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Hey there… 

The Sunday Setlist is BACK! 

Hope you’re as excited as I am and ready for the blog equivalent of business in the front, party in the back.

I took a break back in May to focus on promoting my program Grow with Quizzes and as part of that I created a free video series, started a FB group (which I admittedly suck at managing), hosted webinars, went on podcasts, interviewed students, re-launched a lower priced workshop that I offer as a downsell, improved course content, and a whole lot more. 

Have I told you lately that passive income is a straight up lie? 😂 It was fun though, and I’m grateful to you for stickin’ around and trusting me whether you joined or not. 

In that same time frame, shit has gotten seriously real. 

I wish you could come hang with me on Gabriola island and we could chuck our phones in a lockbox and sit on the beach listening to the cute (from afar) gaggle of seals as they flop around their favorite rock. 

Weren’t we supposed to have time travel and zero point energy figured out by 2020? Instead we’re still figuring out that levels of melanin having nothing to do with the worth of a human life. 

SIGH. Surrender. Slow your scroll. 

And check in

Are you trying to build an empire and change paradigms from a place of stress, anxiety, or fear? 


Easier said than done, I know. Which is why I wanna share a few things that have been helping me stay grounded right now. 



Your breath is one of the only parts of your autonomic nervous system that you can actually control. 

Which means you can use it like a light switch to help you bring yourself back to equilibrium when you feel stressed out, anxious, nervous, angry, sad, excited, etc…

Every time I do it I walk away feeling infinitely more calm and grounded. My breathwork coach Kathleen Oh is offering 45-minute breathwork sessions today and next Sunday to fundraise for an initiative called Black Girls Breathing (@blackgirlsbreathing) — if you’re curious about breathwork and want to support a beautiful cause, check it out here


The news, social media, that book about Mexican refugees fleeing the cartel that gives you crazy dreams every night (just me?) — take a break. Embrace the JOMO. 

Remember that while humans have developed some really impressive technology, we’re also still biologically wired to live within small tribes where the highlight of the day was how many berries you picked. 


I don’t know that there’s an actual name for this but if you close your eyes, imagine the Universe and the Earth from a distance, and visualize yourself as the tiniest of specks on this planet — suddenly big problems start to feel small. 

I got this practice from a book I’m reading right now which brings me to… 


The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer about how Mickey decided to let the Universe make his choices for him instead of trying to micromanage and control every little thing. 

It’s a really good book so far but I have to say, I don’t think Michael gives himself enough credit. Regardless, trying to tear a page outta this book and stop being such a control freak. 


Grimes. She’s so weird and I love it. I’m also really diggin’ Jacob Banks. Slow up always makes me tear up. Here’s some music to put you in a better mood if you’re feeling meh. 

The latest HAMYAW episode on What to Do When You Want to BURN IT ALL DOWN.  ⇐ Which I don’t for the record BUT the conversation happening here is really important because sooooo many of us have had crazy perspective shifts during these #uncertaintimes

You’re doing amazing, whether you’re thriving or hanging on by a thread. Don’t burn it all down, keep lightin’ it up, friend!

Mad gratitude and wishing you a peaceful week, 
Chanti xx

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