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Well hello! 

Can I tell you a secret? 

I’m having another baby 🤪

I know, I know, I basically just had a baby yesterday. Okay, she’s almost 1 but still… 

This little surprise might feel meant to be but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also feel overwhelming AF. 

Who the hell has 3 kids these days?

Especially when, say it Sebastien: 

But the human world is also beautiful and I swear on Ariel’s red hair I’ll actively work to make it more so. 

In part by raising smart humans, growing food, and continuing to teach and support badass entrepreneurs in finding more freedom and yes, making more money in their businesses because while 21 year old me thought money was the root of all evil I now see that it can also be a powerful force for good. 

OH, and on top of having another baby, apparently we’re getting a puppy. My brother convinced Colin who then *sorta* convinced me but only because I’m worried about cougars eating my babies and he promised to do all the training. 

What is this life!? 

And what does any of this have to do with you? 

Well I’m going to be forced to get smarter in my business with this newest new addition and you get to come along for the ride. 

If I can go from a total money hating technology phobic no post-secondary education hot mess to building a business on track for that sweet 7-figure mark then you can too. 

Parents of 3 or more I welcome your wisdom. 

Parents of 1 or 2 I welcome your righteous laughter. 

Non-parents I welcome your babysitting services and a breakdown of your peaceful morning rituals so I can live vicariously through you. 

Now let’s talk fascinating psychological phenomena that can help your business! 

First off, if you’re curious about the psychology behind online quizzes, I’ve got a brand spankin’ new blog post that you don’t wanna miss. 

The Psychology Behind Lead Generation Quizzes: How to Build Trust and an Email List at the Same Time >>> 

In it, you’ll learn about: 

  • The psychological concepts that make quizzes lead generation superstars ✨🙌
  • 3 components for quiz results pages that connect and convert like cray cray
  • Why personalized marketing is the surest path to attracting your ideal clients and customers


Last week we started talking about cognitive biases and how they can help you better understand both yourself and your audience. 

We covered availability bias (catch the recap here) but now let’s talk about a little something called the nudging technique. 

Let’s stick with the kid topic to work out what this looks like IRL… 

If I implicitly tell my 6 year old to go do some coloring, there’s no way he’s coloring. 

On the other hand, if I put some markers and paper on the table and don’t say anything, he’ll almost always sit down and go to town. 

The latter is a nudge, the former is a command. Nobody likes being coerced, and on the flipside, nobody likes being manipulated. But the theory behind a nudge is that it’s used to help people make more positive choices (I know, I know, highly subjective but stick with me) while still giving them freedom of choice.  

Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein explain in the book that popularized this theory:

People have a strong tendency to go along with the status quo or default option.”

Other examples of nudging include giving people smaller plates (which unconsciously leads to smaller portions) and painting a pretend fly on urinals so dudes improve their aim without a thought. 

Wondering how this works in your marketing and messaging? Before I discovered nudge theory I just called it planting seeds.

Make a list of everything your ideal client or customers needs to believe in order to buy from you and work backwards throughout every step of your customer journey to ensure you’re planting the seeds — or creating nudges in the direction of your offer. 

Here’s an example you can run with right away: 

In your welcome email, the very first email someone gets from you, explain in aspirational detail who you help. By aspiration detail I mean if the person receiving your email were operating in their highest expression, what would that look like? 

And then describe the polar opposite, the person you don’t help or serve — and invite them to unsubscribe if they fit this criteria. 

Odds are they’ll naturally align with the aspirational description more than the negative one and you’ll have created a nudge to ensure they feel like they belong. 

Any other ways you could see this technique working in your life or business? Hit reply and lemme know! 

:musical_note: QUOTE OF THE WEEK

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” – Martin Luther

Thanks to Dawn for adding this one to our quotes channel in Slack <3 

:musical_note: WHO I’M ROOTING FOR 

All of the incredible course creators who joined my DCA bonus experience. We had our first call this week and it was just so inspiring to hear about everyone’s vision and experience making it a reality. Creating and launching a course is no cake walk and anyone doing it has made a conscious choice to courageously bet on themselves. So grateful to support this group of goal getters. 

:musical_note: WHAT I’M READING 

My horoscope. I particularly like this line “What I’m not sold on might need to go on sale.” Read yours here courtesy of Chani. 

I also just finished a horrible smut novel that I’m not even gonna tell you about. Engrossing non-smut recs welcome. 


I’m opening the doors to Grow with Quizzes in late November and I always give my waitlisters a heads up and extra bonuses — get on the list if you’re looking to create a high-converting quiz funnel from start to finish with my support! 

Wishing you a magnificent week ahead, friend! 

Talk soon, 
Chanti xx

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