The last hurrah 🎉 - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

Hey hey friend and happy almost March! 

I feel like this doggo right now ^^. 

The sun came out the other day and the snow promptly surrendered into puddles that made my little girl mighty happy. 

I’m getting ready to bring a new baby into the world in just a few weeks. 

Feeling all sorts of pressure (not just the pelvic kind) to get my shit together and be READY (hahahaha!) for life running a business with 3 lovely littles. 

Are you in that boat? Words of wisdom always welcome 😅

This is the final Sunday Setlist though you better believe I’ll be back in your inbox asaaaap and maybe even do some sort of monthly roundup newsletter with reading and music reccs! Would you be into that? 

‘Til then, let’s tackle the final 3 letters of The ABCs of all the things I learned in 2020 that helped me DOUBLE my revenue cont’d… (catch the other letters on my blog

X – It’s okay to be xanthoriatic 

Aka. not that smart in one area but good at everything else. Or maybe not everything but the things that matter. There’s a lot that I’m not good at — staying on top of my Asana tasks, anything to do with social media, project management. 

What I’m learning is that it’s not about being amazing at all the things, it’s about knowing where you DO excel, where you do alright, and everything in between. 

Y – You are the sun in the ecosystem of your business 

Most of the energy in an ecosystem comes from the sun. In business, you the owner, the creator, the visionary, are the SUN. 

When we can better understand ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, our boundaries, our philosophy, and our mindset we start to eliminate the clouds crowding out our light. The brighter you shine, the easier it is to help your people grow. 

Z – More Zzzzzz’s please 

I’m tired, you’re tired, the world is tired. And it’s okay, apparently by 2024 we’ll be living in a new age version of the roaring 20s! But for now, let’s give ourselves permission to rest. 

I’m proud to say I’ve taken at least 4 naps this month (big deal for this anti-napper) and each time I’ve reminded myself, it’s okay to rest. 

(Thanks to @fabiring on IG for creating this very true graphic and my girl @meaganwilliamson for sharing!) 

Thank YOU, friend, for being here and reading these setlists over the last year. I appreciate you tremendously and can’t wait to reveal what’s next! 

Your super prego pal xx 

Welcome to my corner of the internet where you’ll find no shortage of real talk and proven growth strategies for solopreneurs, professional creators, coaches, and service providers. Grow forth and make it rain in your business, I’ve got your back every step of the way.

Hey superstar! I’m Chanti. 

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