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Heya friend, 

I’ve got so much Sunday goodness coming your way today. 

Some weeks I collect cool resources at a rate that rivals my 11-year-old self’s ability to trade up my pogs. 

(*returns after going down a pog GIF rabbit hole) 

This is one of those weeks. 

Let’s kick it off with the ABCs of 2020 cont’d… 

(If you’re like what the what, why are we still talking about 2020? Well flip, friend, it was a lot to process! I somehow doubled my revenue and this is my letter by letter breakdown of HOW. Catch the first 4 parts on my blog.) 

R – ROI moves at the speed of relationships 

I stole this from a Todd Herman quote that business moves at the speed of relationships. 

Which is true but every relationship requires an investment — of time, energy, or in business money — what’s a “lead” if not someone we’re looking to build a relationship with, right? 

And just like in the “real world” sometimes we fall hard and fast and other times it’s a slow burn. 

Something that’s surprised me this year is how quickly some students will see my FB ad, take my quiz, watch my free training, and join my program. And on the flip, how some students join and share that they’ve been following me for YEARS. 

I find it kinda hilarious because so many marketing gurus will tell you “your leads will convert after X amount of time in your world.” and it’s simply not true. 

Relationships develop at all different paces, your only job is to keep showing up and nurturing them. 

S – Sunshine is important

My hubs is really cute and whenever the sun comes out he’ll burst into my office and make me go outside. 

I live in Canada and until recently, the rainiest, grayest part of Canada. 

We’re a Vitamin D deprived bunch and after a prolonged period of minimal sun, you can’t help but feel like a sack of potatoes. 

More sunshine = a better life and business. It’s the little things. 

T – Try your best, forget the rest 

I don’t know how to sugarcoat this so I’ll just come right out and say it.

Some days you won’t feel like doing shit. In fact, you’ll feel wholly incompetent, exhausted, and straight up done. At least that’s how I felt more often than I’d like to admit over the last year of navigating the global chaos, sleep deprivation, pregnancy, a huge move, business growing pains, endless opportunities to embrace imperfection. 

But despite it all I always remember my favorite of the 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (if you haven’t read it, highly recommend): 

If you just do your best, there is no way you can judge yourself. And if you don’t judge yourself there is no way you are going to suffer from guilt, blame, and self-punishment.

Part of this principle is about enjoying the process. If you’re not diggin’ something it’s impossible to do good work. Embracing this idea has helped me be less of a dick to myself but I’ll be the first to admit I do not like the days when my best isn’t stellar. 


🎉 New blog post for ya! The Quiz Maker’s Toolkit: How to Write Quiz Results That Resonate Using the DISC Framework >>> 

If you’re working on a personality quiz and stumped on the results this is an easy way to tap into 4 core archetypes that are likely part of your audience. 

Ryan Lee created this really cool free membership called Freedym with hundreds of 20 minute trainings on all things online business. Can’t really believe this is free. Cueing up the ‘How to build your own coffee brand’ training stat ☕


This Flow State Masterclass podcast with Steven Kotler and Aubrey Marcus is full of soooo many golden nuggets. 

I’m not actually listening to this because I loooathe hearing my own voice but if YOU wanna have a listen, I’m on the Creatives Making Money podcast with Jamie Jensen talking all things quiz funnels. 

Jamie was my first ever business coach and copywriting mentor. Love that woman. 

This Flow State playlist to go with the flow state podcast! 


I just started Anxious People by Fredrik Backman — a world away from the Fantasy Romance land I’ve been living in but a beautifully written book so far with a very random but intriguing plot. 

Alright homeslice, that’s all I’ve got for you this week. Hit reply and let me know if any of the above hits home! 

Wishing you a brilliant week ahead, 
Chanti xx

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