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Have you ever taken the plunge on an opportunity that was absolutely terrifying… but turned out to be one of the best decisions you ever made? When we first started our podcast, we literally could barely stand listening to ourselves. Come to find out, that’s how most newbie podcasters feel! It’s a tricky path to navigate, but by sticking with it—and receiving some majorly inspirational professional support—we ended up with a platform that we not only love, but feel total freedom and connection through.

Today, we’re talking to Michelle Sorro, our good friend and one of the reasons this podcast exists. Michelle is a spiritual entrepreneur and digital CEO who has created digital coaching programs, an incredible purpose driven podcast, and, along with her partner-in-shine Ginni Saraswati, is the co-creator of The Podcast Accelerator, a program that helps podcasting novices find their meaning and get their shows off the ground.

Tune in and listen to episode nine, we talk with Michelle about the struggle of stepping out of our comfort zones, taking everything day-by-day in this wild, unpredictable time we’re in, and the importance of intentional presence and connection—in conversations and in life.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How podcasting changed Michelle’s life in ways she never could have predicted (03:46)

The only way to set yourself apart from other podcasters is to be fully and completely yourself (10:45)

Michelle’s experience learning to push back against those who advised her not to speak out (14:43)

The incredible way podcasting allows us to have actual conversation vs the emptiness of social media (40:25)

The peace that comes from the power of understanding your deepest intention (49:25)

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