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Hey pal, hope you’re relishing in a relaxing activity this Sunday. I have no doubt you deserve it. 

By the time you read this I should be enjoying some low tide action at my favorite beach — which, let’s be honest, mostly consists of me pulling seaweed out of my baby’s mouth. She loves swallowing entire strands and scaring the sunshine outta me. 

I might also try to get rid of this pile of workout machine that my hubs brought home and left in the driveway a year ago. I’ve already written the post in my head… 

This might look like a pile of trash, but it’s actually a portal to your perfect bod. You thought Sudokus were good for building new neural connections, try putting this puppy together. It’s all yours, completely free. You’re welcome. 

More of why we’re getting rid of everything later. For now, let’s talk about the secret ingredient to all good copy and marketing: HYPE. 


Hype is like website pop-ups. Part of you hates it, but you know it works. Problem is, people can smell artificial hype from a digital mile away (I hear they make it with the anal glands of beavers!) 

So how do you build genuine hype? A 3-fold belief formula. 

  1. Believe in the best possible scenario (pessimists need to work a little harder in the hype department) 

Nobody likes to talk about that fact that not everyone will get blow your mind right outta the gutter level results from your courses, services, programs, or products for more reasons than I can list. 

But many WILL. So what possibilities are you speaking to when you’re marketing?

You have to hold the best case scenario in your mind when you’re working on your messaging. Anything less than that will dilute your hype (diluted hype tastes a little like La Croix if you’re wondering). 

  1. Make your hype believable 

The diet and exercise industry is the worst at presenting totally unbelievable levels of hype. I mean, this is old but too good not to share: 


Believable hype is all about being specific. The more you truly know and empathize with what your ideal customer is struggling with and what they really want the easier it is to be believable. 

Let’s say you teach meditation to busy moms. No mom wants to meditate so she can feel inner peace, she just wants a few degrees more self-control when her kid is smearing cream cheese all over the window and calling her a jerk face for trying to stop him. 

  1. Believe in your ability to deliver 

This comes down to belief in your offer, which is intimately connected to the person behind the offer, you. Which is where all the inner work of building a business comes in. 

Should I go super woo and dive into how maybe our success and satisfaction is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves? That’s probably a conversation for another day. And once that’s far more nuanced than I just stated so don’t @ me. 


Civilized to Death by Chris Ryan (his podcast Tangentially Speaking is one of my faves) 

This book is depressing the shit outta me. It’s all about how civilization ruined everything and our hunter gatherer ancestors had way better lives and more egalitarian societies. Obviously we can’t go back to that so looking forward to how Chris recommends we can live as closely to hunter gatherers as possible. 


This Age of Aquarius playlist my girl Dawn sent me that her friend made. Very good Sunday listening. Check the 2020 Pride SuperMix out if you need something a little more dancey. 


2 of my lovely private clients just launched their BEAUTIFUL quizzes. 

Take Melyssa Griffin’s to Discover Your Money Magnetism Archetype 

And if you’ve got your sights set on creating a course in 2020 (seriously the best time in all of history to be selling an online course) be on the lookout for an email from me this week hyping the living life out of my client Amy Porterfield’s new quiz and giving you the inside scoop about how it was developed. 

After working closely with Amy for over a year and a half, learning SO much from her, and having my first 6-figure launch for my course, I’m SUPER hyped to be an affiliate for DCA this year. Expect to hear more vurry soon. 


We’re in the process of buying a farm 😍 it’s even more in the middle of nowhere than where I already live. 

My dream of having a dairy cow and making homemade cheese may soon become a reality! Cross your fingers for me, it probably won’t feel real until I’m sitting there milking the thing and watching the children free range in the garden. 


Thanks for being here and have an amazing week ahead, 
Chanti xx

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