Intro to the Empathy Marketing Ecosystem + How It Can Help You Create Sustainable Success - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

You’re walking through a beautiful fall forest, the light through the leaves casts a warm glow all around you, and you fill your lungs with the smell of slightly damp, fresh fallen foliage. Amongst the tree trunks and underbrush, you see a crop of beautiful chanterelles, which you carefully pick and bring home to eat with your supper. Only after finishing your meal do you realize those weren’t chanterelles at all—but false chanterelles. You’ll live (of course!), albeit with an upset stomach and a seriously bitter taste in your mouth.

So, what exactly do mushrooms have to do with marketing, you ask? We’ve all been in situations where we’ve invested our time and energy into something we believed served our best interests at the time, yet found ourselves afterward to be a little let down or even downright disappointed in the end… Kind of like thinking you’re scoring a delicious, earthy treat and ending up with a bellyache.

Today, we’re talking a little bit more about ecosystems, that selling doesn’t have to mean taking advantage, and we’re picking your brain a bit about empathy marketing.

Tune in and listen to episode two of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. Join us as we talk about where the entrepreneur fits in the empathy marketing ecosystem, how knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and natural gifts is integral to your success, and that people—just like seeds—need different sets of parameters in order to reach their potential.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The connection between ‘ecosystem’ and ‘economy’ (06:54)
  • Don’t try and come up with a static, perfect thing right now—everything evolves (11:52)
  • Where the idea for the empathy marketing ecosystem model came from (15:32)
  • You have to honor natural rhythms—we don’t want the sun to shine at full capacity all of the time (26:39)
  • The most important part of your ecosystem outside of the sun are the seeds (42:06)
  • Your business soil is a diverse collection of proven growth and connection strategies that enable customer transformation to take root (58:48)

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