The Quiz Maker’s Toolkit: How to Write Quiz Results That Resonate Using the DISC Framework - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

You’ve whipped up an oat milk latte, grabbed your brand new, never-before-doodled-in notebook (and a glitter gel pen ‘cause you’re cool like that), and snuggled in at your desk…

It’s time to get writing!

You jot down a couple potential topics. Stop. Stare at the page like, “Okay, but how the heck do I turn these into actual quizzes. Maybe if I take a quick break and colour code my sticker collection this’ll start making sense.”

Fast forward an hour, and you’re blissfully Marie Kondoing the bejesus out of everything in sight #procrastinationnation

You know that quizzes are a crazy amazing way to connect with your clients and customers, show them you care, and cater your products and services to their unique needs.

You have every reason in the world to do this…

BUT you feel overwhelmed by all the little pieces (Aka. writing a curiosity-inducing title and description, questions, and spot on results 🙄) and have no idea how to jigsaw them together into a fun, informative quiz.

Those concerns are valid AF, friend.

Truth is, like pretty much anything worth doing, quizzes are a commitment. A commitment of time and creative energy.

Luckily, there are free tools you can use to ease the process and turn it into something that, itself, sparks joy (corny 🍿 but I couldn’t resist), so you don’t need to put it off.

In the remainder of this article, I’m going to be filling you in on the psychological framework that allows me to write lead-generating quizzes in as little as 2 days.

You ready for this, friend?

It’s called… drumroll please… DiSC!

“What’s DISC and How Can I Use It to Write Amazingly Accurate Quizzes?” I’m Glad You Asked…

DISC is a personality and behaviour model conceptualized by psychologist William Moulton Marston in his book Emotions of Normal People.

It was later turned into an assessment (you can take it right here), which THOUSANDS of businesses use to better understand their employees and improve workplace communication.

Part of that popularity comes from DISC’s simplicity 👉 It’s made up of 4 personality traits: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C).

While everyone exhibits these traits from time to time, one is usually more common than the others. And that most common trait is your DISC type.

Here’s a quick The Office themed rundown of the traits…

Dominance Types

Dominant types are results-oriented go-getters. They are willing to work longer and harder than just about anyone to turn their dreams into realities. Even if it means stepping on toes along the way.

On top of being determined and oh so driven, they are imaginative. They think way outside the box and often find themselves in leadership roles.

Dominant type á la The Office = Dwight Schrute

Influence Types

Influence types use their Russell Brand level charisma to bring people together. They thrive on social recognition (where’s my spotlight?!) and approach challenges with energy and an optimistic outlook.

In group settings, influence types make sure everyone feels seen, heard, and deeply understood and spot opportunities for others they might not have seen for themselves. No wonder they are so popular…

Influence type á la The Office = Kelly Kapoor

Steadiness Types

Steadiness types are the calm centre of a cyclone — they value stability, trust, and tradition. They are patient and always willing to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on (psst… their sweaters are super soft).

When steadiness types set out on a journey, they see it through. They are loyal to others, but also to themselves and can communicate their thoughts and feelings without coming off as confrontational.

Steadiness type á la The Office = Pam Beesly

Conscientiousness Types

Conscientiousness types are textbook perfectionists. When they find something they are truly passionate about, they will pour their time into learning as much as they can and sharing that knowledge with others.

You can trust conscientious types with the most minute of details. They take pleasure in organizing everything from thumbtacks to data.

Conscientiousness type á la The Office = Oscar Martinez

Why the DISC Framework Works So Well For Quizzes

Let’s return to the procrastination problemo…

Not knowing where to go next IS scary. And it’s so tempting to deal with that fear by covering your eyes (or organizing your desk drawers for the 7th time) and pretending it doesn’t exist.

But the beautiful thing about DISC is that it gives you a clear path.

It gives you a psychology-backed framework, so you can move forward and take action instead of staring at a blank page with your stomach in knots.

Plus if you’re stuck for descriptive words, there are a few awesome resources you can use: DISC Insights, DISC Profile, and DISC Personality Testing.

Crafting Accurate Quiz Results with the DiSC Framework

Think of the personality profiles as foundations for your quiz results…

They are a solid place to start from, but if you want to give your customers and clients real value, you need to build them up with insights specific to your industry and methodology.

Say you’re writing a quiz to help your customers and clients discover their online marketing personality types.

If you considered the strengths and weaknesses of each DISC type and how they’d manifest in that particular context, you might end up with results that sound a little something like this:

Dominant: Your online marketing personality is the… Bold-Hearted Boss

Influence: Your online marketing personality is the… Trendsetter

Steadiness: Your online marketing personality is the… Nurturer

Conscientiousness: Your online marketing personality is the… Whiz Kid

Notice how each result is based on one of the DISC types, but they feel specific to the quiz topic? Yeah, I know you caught that, smart 🍪

The DISC Framework in Action

If you’re still feeling a little stuck, don’t sweat it, friend!

Check out some of the templates I made for my fave quiz building software Interact:

  1. What’s your awe-worthy brand archetype?
  2. What kind of coffee suits your personality?
  3. Which region of France is a tailored fit for your personality?

I wish I could link to these directly, but for now, you can access them by making an account and checking out Interact’s template library.

Btw if you’re interested in scooping up a subscription to their services click right here, and use the discount code QUIZQUEEN for 20% off FOREVER 🥳

Alright, alright, hopefully you now know how to use the DISC framework to take the stress out of creating your very own quiz and writing crazy amazing, accurate results.

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