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Easy as... Cake? How to Cook Up a High-Converting Quiz Funnel

Here’s a random Q that *pinky promise* will tie into what actually brought you here in a sec: What’s your favourite carnival food?!  🥨🍦🍿 Maybe the double-dipped, sugar-dusted corn dogs or the big pink and blue bags of melt in your mouth cotton candy? Piles of vanilla ice cream or a soft, salty pretzel? ~ […]

eCommerce Quizzes and the Money-Making Magic of Knowing Your Customers’ Needs Before They Do

If you’re a bit of a personal finance nerd (like my second-hand Le Creuset buying self) you’ve probably come across this quote from Ramit Sethi: “Spend extravagantly on the things you love and cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t.” Okay, I feel you, Mr. Sethi, but easier said than done. As much as […]

A Little Quizperation: 11 Lead-Generating Quizzes to Learn From

Have you ever gone out for a bite at a bougie, 5 Yelp stars bistro, sat down, studied the menu like a terms of service agreement only to pass-up their signature steak-frites in favour of a “healthy” salad? If not, congrats! You’ve got this life thing figured out — wish I could say the same. […]

A secret and a nudge

Can I tell you a secret?

The Psychology Behind Lead Generation Quizzes: How to Build Trust and an Email List at the Same Time

Let’s daydream for a sec.

An ode to you, Friend

Happy Canadian thanksgiving! Aka. the most conflicting holiday ever invented.

Simple or complicated? You get to choose.

Happy October. Happy Q4. Happy day of rest.

How Paris Hilton can help you hone in on your brand voice and write with personality

Umm is it 2006? Because the Net is once again buzzing about Paris Hilton.

Lessons from my 1st affiliate launch part 2

Here’s what turned out to be essential for my first affiliate launch.

Blog post about using email lists to launch digital courses

POP QUIZ: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a chocolate bar?

Lessons from my first affiliate launch *so far*

I’m in the midst of my first ever affiliate launch!

[The Sunday Setlist] BBQ + dirty course secrets from the inside

My favorite show on the planet is Chef’s Table.


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