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For many of us, the road to entrepreneurship is a long one. Even if we’re confident in every other area of our lives, we often have a difficult time taking the plunge and having the conviction to set out on our own. One of the biggest things holding us back? The hesitancy to seek help from others.

Today, we’re talking to Tanya Geisler, a certified leadership coach, TEDx speaker, and writer who teaches leaders how to combat their impostor complex and lead with impeccable impact so they can achieve their ultimate goals. Her clients include bestselling authors, heads of industries, MPs, public speakers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and rock star motivators.

Tune in and listen to episode fifteen as Tanya tells us all about impostor syndrome, the history of the term, and why so many of us fear success almost as much as we fear failure.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Tanya and her human design (03:45)
  • What, exactly, impostor complex is and why we’re so susceptible to it (11:40)
  • The importance of being able to ask other people for support when you need to (25:36)
  • How Tanya came to work in this field and why the message resonates so strongly with her (37:02)
  • Whether or not it’s possible to actually ever overcome impostor syndrome (43:06)
  • How Tanya celebrates when she recognizes that she’s made it over another hurdle (52:17)

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