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Hey, friend, hey! 

I was listening to a training with peak performance pro, Todd Herman this week and he said something that made the cogs in my brain go clickety-click. 

Motivation is intrinsic. 

Meaning you cannot motivate others. Others cannot motivate you. Staying motivated is YOUR responsibility. EEK. 

I’d like to add that motivation is also totally overrated. 

Waiting ‘til you’re “in the mood” to do the things that require doing in your business is like waiting until you feel like having a giant salad instead of 2 slices of 4 cheese pizza for lunch. Not. gonna. happen. 

Even if we can’t be motivated to do all the things, all the time, we can hack our brains to be more generous with this precious feeling of purposefulness. 

Motivation is largely sparked by the presence of everybody’s favorite neurotransmitter, dopamine. 

What increases dopamine? 

Exercise, praise, music, hugs, sunshine, a good night’s sleep, accomplishing something (those little unicorns that shoot across the screen when you complete a task in Asana are totally on purpose), TikTok (I finally started posting and I’m not even gonna share it with you yet cause I’m so bad.)

More of those things equals more motivation. Maybe choose one to sprinkle into your week? 

I’m going with exercise (new fave online platform rec. below!) and baby snuggles — preferably on the beach if summer ever decides to arrive. 

What about you? 


Last week we talked about 1 of the 2 currencies that matter most in your online business (beyond just money). The first was your audience, the 2nd is… 


Trust is simple. Do what you say you’re gonna do. Act with integrity. You know, like super basic shit. But online businesses get it wrong all the time (no one’s exempt from this, myself included). 

We’re all learning and deserve some grace, but I need to share an example with you of what happens when you irrevocably break the trust of your audience. 

Enter, Brian Rose of London Real fame. Recently, Brian published an interview with famous conspiracy theorist David Icke that millions of people tuned into. The YouTube police decided to remove it for going against their policies and people were peeved. 

Brian decided enough was enough and committed to building “The Digital Freedom Platform” an independent, unbiased space to post videos and interviews without worrying about being censored. Brian’s audience donated MILLIONS to make this idea a reality. 

Here’s where things get sketchy… 

Instead of building an independent platform free from corporate agendas, he created the Digital Freedom Platform under his own brand and used one of YouTube’s competitor services (which basically costs nothing and has the same issues as YT) for video hosting. 

People who donated were rightly pretty pissed by the lack of truth and transparency. Brian got greedy and took a shortcut, but people are smart. As Ogilvy once said, “the customer is not a moron; she’s your wife.” 

Trust might be impossible to measure, but it’s the most meaningful currency we’ve got as business owners. 
I love this visual showing the 7 elements of trust created by Tomás J. Aragón (this goes for business and relationships).


The Class online is giving me life. Every day there are live classes with incredible teachers and dope music. It’s like yoga, HIIT, mediation, and life coaching all in one. 

Check it out if you’re like me and have long been searching for a way to work out from home that you don’t hate. 

Don’t wanna dance it up but still lookin’ for some sweet groove? Check out Yebba. Her voice is heaven. 

Wishing you a dopamine and motivation filled week ahead, friend. 

Chanti xx 

P.S. Next time someone tells you your dreams are too big or you charge too much, check this video of Jeff Bezos’ net worth in rice for some perspective. (The video has since been updated because in the last 3 months he’s added another $50 B to the pile.) 

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Hey superstar! I’m Chanti. 

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