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The Psychology Behind Lead Generation Quizzes: How to Build Trust and an Email List at the Same Time

Let’s daydream for a sec.

An ode to you, Friend

Happy Canadian thanksgiving! Aka. the most conflicting holiday ever invented.

Simple or complicated? You get to choose.

Happy October. Happy Q4. Happy day of rest.

How Paris Hilton can help you hone in on your brand voice and write with personality

Umm is it 2006? Because the Net is once again buzzing about Paris Hilton.

Lessons from my 1st affiliate launch part 2

Here’s what turned out to be essential for my first affiliate launch.

Blog post about using email lists to launch digital courses

POP QUIZ: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a chocolate bar?

Lessons from my first affiliate launch *so far*

I’m in the midst of my first ever affiliate launch!

[The Sunday Setlist] BBQ + dirty course secrets from the inside

My favorite show on the planet is Chef’s Table.

[The Sunday Setlist] Wasp stings and the little things

It’s the little things like this that make having your own business worth it all.


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