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Hey boo,

I was watching a workshop this week on launching in the age of Corona and the presenter kept spouting variations of: 


“You’ll never have people’s attention like you do right now” 

“If you don’t take this chance and run with it and launch something TOMORROW, you’re missing out.” 

Which quite honestly, was just one more piece of cheese piled onto the pressure sandwich that’s quickly turning into a 6 ft. sub.

text: Now THAT'S a sandwich. Picture of a 6 foot long submarine sandwich.

Ew, right? 

No one can eat a sandwich that big. 

Nor can any one entrepreneur conquer all the things we’re being told to conquer right now. 

Things like…

Text: PIVOT! Ross from the tv show Friends is trying to move a couch.

Shift your messaging. 
Double down on ads.
Invest where it counts. 
Go hard on content marketing. 
Be more productive.
Entertain the shit out of your kids. 
Share your message like never before.
Be a leader. 
Organize your cupboards.

The list goes on… 

But most of us are Chandler in this situation.

Text: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Chandler from tv show Friends is responding to Ross while moving the couch.

We can’t do it all. Especially during a pandemic where every single one of us is dealing with new pressures and anxiety of some variety. 

So what CAN we do? 

We can double-down on what we know works. On what really matters.

For me, that means focusing on growing my audience, namely, my email list. 

Even though I Chandlered (now a verb, yep) a bit at her delivery, the woman who’s workshop I attended was kinda right. 

People ARE paying closer attention right now. 

We’re all more open to new ideas and strategies that will help us survive and thrive through the shifting paradigm. 

Growing my email list with qualified leads has made the biggest difference for me in the last year and I’m betting it’ll continue to. 

It’s my ONE thing. What’s yours? Get clear on that and let all the other “shoulds” should all over themselves. 


Where are people zigging right now and how can you ZAG? 

My brilliant friend Merel Kriegsman shared this yesterday on her Facebook (you should follow her, she smart): 

My industry prediction:

LOW END: Geez, getting pretty crowded here, folks.
HIGH END: Where did my competition go?!”

Personally, I’ve felt a little torn around moving forward with my original 2020 plan to launch a high-touch, hella intimate mastermind style program. 

But you know what? Pricing tells a story. It communicates without you having to use words. The story I wanna tell is that I’m so invested in the success of my clients and customers. 

Charging high-end prices allows me to invest more time, energy, and money into making my client experience EH-freaking-mazing. 


Feel free to ignore this is you’ve already got enough recession advice to fill your bunker. If you’re hungry for more, check this shiz out: 

The That’s Quarantainment podcast is soooo funny. It’s hosted by 3 really smart peeps, Hillary Weiss, Rachael Kay Albers, and Mike Ganino and quite honestly, listening to them talk about what’s going down in the online business world right now is cathartic. 

I’ve also been diggin’ Scott Oldford’s Recession Proof Guide for Entrepreneurs. Not only is the content inside really generous, but I love how Scott just throws it all in a Google Doc. Done > fancy. 


Over the last 6 months I’ve become a TOTAL Enneagram nerd. If you geek out on personality type stuff too you’ll lurve this hilarious video of Enneagram Types Under Quarantine. 

Hope you’re staying healthy, grounded, and surrounded by carbs. 

(Don’t say it’s just eating allllll the carbs 🍕🍕🍕)

Love you, 
Chanti xx

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