noodling on for 2 years 🍜

I started working on a framework I call Interactive Empathy Marketing.

Pogs and podcasts and playlists and more

I’ve got so much Sunday goodness coming your way.

This one thing accounts for 80% of “success”

My ABCs of 2020 lessons saga continues.

You’ve whipped up an oat milk latte, grabbed your brand new, never-before-doodled-in notebook (and a glitter gel pen ‘cause you’re cool like that), and snuggled in at your desk… It’s time to get writing! You jot down a couple potential topics. Stop. Stare at the page like, “Okay, but how the heck do I turn […]

Once every 12,000 years…

What a time to be alive.

[The Sunday Setlist] This is 30

Today is my 30th b-day.

The ABCs of all the things I learned in 2020 that helped me DOUBLE my revenue

This somehow naturally morphed into a full blown A-Z list of realizations!

[The Sunday Setlist] The goodbye 2020 ✨👋 edition

It’s been one of my best years despite the intensity.

Crrrringe and twinkle

Are you celebrating the holly daze?

The play by play on my messiest and most successful launch EVER

From the depths of launch land, she emerges!


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