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If you’re anything like us, for so much of your life you’ve been hearing that you need to find your true purpose in life. That the perfect job, partner, even having a child will finally give our life the meaning we’re looking for and make us finally feel like we can stop that search. But what if the real way to find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in our lives is just… to live it?

Today, we welcome our favorite recluse, writer, creator, and consultant Ry Swartz to get real about copywriting, Bob Saget, and the eye opening medical and spiritual experience that completely changed his life.

Tune in and listen to episode six of The Entrepreneur’s EcosystemWe’re talking to Ry about honoring practicality, the importance of bodily sovereignty, and why the idea of finding one’s “purpose” isn’t a necessarily pressing one.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Some background on Ry, his favorite snowcone flavor, and why he loves describing himself as a South Node Scropio (06:16)
  • The experience that served as an awakening for Ry (23:06)
  • The idea of awakening happening as a death (31:33)
  • How parenthood is can force you to reexamine parts of your life that you thought you were done with (58:31)
  • The privileges of being in employed in a job that allows autonomy and sovereignty (01:04:00)

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