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Hello you smart potato! 

Who votes smart potato replaces smart cookie? Potatoes saved millions from starvation in the 16th century and beyond.

A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that areas that were able to grow this hearty and productive crop saw conflict drop by 15% because they effectively lowered land costs by being so damn productive compared to grains. Pretty impressive right? 

I have so much respect for potatoes and for you, friend!

Welcome to another marketing missive that takes a mindset over matter stance and never resists a good rabbit hole. 

I had no idea how to start this email because in truth I’m not feeling all that creative today, but sometimes when you push past that “blah, I got nothin” vibe, you can unearth something better than potatoes (kidding, not possible). 


What we humans use as currency is forever changing. 

(Here’s hoping we see a gold backed currency in our lifetime — or anything that isn’t based on dying structures backed by make believe, lalalaaaaaa) 

Since I’m obsessed with tubers today, let me tell you about Mikhail Shlyapnikov — a guy who created a currency called Kolions back in 2014 backed by potatoes. 22lb of taters = 1 kolion. Putin shut him down… typical. 


*Shakes head at self for spending way too long researching the history of potatoes* (Do NOT tell my husband this is what I do while I’m “working”) 

What currencies matter most in your online business? 

Moolah, yes, but beyond that there are 2 things I think have never been more important. One is easy to measure, and one not so much. 

  1. Audience 

    Let’s face it, everyday thousands of people decide to start businesses — and after what my son calls “the sickness” — they’re all wise to the importance of having an online presence, and ideally a stream of online profit

    Which means there are more people every single day vying for the attention of affection of internet users with very limited attention spans. 
  2. Building a captive audience has never been more important.

    (Side note: wouldn’t it be fun to start a document of “never been more important” statements and see how outlandish it gets?! Who’s up for the challenge?) 

    Most people think you build a captive audience on social media, HA! They’ve been duped, but not you, my friend. 

    If you’re here, you probably know building an email list is FAR more profitable and effective — and dare I say better for your mental health? 

    Because if you want to build an audience on social you have to BE on social… a lot. And I don’t know about you but scrolling IG or FB rarely makes me happy (TikTok is an exception).

So, what are you doing to build your audience in a meaningful and measurable way? 

One thing that holds people back is not knowing what they’ll *do* with that audience once it exists. Will you sit down each week and talk about potatoes? 

It doesn’t matter. You’ll cross that bridge when you get to it. In the meantime, just start. Make it a priority. 

Wanna know what the 2nd most important currency is? You’ll have to wait ‘til next week’s Sunday Setlist! #sorrynotsorry #openlooplife


I just started reading The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin and I love the premise. 4 kids get their fortunes told and discover the date of their deaths. The book follows them through adulthood and explores the power of family bonds and destiny. 

I’ve also been reading a lot of Matt Taibbi’s work, an independent journalist who I just discovered this week. If you’re into learning about how broken the media is, check him out. 


The Night at the Roxbury soundtrack. You forgot about this didn’t you?! It’s gold. 

TikTok turned me onto this guy’s Spotify playlists with hilarious names like ‘I’m on aux at a party, F*CK’ and ‘kinda want a perfect body’. 

Okay you sweet potato, that’s all for this week. Have fun being your bad self and enjoy your Sunday! 

Stay tubular, 
Chanti xx 

P.S. You’re craving potatoes now aren’t you? This is my fave method. I’ll never go back. Also, Jamie Oliver is so hot. I almost tried to buy the promotional lifesize cut out of him from the grocery store once but Colin wouldn’t have it.

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Hey superstar! I’m Chanti. 

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