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In today’s day and age, connecting to your audience is more important than ever before––especially if your career depends on those connections. People have grown tired of dealing with the constant stream of ads on blogs, so that’s why you might want to look into creating a newsletter about a topic you’re passionate about, and […]

Have you been putting off adding quizzes to your business? If you have, then this is your sign to start doing it. Chanti is sharing all about her new quiz AND how you can join her live workshop that will teach you exactly how to create a quiz that resonates with your audience. Today, it’s just […]

Have you ever been curious about how to get more deals in your business? Or perhaps you’ve been curious about growing your team? For most people, it’s a lot of trial and error. But if you listen to the advice of our guest today, you might just be able to skip past a lot of […]

Have you ever set down a path only to realize after getting to your destination that it is absolutely not what you want? A lot of people might just accept their fate or hope it gets better as time goes on. But for our guest today, that was not the case. Instead, he decided to […]

Do you ever wonder how unknown businesses get featured by Forbes or The Washington Post? Do you want that type of social proof for yourself? For most people, the secret is hiring a great PR team. And the proof is in the pudding with our guest today, considering she is our first ever accepted cold-pitch. Today, we’re welcoming […]

Online courses,  educational tools, email funnels, quizzes, and more are an incredibly valuable tool for entrepreneurs, however it’s so important to implement a copywriting strategy that will help you create real, valuable conversions. Today, we’re excited to be joined by  Jay McGrane. Jay combines educational techniques with persuasive copywriting to boost student engagement and conversions for […]

Are you a CEO that struggles to confidently level up? Leading a team, evolving your business, growing from six to seven figures, AND overcoming imposter syndrome is all a part of being a CEO. As women, we need to embody our feminine and embrace that CEO energy inside of us! Today, we’re joined by the amazing […]

How are you elevating your client’s business through your copywriting? Every business and every client is unique so what is considered successful depends on many factors. Understanding the numbers is the key component to creating benchmarks of copywriting success! Today, we’re joined by copywriting badass, Nicola Moors. She uses launch and funnel copy fuelled by data, […]

How are you using social media to actually connect with people? So much of our time is spent coming up with concepts for attention-grabbing posts, but there is so much more untapped potential for online connection and community building. Today, we’re joined by the amazing Sophia Parra. She is a social media strategist who understands what […]

As entrepreneurs, we can lose sight of the root of our mission as our responsibilities rise and stress surrounding the business grows. Creating new processes, establishing a vision, and understanding the power of manifestation, will help us to lead with our soul. Today, we’re joined by the incredible Jenna Faye Madden. As the CEO of Soul […]

One of the most challenging parts about being an entrepreneur is building your team. Finding great people with the skills you are looking for that are also aligned with your values and expectations, is no easy task. Today, we’re joined by Michal Eisikowitz. Michal is an amazing B2B SaaS Conversion Copywriter, Website Specialist, Founder and CEO […]

So many of us grow up in environments that prioritize one standard idea of success, but if there’s anything we’ve learned—especially over the last few years—your success is exactly what you make it. Those old ideals of corporate achievement aren’t the only measure anymore. Today, we’re joined by Ashleigh Chanel, your friendly virtual neighborhood marketing genie. […]


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