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Lessons from my 1st affiliate launch part 2

Here’s what turned out to be essential for my first affiliate launch.

Blog post about using email lists to launch digital courses

POP QUIZ: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a chocolate bar?

Lessons from my first affiliate launch *so far*

I’m in the midst of my first ever affiliate launch!

[The Sunday Setlist] BBQ + dirty course secrets from the inside

My favorite show on the planet is Chef’s Table.

[The Sunday Setlist] Wasp stings and the little things

It’s the little things like this that make having your own business worth it all.

Nonconformity should have a hyphen

How is it the middle of August?!

You make me happy, friend

I know that doesn’t matter. My job is to make YOU happy.

Sunday Setlist 17

Let’s talk about the secret ingredient to all good copy and marketing: HYPE.

Sunday Setlist 16 Featured Image

We’re talking all about motivation!

What currencies matter most in your online business?

Enjoy it or endure it with the inner knowing that all is ephemeral.

Let’s explore how Tarzan Kay was able to get a 9.94% conversion rate.


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