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How the heck are ya? 

I hope you’re swimming in Sunday serenity, sippin’ on a latte, maybe playing in the snow if you’re in a winter wonderland like I am… 

My hubs built me a sweet makeshift standing desk/shelf this week so I get to stare out at the sparkly snowflakes, look at baby goats in sweaters, and watch him chop wood. What a life. 

My ABCs of 2020 lessons saga continues today and we’re kickin’ off with the letter O (everyone’s favorite letter, am I right?) 

If you’re just catching up you can read part 1 (A-E) here, part 2 (F-J) here, and part 3 (K-N) right here if you missed ‘em. 

Once this series wraps, I’m going to retire the Sunday Setlist with the goal of emailing you more regularly, because as you’ll see below — email is THE antifragile communication channel. It’s the best. 

But Sunday’s aren’t the best day to send emails and I’m curious about giving you more bite-sized messages more often because let’s face it, these setlists sometimes turn into the virtual version of this: 

One of my goals for this year is to just write something everyday. For myself and for you, because while I’ve written every day for a looong time now, it’s almost always been mostly for clients. 

Hit reply and let me know if you’d be into a daily email or if that would annoy the “subscriber” out of you. And if you’ve been a devout Sunday Setlist reader, thank you 🙏

Now for those ABCs… 

O – Offers are 80% of success 

The sexiest most tempting copy, graphics, marketing strategy, and organizational prowess combined cannot make up for an offer that misses the mark. 

If I had to pinpoint one thing that separates my clients and students who crush their goals and those who do all the “right” things but feel like they can’t get any traction — it would be the offer. 

So what exactly is an offer? It’s not just the thing you sell but the positioning around it. Essentially, it’s a packaged up solution with one key non-negotiable — it must be irresistible to the point where it seems like you’re giving more value than the price tag accounts for. 

And the perception of that value really does come from positioning. How is it different from similar offers? How does it uniquely solve your prospects problem? How is it easier to use or implement? 

Every time I relaunch Grow with Quizzes, I revisit the offer and ask myself how I can make it better. If you’re selling something and it’s not working like you’d anticipated, don’t run straight to the hottest copywriter on the block to jazz up your words — look at the offer, look at the feedback you’ve gotten so far, and ask yourself how you can make it even better. 

P – Put more money away for taxes than you think

I am legitimately smirking like a sour patch kid right now. I still feel like the biggest n00b when it comes to all things taxes. I only *just* learned that if you make half a mil in profit (in Canada) you get to fork over 53% of anything over that. 

So this is a lame lesson, but I keep learning the hard way that I need to put more moolah aside for the government spending blackhole to consume. 

Q – Quizzes rule, here’s one more reason why

You knew what Q would be about! I don’t have to list off all the reasons why quizzes rule, but there is one I want to emphasize. 

That having a connected and ever-growing email list really is the most antifragile, scalable marketing strategy we have access to today. 

What I mean by that is, no matter how alluring Clubhouse and TikTok and Instagram might be (and they CAN be effective) — you still don’t have any control over the algorithms that form the foundation for those platforms. 

You “own” your email list. It’s innately more intimate and valuable to have even 100 subscribers who want to hear what you have to say than 1,000 followers who never see your posts. 

And the most empathy driven and effective way to build an engaged email list of folks who feel like you get them, is with a quiz.

So there you go, reason #382 why quizzes rule. 

I’ll be back in your inbox next week with most letter inspired lessons. 


My amazing clients Michelle and Ginni who just launched their quiz for anyone who’s dreamed of starting a podcast. 

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(I may or may not be joining their program come Fall so Dawn and I can start a kickass podcast for your listening pleasure 😎) 


A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout — book 2 in the Blood and Ash series and just as engrossing as the first. I have no idea how I read 400 pages this week on top of… life. That’s just what happens when a book is so damn addictive, nothing stands in it’s way.  

Now back to sticking my nose to my eReader screen so I finish this baby. 

To getting lost, 
Chanti xx 

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