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As humans, we often use different evaluations and traits to define ourselves and explore our identities. Whether it be the ancient signs of the Zodiac or the more modern Enneagram and DiSC assessments, having these tools at our disposal are important for personal and professional development. But what if we could use them beyond just learning about ourselves and put them to work for our clients as well?

Today, we’re talking to our friend and copywriter extraordinaire Sage Polaris. Sage has used assessments like these in writing copy for some of her own 350 clients, earning them millions of dollars in the process. She also helps personal brands sell more of their service—basically, she’s the one making money for the who’s who of the internet famous.

Tune in and listen to episode seven of The Entrepreneur’s EcosystemWe talk with Sage about the importance of restructuring and valuing your own time, the importance of implicitly understanding your audience as a copywriter, and what it takes to really personalize a pitch.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A little about how Sage, Dawn, and Chanti all connected with one another for the first time (03:24)
  • What’s been lighting Sage up in her business lately (10:13)
  • About the system Sage created that categorizes four types of buyers (18:36)
  • Sage’s definition of her “Conscious Launch Coach” title (39:40)
  • The ways Sage uses her talents to show up and be a supportive ally (44:05)

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