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Have you ever taken the plunge on an opportunity that was absolutely terrifying… but turned out to be one of the best decisions you ever made? When we first started our podcast, we literally could barely stand listening to ourselves. Come to find out, that’s how most newbie podcasters feel! It’s a tricky path to navigate, but […]

As humans, we often use different evaluations and traits to define ourselves and explore our identities. Whether it be the ancient signs of the Zodiac or the more modern Enneagram and DiSC assessments, having these tools at our disposal are important for personal and professional development. But what if we could use them beyond just […]

You’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got the drive—hell, you’ve even got the killer content! But you’re still not generating valuable leads and significant revenue. Sound familiar? One of the most frustrating parts about being an entrepreneur can be having the perfect business completely laid out, but still missing out on the volume of clients and […]

If you’re anything like us, for so much of your life you’ve been hearing that you need to find your true purpose in life. That the perfect job, partner, even having a child will finally give our life the meaning we’re looking for and make us finally feel like we can stop that search. But […]

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” -Henry David Thoreau The majority of us have spent most if not all of our lives adhering to a specific mold and model of what we believe we should be. Whether that expectation was impressed upon on us by parents, through peer pressure, […]

Have you ever felt like your business was on the cusp of experiencing incredible growth—if only you could grow a few more hands and add another 12 hours to the day? Have you experienced the frustration of a stagnating entrepreneurial venture that had an amazing mission and goal, yet just couldn’t seem to get off […]

A little sapling sits in a forest, full of potential to grow strong, see its leaves change from green to brilliant orange, and host a beautiful plethora of mushrooms in its shadow. But it can only reach that potential if it has deep roots, binding it to nutrient-rich soil and stabilizing it so it can […]

You’re walking through a beautiful fall forest, the light through the leaves casts a warm glow all around you, and you fill your lungs with the smell of slightly damp, fresh fallen foliage. Amongst the tree trunks and underbrush, you see a crop of beautiful chanterelles, which you carefully pick and bring home to eat […]

When it comes to creating sustainable success, it’s all connected and there is no one-size-fits-all formula. We’re starting a conversation that embraces nuance, elevates the importance of empathy, and addresses the diverse and distinct strengths that enable entrepreneurs to not just make money, but to make real lasting positive change—in a regenerative, revolutionary way. Today, […]

[The Sunday Setlist] The last hurrah

Let’s tackle the final 3 letters of The ABCs.

Meet the thing I’ve been noodling on for 2 years 🍜

I started working on a framework I call Interactive Empathy Marketing.

Pogs and podcasts and playlists and more

I’ve got so much Sunday goodness coming your way.


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