A Little Quizperation: 11 Lead-Generating Quizzes to Learn From

Have you ever gone out for a bite at a bougie, 5 Yelp stars bistro, sat down, studied the menu like a terms of service agreement only to pass-up their signature steak-frites in favour of a “healthy” salad?

If not, congrats! You’ve got this life thing figured out — wish I could say the same.

Before cutting ties with diet culture, I opted for all the low-calorie entrées. If you’re anything like me, maybe you’ve found yourself picking through a pile or two of limp iceberg lettuce looking for the croutons, slices of baked chicken, and cherry tomatoes…

Anything with a bit of flavour and substance.

That’s kind of what it feels like searching for fun, informative quizzes on the Net.

Stick with me here — not to hate on veggies (shout-out to kale, spinach, and all my other nutrient-rich greens 🥬🤗) but the quizzes that overpromise, underdeliver, and waste your precious time and energy are the iceberg lettuce.

Wilted. Tasteless. Take my point home, Honey Boo Boo:

Honey Boo Boo shaking her finger at all the bad Internet quizzes.

And the Internet’s lettuce to savoury toppings ratio is wayyy off — there are thousands of quizzes out there asking for your attention without giving you the tiniest morsel of personal insight in return.

Yeah, I see you, Buzzfeed, Quiz Lagoon, and BrainFall.

Sites like those make a BIG chunk of change from display ads, so it’s no wonder they want to keep their users looking for as long and at the lowest cost possible.

Guess we’ve all got to make rent somehow, right?

And to their credit, their content is entertaining as heck. Who doesn’t want to find out if they are an introvert or extrovert based on their food preferences or which Disney villain matches their personality

I got Gaston. Go figure.

Other than comparing me to a beefy, bossy Frenchman, my main gripe with Buzzfeed and its competitors is that their results are often super short and don’t provide much in the way of value, which makes it easy to overlook quizzes as the powerful lead-generation tools they truly are.

It’s all in the name: how lead-generating quizzes can attract more than clicks

The popularity of so bad they are almost good quizzes clues us in on their crazy amazing potential to increase traffic and ad revenue, but interactive marketing isn’t just beneficial for content sites, nuh-uh.

Whether you are a service or product-based biz, you can use quizzes to grow your email list, score sales, and establish yourself as an expert in your niche ALL WHILE building a relationship with your audience.

Even Garson can’t keep up with that heavy lifting…

So if you’ve thought about investing in a quiz then talked yourself out of it because low-value experiences have left a bad taste in your mouth, it might be time to reconsider:

Okay, Honey Boo Boo, I see your point. Salads can be boring and oh so bland BUT when they are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, they are freaking delish — feed me a cashew tabouleh or a watermelon salad with extra feta, and I’m your girl.

And, hey, while you can’t eat a quiz, the same basic principle holds true: there are bad quizzes and good quizzes. Time-wasters and time-investors.

So even if you’ve never taken a high-quality quiz and can’t imagine how asking your audience 2-minutes worth of Qs can make a difference in your life and business, no sweat.

That’s about to change.

Yours truly has scoured the Net for thirteen inspiring lead-generating quizzes to try out 🎉

By the end of this list, you’ll have seen *and hopefully taken* quizzes by me, my Grow with Quizzes students, and a few other uber-talented writers using interactive marketing to connect with their customers and clients.

(And if you want to find why they work so well, check out my previous blog post on the psychology behind lead-generating quizzes right here.)

P.S. I’m already cooking up another list of awe-inspiring quizzes, so if you are a Grow with Quizzes alumni and don’t see your work listed, it just might be queued up for the next round.

Without further ado, let’s do this darn thing!

The 3 lead-generating quizzes I can’t stop taking

  1. Rev’s Content Quest 2020
Landing page of Rev's Content Quest 2020 lead-generating quiz.

Rev, the speech-to-text company I trust with my transcriptions, gets so much right with Content Quest 2020.

For starters, it’s structured like a choose-your-own-adventure story game… uhm, yes! Plus their pixilated graphics and neon colour palette made me feel like I was starring in an episode of Stranger Things.

Clutch your pearls, Demogorgon, here I come!

Luckily, this quiz’s writing is just as clever as its custom design. It’s highly-specific and full of surprising twists.

  1. Amanda Bucci’s Discover Your Entrepreneurial Archetype
Landing page of Amanda Bucci's Discover Your Entrepreneurial lead-generating quiz.

Any business coaches in the house? Amanda Bucci’s Discover Your Entrepreneurial Archetype is your new go-to resource.

Her quiz is based on Carl Jung’s twelve archetypes, which she describes as “energies, patterns, and personas that have existed since the beginning of time.” And as a psychology nerd, I’m here for it…

Amanda’s writing is straightforward but sensitive to the needs of her ideal audience (Aka. individuals searching for a deep sense of purpose).

And talk about high-value results pages! Discover Your Entrepreneurial Archetype’s are chock-full of priceless insights to transform your perspective on life and business.

  1. Bambu Earth’s Skin Quiz
Landing page of Bambu Earth's Skin Quiz lead-generating quiz.

Writing an e-commerce quiz that personally connects isn’t always easy to pull-off, which makes all-natural brand Bambu Earth’s Skin Quiz all the more impressive.

My fave part? The writing.

Don’t get me wrong, the design is gorgeous, too, and I never say no to a warm, neutral palette, but I really admired how casual the quiz sounded — it was like chatting with a girlfriend after a glass *or two* of Merlot.

Skin Quiz offers accurate results and actionable steps to correct your skin. It even recommends ingredients to look for when purchasing beauty products!

Mine were raw shea butter, pumpkin, and frankincense 🙌

4 Stellar quizzes from Grow with Quizzes students

  1. Ponderlily’s What’s Your Productivity Personality?
Landing page of Ponderlily's What's Your Productivity Personality lead-generating quiz.

Ponderlily knows short = sweet. At only 6 questions long, it’s one of the quickest quizzes on this list, but for all that, it still manages to deliver precise, productive results.

See what I did there…

What’s Your Productivity Persona? highlights *with a pastel pink Sharpie* the quiz-taker’s strengths while gently guiding them towards upping their organization game.

Bottom line? It’s sensitive to Ponderlily’s target audience and offers a selection of free personalized resources 👉 that’s A LOT of value.

  1. Josette LeBlanc’s Imposter Syndrome Got You? Need a Soul-Full Social Media Strategy to Make Your Soul & Work Shine?
Landing page of Josette LeBlanc's Imposter Syndrome Got You? lead-generating quiz.

Josette’s Imposter Syndrome Got You? scored points with me for its descriptive, prosy style. Seriously, the Q about walking by a crystal shop had me yearning for a hunk of rose quartz.

Healing stones aside, Josette writes with compassion, which is important seeing as she’s an energy healer and coach.

For a quiz to connect with its ideal customers and clients, it has to be tailored to their emotional needs, and that’s trickier than it sounds. There are so many different sections — questions, question options, and results — to maintain your tone throughout…

But Josette stays true to her message with ease.

  1. Communication Rebel’s What’s Your Rebel Roadmap for Exponential Impact + Influence?
Landing page of Communication Rebel's What's Your Rebel Roadmap for Exponential Impact + Influence lead-generating quiz.

If you need another example of value-packed result pages, don’t miss out on What’s Your Rebel Roadmap for Exponential Impact + Influence?

This lead-generating quiz has just about everything: business advice, inspiring quotes, and *my personal favourite* a 3 step action plan for calling in your ideal customers and clients.

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that…

Communication Rebel shows commitment to their quiz-taker’s success and promises to help them along the path no matter where it leads. Marketing? More like friendship 🤗

  1. Compass Rose’s What’s Your Personal Path To Perfect Health?
Landing page of Compass Rose's What's Your Personal Path To Perfect Health lead-generating quiz.

On top of being straight-up fun, I appreciate that this quiz zeros in on a specific area of your wellbeing that could use a little work, which makes perfecting your health feel more manageable.

My result? Movement 💃

What’s Your Personal Path To Perfect Health is yet another example of just how much work a results page can really do.

It gives the quiz-taker a 3 step action plan to achieve their perfect health. It offers clear value, which makes it a beautiful investment of their time.

4 Lead-generating quizzes par moi

  1. Ingrid Arna’s The Booming Beautiful Business Quiz
Landing page of Ingrid Arna's The Booming Beautiful Business Quiz lead-generating quiz.

I may be a teensy bit biased, but The Booming Beautiful Business Quiz is a TREAT. And it’s not just the writing — Ingrid’s graphic design is also 100% on point. From her polished portraits to her glam pink and gold colour scheme, it’s a perfectly unified experience.

Plus it low-key made me feel like I was a celeb walking the Met Gala red carpet.

She even took the time to record a video of herself for the post-quiz page, which is an extra I usually recommend, as it allows you to personally connect with your audience.

On top of all that, Ingrid did a bang-up job of integrating the quiz with her email welcome sequence. Instead of being redirected to an easily lost page, your results are sent directly to your inbox 💌

2. Melyssa Griffin’s Discover Your Money Magnetism Archetype

Landing page of Melyssa Griffin's Discover Your Money Magnetism Archetype lead-generating quiz.

Like Ingrid’s quiz, I could go on about the visual appeal of Melyssa’s Discover Your Money Magnetism Archetype… It’s full of soft, wavy shapes and surprising pops of colour.

For real, if you know how to craft a page that looks like that, slide into my DMs ASAP.

Melyssa’s result pages read more like love letters — they are packed with affirmations and actionable tools to help you let go of limiting beliefs and boost your abundance.

And as far as her questions go…

We kept them fun and light-hearted by using GIF question options and sticking to a short length. Head over there, take the quiz, and tell me if we succeeded.

  1. Kayse Morris’s What’s Your Teacherpreneur Type?
Landing page of Kayse Morris's What's Your Teacherpreneur Type lead-generating quiz.

Kayse’s What’s Your Teacherpreneur Type is a true pleasure to take. It strikes a just-right balance between engagement questions and segmentation and information questions.

Quizzes are unique for their ability to do both at once.

I enjoyed being able to bring more of my sense of humour to Kayse’s quiz. It felt like I was finally fulfilling my dream of writing the results for Seventeen magazine.

And it’s so darn in-depth. It feels like you are getting advice from someone who know you inside and out.

  1. JRNI Coaching’s Should You Become A Coach?
Landing page of JRNI Coaching's Should You Become A Coach lead-generating quiz.

Anyone you know interested in becoming a coach? If so, kindly point them towards this quiz! But don’t let the title deceive you…

Should You Become a Life Coach? is a lot more than a simple yes or no answer. It fills the quiz-taker in on what type of coach they are and even gives them a custom game plan for setting up their practice.

Not bad for a 3-minute assessment.

And, hey, even if you do get a negative result, it’s still framed positively. Instead of saying “nope, you’ll never be a life coach — give up while you are ahead,” JRNI is more like “you aren’t ready… yet.”

Thanks for leaving our egos intact 🙏

Woot woot — friend, you made it through

I’m seriously honoured you took time out of your schedule to click through this listicle. Actual footage of me cheering you on from the sidelines:

Honey Boo Boo clapping because you just took a lot of lead-generating quizzes.

Now that you have a clearer picture of everything that goes into a powerful, value-packed quiz, maybe you’ll feel a teensy bit more confident writing one yourself…

Apply all the tips and tricks sprinkled throughout this post, and your quiz is going to be the candied walnut at the bottom of the salad bowl: sweet, nurturing, and a tasty surprise.

Can you tell I used to run a food blog?

Psst… If you’re looking for more info on interactive marketing, pop over to my Facebook group The Audience Accelerator. You’ll find a community of quiz-builders and stay on top of my latest lives.

Welcome to my corner of the internet where you’ll find no shortage of real talk and proven growth strategies for solopreneurs, professional creators, coaches, and service providers. Grow forth and make it rain in your business, I’ve got your back every step of the way.

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