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One of the most incredible things about entrepreneurship and learning to do it all for yourself is finding out what you’ve been doing wrong. Yes—you read that right. It may seem like a source of frustration or embarrassment or even shame, but learning to serve others at a deeper level and discovering ways to achieve better results is one of the most satisfying parts of entrepreneurial business.

Today, we’re talking to Dallas Travers, a business mentor that gives coaches clarity and structure to attract incredible clients, sell with soul, build a loyal following, and launch meaningful programs to make more money and help more people.

Tune in and listen to Dallas tell us about how understanding her strengths and weaknesses has impacted the way she runs her business, what drew her to working with coaches, and the often uncomfortable approach she practices with her clients to get them comfortable on calls.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Which systems that give people a deeper understanding and knowledge of themselves resonate with Dallas (02:29)
  • The types of coaches that Dallas works with and what she does for them (16:15)
  • What blind spots Dallas sees with coaches who are trying to build their practices (24:14)
  • All about Dallas’ Great British Bake Off approach to sales call confidence (33:27)
  • How Dallas recommends her clients get comfortable (47:25)
  • Why Dallas is transparent about the investment in her programs before the client makes any commitment whatsoever (50:35)

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