An ode to you, Friend - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

Hey Friend and happy Canadian thanksgiving! 

Aka. the most conflicting holiday ever invented. I don’t really celebrate it but I DO welcome any excuse to focus on being grateful. 

And you should know right at the tippy top of my list, sandwiched between the healthy and hilarious humans I get to raise and TikTok binges in the bath, is YOU. 

To celebrate, I wrote you an ode. (Yes, I had to Google ‘how to write an ode’ no shame here.) 

Oh, Friend! 

How can I count the ways in which you see the world differently… 

Your willingness to show up even when it gives you butterflies and makes you dive headfirst into doubt. 

Your unshakeable commitment to getting better every day, to building a badass brand cocktail of 2 parts heart, 1 part hustle — drink up, world. 

Your hat collection is beyond impressive. 
Your belief in yourself is a reflection of what’s possible for all of us. 

Your voice is as natural as the symphony of a forest. No megaphone needed. Those who are meant to hear, will. 

Because you magnetize what’s meant for you. 
Every hard lesson is just a Kinder Surprise in disguise. 
Every celebration, a small sliver of your potential. 

To do something different, say no to the status quo, and ask for more when society says you have enough — these are just some of your everyday superpowers. 

Your most divine secret, one you might not even be aware of yourself, is that this is just the beginning


Hone your bullshit radar and become a better marketer by learning about cognitive biases.

⇒ Learning to think critically and question everything leads to better thinking, a better life, a better business, and a brighter future for humanity. 

In my own quest to make sense of the world, I’m researching mental models and cognitive biases which often serve as traps that keep us stuck repeating the same toxic cycles century after century. 

Wanna come along for the ride? 

Let’s start with availability bias (marketers and the media love this one): 

Imagine there’s an ocean of information but you’re only pulling from a pond’s worth. You’ll build opinions, maybe even an entire worldview around the information that’s right in front of you instead of looking at the big picture, *cough*, ocean. 

Frequent, recent, extreme, and memorable examples take precedence in your mind and so you might think because you read a story about a girl being attacked by a shark that swimming in the ocean is dangerous, meanwhile… 

Understanding this bias can benefit you as a business owner because your audience suffers from “pond thinking” too. Your job is to expand their worldview, show them new ideas, new possibilities, and open their eyes to solutions that they may not have known about before. 

Eli Pariser coined the term “the filter bubble” which essentially describes availability bias but on the interwebs. (Watch his TED talk from 2011, we’ve become what Eli was afraid of.) 

You see what the algorithms want you to see… that is, unless you consciously decide to pop your bubbles. 

This is why I love TikTok so much, for the record. The algorithm (maybe because it’s not owned by a US company) serves content that fits many, many narratives. From hard right to eat the rich socialists, 70 year old creators sharing their wisdom to 17 year olds offering up book recs. 

It’s helped me to truly appreciate our similarities over our differences whereas Facebook mostly feels like a fear and outrage machine dedicated to feeding into and affirming pre-existing beliefs instead of challenging them.


Next week we’ll talk about the “nudge” technique and get ready cause it’s a goodie. Nudging is far more powerful than pushing. Suggestion will always win over coercion. Stay tuned! 

:musical_note: QUOTE OF THE WEEK

It’s better to walk alone than with a herd going in the wrong direction.
– Mahatma Gandhi 

:musical_note: WHAT I’M LISTENING TO  

This main character playlist from David Welch is like a plate of perfectly cheesy nachos for your ears. 

And since it’s a weekend to be *extra* grateful might as well drink a sparkling water and watermelon juice and listen to this chill grateful evenings playlist. 

What are YOU most grateful for? Are you actively popping your filter bubbles?

Wild turkeys and wonder, 
Chanti xx 

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Hey superstar! I’m Chanti. 

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