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What a time to be alive. 

Are you relishing in the madness and buying up Gamestop stocks or too busy making Bernie memes? 

(^no idea who created this but I lurve it) 

As we scoot through a part of the solar system that we haven’t in 12,000 years, there’s no doot aboot it, we live in exciting times. And as online entrepreneurs, I think we’re closer to the paradigm shift than many others. 

It’s still so crazy to me that I talk to people who are regularly selling $40,000 coaching packages. People who’ve built businesses teaching adults how to make friends (sh!ts hard!). People who specialize in dog anxiety or pelvic freedom or how to build an empire selling microgreens. 

Their Aunt Bee probably thinks they’re nuts, but anyone who’s created something from nothing in this age of hyperconnection (or arguably, it’s opposite) knows anything is possible. 

Just carry that energy with you into this next week, friend. Whatever wild ideas you have, there’s room for you at this ever-changing and evolving table. 

The matrix is crumbling and we get to watch. Now to go buy some silver and see what happens… 

Ready for the ABCs of everything I learned in 2020 continued? Catch part 1 (A-E) here or part 2 (F-I) here if you missed ‘em. 

K? K. 

K is for keep experimenting, THAT’S what it’s all about… 

Expectations. Just the word alone feels heavy. But when you create something new in your business, how do you NOT create some level of expectation? 

Case in point: you read a sales page with miles and miles of testimonials. You see yourself in them, you see what’s possible, and just like that you buy the thing with the expectation that a few months from now one of those smiling pics could be you. 

I’ve experienced a lot of disappointment purely thanks to my own expectations. Realistic or not, the energy of expectation never feels good. 

Which is why I’m constantly working to replace expectation with experimentation. If I approach each launch, each new idea, each investment, as an experiment, everything feels lighter. 

L – look within before you look around 

Y’know what phrase I haaaaate? “Trust the experts” Oh I know, I know this opinion will NOT make me popular. But guess what? The so called experts aren’t necessarily experts on you or your business. 

I’m not saying ignore them completely. But what if instead of outsourcing important decisions right off the bat we all learned to tune in and trust our inner voice and intuition just a little more? (I’ve got something below to help you do just that!) 

There’s so much noise and so many people who think they know best, but deep down we are each solely responsible for choosing what’s best for us. Which is quite honestly, a lot harder than just trusting the experts. 

M – money is a tool, not a solution

Dana Skoglund, an amazing coach who hosted a planning and productivity workshop for my GwQ crew this week shared a revelatory idea with us that I can’t stop thinking about. 

That no matter the external circumstances, life is still 50/50. No amount of money or success can change that. Statistically, more money beyond $70k/year doesn’t equal less problems or more happiness, but it CAN be used as a tool to create more opportunity…  

Like buying 160 acres of farmland and raising enough sheep to feed and clothe an entire community? Here for it. 

N – never stop learning 

Cheesy and cliche but I mostly just wanted to brag that I read 24 books this year — only 50% less than my goal! Seriously though, I did learn a lot in 2020 though most of it was through experience and doing uncomfortable things. 

Books and courses are heaven sent, but nothing is more neuron shifting than action. If you’re wondering how you can get better at writing copy for example, and you know the basics, the fastest way to get better is to put what you know into practice. And you will suck at first, and that is 100% a good sign. Keep going, keep growing. 

Enough ABCs for today, friend. The big O is coming at ya next week so stay glued. 


Jeeps! My GwQ students really crushed it this week. Our group was just poppin’ with people posting their finished quizzes and I can’t wait to share them all over the coming weeks. 

For today, if you’ve *ever* been curious about your innate psychic gifts and intuitive strengths, you will LOVE Kim’s quiz What’s Your Intuitive Superpower? 

Kim is a medium and an author (you can tell because her questions and results are so witty and well written) and she shares her insight so generously with this quiz. 


Almost done Blood and Ash and I am obsessed. So engrossed. Staying up wayyyy too late reading but it’s worth it. 


Your current results reflect your current beliefs.” – Dana Skoglund (from her amazing workshop 😍 — you can catch a pre-recorded variation of it here on reclaiming 3 hours of your day!) 

Wishing you a brilliant first week of Feb, friend. 

Chanti xx 

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