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It’s 8 o’clock at night on a Thursday. 

My arms aren’t aching from bouncing my party animal baby. 

Instead, she’s in bed. My time is slowly becoming mine again. I’m over the first mountain in Parenthood range and it was a big one (oh I know there are bigger ones to come). 

Sleep-deprived people are basically drunk. 

As my 7-month old starts sleeping longer stints and my brain starts coming back into stasis, I feel like a contestant on that wretched old makeover show the Swan looking in the mirror and realizing my dark circles are drastically diminished. 

Phases of life like this one have a lot to teach us about phases of business. 

I just finished a 4-week intensive all about systems and team building and a whole bunch of other stuff that I suck at but that I know is important. 

When my coach asked what I was most excited about moving forward I responded: 

Y’know how puberty is this super painful, awkward time when you’re just a living breathing mood swing with horrible skin? 

But then one day you look in the mirror and notice you’re kinda hot? 

I feel like I’m going through business puberty and really looking forward to the day when I look in the mirror and see an adult looking back. 

Part of the trick with moving through the phases in your business is trusting that growing pains are temporary. Challenge your comfort zone enough times and it has no choice but to expand. 

Whether you’re in the I can’t wait to fucking sleep again phase or the but I waaaaaaaaant it! phase or the it’s party o’clock phase — trust that as my mother would say… 

The good and the bad. Enjoy it or endure it with the inner knowing that all is ephemeral.


Is it just me or are SLO funnels suddenly the must-have funnel of the year?

If you’re not familiar — SLO stands for Self Liquidating Offer and the idea of this funnel isn’t to make money but to simply cover your ad costs by offering a low priced tripwire product after someone opts-in to your freebie. 

I’ve spoken with a few folks who are just getting started in the online business world and want to start by with building that super low-ticket entry point product. My advice: don’t

I don’t know who is singing SLOOOOOO from the digital mountaintops but they’re off-key. 

Here’s what I would do if I were just starting out: create the most epic valuable irresistible high-ticket, high-touch offer where I *know* I can work individually with people to get results that are sexier than Jason Momoa. 

Once you’ve nailed that process, you can make it more scalable with courses, memberships, etc. 

Your tripwire or SLO funnel shouldn’t be a multivitamin type product, it needs to be a pain killer and until you know exactly what those pains are, how can you kill them? 


I got Everything Is Under Control by Phyllis Grant in the mail on Thursday afternoon and read the entire book in a few hours (side note: need more books like this in my life if I’m ever to hit my Goodreads goal) 

She calls it a memoir with recipes. It’s a beautifully written book that tangles food with life. I’ve been waiting for this book for YEARS — ever since I discovered Phyllis’ blog Dash and Bella.  Worth checking out if you love food and beautiful prose. 


The rebels. If you’re reading this that’s probably you. It’s definitely my super gifted student Michelle Mazur, author of the book 3 Word Rebellion and creator of The Rebel Roadmap quiz

Through her research and work with clients, Michelle discovered 4 main ways of building influence with your message. Her quiz helps you determine your #1 way to build an audience of superfans. Take it here and let me know what you get! 

Aight, that’s all for this week. Happy almost Q3 bb! Here’s hoping 2020 gets its act together 😂

Hugs ‘n high fives, 
Chanti xx

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