Behind-the-scenes of my current workshop launch - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

Probably breaking a rule right now by going behind the scenes before something’s actually done.

(But if ya didn’t already know I’m 100% that B who’s okay with breaking rules.)

Backstory: I’m currently launching a workshop on quizzes. You can check it out here.

I thought it’d be fun to share the process with you because I’m guessing you too might be launching something in the near future.

While I can’t really share the results just yet, I can share what went into creating and launching this workshop.

What I really want to share with you is the messiness of the whole “create and sell something new” process.

Because, you see, it’s vurrrry easy for us business owners to say, “I want to create a workshop, or a course, or a membership, or a new service.” Ideas are the easy part. Execution is where things get sticky.

With this workshop, for instance — I’d been saying for probably the last 6 months that I wanted to create a low-priced offer about quizzes. But I kept putting it off.

(Of course, somewhere in there I birthed a child but even if I hadn’t, I probably still would’ve procrastinated forever.)

When I launched Grow with Quizzes, it had been in the works for over a year. A YEAR!!!

Here’s what needed to happen for both of these offers to finally see the light of day:

1. I had to offer a gracious ‘no thanks’ to other opportunities.

Because distractions are sometimes opportunities in disguise.

That means something different for everyone. For me, it meant saying no to projects. For you, it might mean no more summit interviews or taking fewer clients or saying no to getting your brain picked in exchange for exposure.

2. Letting go of needing everything to be bloody perfect.

Especially hard because I work with multi-million dollar course creators who have massive budgets and teams and perfect IG stories and all the things.

But the flash isn’t what matters.

Here’s an example: Amanda Frances has made a bajillion dollars selling courses where she just repurposes free Facebook lives that she does from her bed.

(Or so I hear, I haven’t actually bought any of her stuff)

Can we all just give ourselves permission to let it be messy?  

Okay more juicy behind the scenes-ness…

I know what I’m gonna teach in the workshop, but I haven’t like, fully finished creating it just yet.

*braces self for an egg being thrown at me through the screen.

I did the same thing the first time I launched Grow with Quizzes.

It works for a natural procrastinator like me. Having a firm deadline lights a fire of excitement and productivity under my 🐝-hind like nothing else.  

I talk a lot more about this during a podcast episode I recorded with Rick Mulready awhile back.

Do you have something in the works that you’re procrastinating on? Hit reply and let me know so I can cheer you on, friend.


I guess Dan Sullivan is an uber-famous coach? I’m clearly living under a rock (oh wait, I live ON a rock!), so I’d never heard of him until this week.

I love how he talks about courage and confidence. How they look the same on the outside but internally, they’re two very different experiences.

He tells this great story here about when he was in military training and his sergeant told him“Fear is wetting your pants. And courage is doing what you’re supposed to do with wet pants.”

He goes on to say that…

“The difference between courage and confidence is that confidence feels good; courage is doing what you’re supposed to do despite the discomfort and the lack of confidence.”


This classic Crosby, Stills, and Nash song. It was on This Is Us last week and made me cry.


Free shrug guy 💖

This entire Reddit channel.

^Me pretending to work hard but actually just staring at my cute baby.

Thanks for being here, Friend. Go launch your perfectly imperfect thing, and please do tell me about it!

May your future be filled with plenty of guacamole,
Chanti xx

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